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How to convert a handwriting to a font

Add personality to your digital projects by turning your handwriting into a custom font. Thanks to a web app called Calligraphr, it’s a lot easier than you think you might think. And there are a lot of creative uses to explore.

In this article, we’ll show you how you can make your script a font for free with Calligraphr. You can add letter options for the natural style, adjust alignment and spaces, and even export the final product as standard in font format. And it only takes ten minutes.

What is calligraphy

The calligrapher processes the infographics to convert the script into a font

Calligraphr was formerly MyScriptFont, a free web application that allows you to scan your handwriting to create a custom font. It is easy to use and offers a wealth of features to help you get your font right.

Export a custom font in TTF or OTF format for use on Windows or MacOS computers. You may want to use a custom font to add a personal touch to invitations, design a calligraphic image, or write a web page.

Kalligrafr offers the following features to enhance your font:

  • Choose the exact character sets you want to include in your font, including highlighted letters, symbols, and numbers.
  • Download variants for each letter to create random authenticity for your script.
  • Edit individual characters after loading to darken lines, adjust size, and adjust alignment.
  • Save the fonts in your browser so you can return to edit them over multiple sessions.

Calligraphr Pro subscription

Calligraphr Pro upgrade rates

You can create a Calligraphr application to create and export a custom handwritten font for free. But a Pro subscription opens up additional features that allow you to make your handwriting the best possible font.

Calligraphr Pro costs $ 8 / month, although you can get a 50 percent discount if you pay for six months at a time. With a Pro subscription, Calligraphr lets you work with more than one font at a time, up to a maximum of 12. It also allows you to add up to 480 characters to each font.

You can also add more than two variants for each character, up to a maximum of 15. A variation is an alternate version of a particular letter or number. Finished fonts occasionally use different variations to make the font look more natural.

Random presentation of letters on Calligraphr's website

Another major update that comes with your Pro subscription is the ability to add ligations to your font. If you don’t feel it general typographic terms

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, a ligature is a line that connects two letters in a combined handwriting.

Do I need Calligraphr Pro to create a custom font?

Calligraphr Pro offers great benefits for creating fonts, but you can turn your handwriting into a completely good font without paying anything.

The main disadvantage of using Kalligrafr for free is that the font is limited to 75 characters. It has enough space for uppercase and lowercase letters, each number, and common punctuation, but not much else.

You can also be limited to two variants per character. However, this adds enough randomization to your font to make it more natural than most.

Finally, you cannot add ligations with Calligraphr Free. But if you still don’t join your handwriting, it doesn’t make a difference.

Ligature presentation from Calligraphr website

How to use calligraphy to translate your handwriting font

To get started, go to Calligraphr and click Get started for free button to create an account. You do not need to upgrade to a Pro account unless you want more than two variants or ligatures.

Once you are logged in and logged in, click Launch the application button to download the Calligraphr web application. Then follow the steps below to convert your handwriting to a font.

Step 1. Create a font template

First, you need to create a template for your custom font. This is essentially a grid item with one box for each character you want to add to your font. Once you have created the template and printed it, you will need to write each letter by hand in the boxes. Then create a font by scanning it back to your computer.

The calligrapher gives you a huge amount of control over the template, lets you choose exactly what characters you make and don’t want to include in your font. A free account can have up to 75 characters in one font.

Click to Templates button in the upper left corner to create a new template, then select the characters you want from the sidebar. We recommend adding Minimum English and Minimum figureswhich brings you up to 70 characters.

Kalligrafr custom font template creation page

Click the character you don’t want and Remove it from the model. Then add more character sets from the sidebar. If you are logged in to a Pro account and want to include Ligatures, select it mixed section.

Step 2. Print and Finish the template

When you have added all the characters you want to your font, click Download template button. Select a file name and format for the template.

Adjust the slider to resize the model cells. These are the boxes where you need to write letters. If you have a particularly large or small handwriting, you may want to adjust the size accordingly. You may also want to enlarge the boxes if you plan to create a calligraphic font. Otherwise, leave it as the default.

Calligraphic design PDF

Finally, choose whether you want guides and background markers. We recommend adding guidelines to make sure you write each letter in the same place and in the same size. However, it may mean that you have to delete them manually after scanning the template. We do not recommend background tags because they make it difficult to create a unique style.

When you are happy, click charge Save the template, and then print it.

Now fill in the pattern with a black pen and draw one character on each box. A felt-tip pen is better than a ballpoint pen, but both should be fine, as long as you make sure each line is clearly drawn.

Finished handwritten font template

Step 3. Download and edit your handwritten font

Once you have completed the font template, scan it or take a clear photo and then save the file to your computer. In the Calligraphr web application, click My fonts followed by Download template. Select an image from the font, and then wait for Calligraphr to process it.

When processing is complete, Calligraphr displays an overview of each character in your custom font. You can remove characters from this page, but we recommend that you see if you can fix the errors on the edit page instead of deleting anything.

choose Add characters to your font Finish the download.

Kalligrafr font import page

Click the character and select Edit the character make adjustments. You can draw new lines with different brush shapes and sizes or click Erase button to clear the scan. Be sure to customize each of your characters to the best custom font.

You should also use Adjust the base level / size menu ensures that each character is the same height and size as everyone else. This screen displays the selected character in sequence with the rest of the font. Use the arrows to adjust the base level or size for better consistency.

Basic and resizing custom fonts

Step 4. Create and export a custom font

After editing each of your characters, click Back button and select Build a font change handwriting to font.

If you chose to add options – which you can do by submitting multiple font templates in a row – enable the option Random characters. This way, the font does not use the same variations too often.

click on Build and wait until Calligraphr prepares to convert your script to a font. When it’s done, make sure it looks good in the preview, and then upload the TTF or OTF file.

Build Font window to create a custom handwriting font

Open the font file on your computer and follow the instructions Install it. After that, it should be available in all your applications. You can also install fonts on iPhone or iPad

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Get more free fonts to add to your collection

Now you know how to make a custom font with your handwriting. Use it to personalize everything from wedding invitations to business cards. But don’t feel like you have to use it for everything.

With Calligraph, you can create as many custom fonts as you want so that you can repeat the steps above for several different handwriting styles. If you don’t have that much creativity within you, check this out the best free font sites

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use other people’s fonts instead.

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