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How to close unresponsive Chromebook apps

Do you have a frozen app that locks your Chromebook? If you were in Windows, probably press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and close it using Task Manager. But how do you close apps on your Chromebook?

Fortunately, closing apps on your Chromebook isn’t hard. We’ll show you a few ways to close apps in Chrome OS that every user should know.

Stop forcing Chromebook apps with Task Manager

If the browser tab or app on your Chromebook hangs for several seconds, it’s likely to freeze. To kill a process, you need to open Chrome’s built-in Task Manager.

To open Task Manager on your Chromebook, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Chrome browser (if it doesn’t already exist) and select Colon menu in the upper right corner. Select from the resulting list More Tools> Task Manager.
    • Alternatively, you can press Search + Escape hotkey to open it from anywhere.Chrome Opens the Task Manager
  2. Chrome Task Manager opens. This shows all the processes that are running on your Chromebook.
  3. Browse the process list to find the stuck tab or application.
    • If you can’t find it, click the headings at the top to sort alphabetically, by memory usage, or other factors. Frozen tabs often use more memory or CPU than usual, which can help you locate them.
  4. When you find a problematic application, click to select it, and then click End the process button to force it to end.

Chrome Task Manager window

Doing this will immediately kill any Chrome tabs or apps that are hanging. You’ll lose unsaved jobs, so if you were in the middle of something, you can wait a few minutes to check if the page responds normally before doing this.

Close an app on a Chromebook in general

Of course, you don’t have to force your apps to close on your Chromebook all the time. Usually you can close them without killing the process so that they go off cleanly.

The usual way to exit the Chromebook app is simple: just click X icon in the upper right corner of the application window. If you do not want to do so, you can also right-click the application icon on the shelf at the bottom of the screen and select Closed.

If you want to close apps on your Chromebook even faster, try the keyboard shortcuts. Ctrl + W closes the current browser tab. You can close the entire focused window Shift + Ctrl + W. Learn more about these Our Chromebook keyboard shortcut guide

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How to quit all apps on your Chromebook

android apps Chromebook

Because Chrome OS is fairly stable, you shouldn’t have many issues with unresponsive apps. However, you can sometimes have a problem where the whole system locks up and you can’t get anything to respond.

In that case, you should restart your Chromebook. Press and hold this power button in the upper right corner of the keyboard for a few seconds. When it turns off, you can hold the same button again to turn it on again.

Close Chromebook apps, if necessary

I hope you only have one Chromebook app issue. If the problems become more common, you may install a poorly encoded application or extension. Try removing applications from your system and see if the problem persists.

Otherwise, it may be time to create a new machine. Check A guide to the best Chromebooks

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if you are in the market for a replacement.

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