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How to create your own adventure games: 7 tools

Modern AAA video games are a feature of technology. They take advantage of physics engines, artificial intelligence, realistic graphics, and even virtual reality. However, there are other types of games. Includes text adventure games.

Text-based games (also known as interactive fiction) are on the rise, alongside retro games in general. They are perfect for anyone who would rather imagine the events of the game rather than seeing the action be repeated on the screen.

Text-based games are relatively easy to make and do not require hours to create graphics and sound. Interested? Then try these tools to create your own adventure games …

1. Lanka

You don’t need any coding experience for the simple, basic stories where Twine comes in. By giving you the tools you need to create interactive fiction, Twine works on your desktop and in your browser.

Just create your interactive stories with the app and export them to web pages. When your story is complete, upload the HTML files to a web server and share them with the world.

To produce more complex reports, Twine supports properties such as variables and conditional logic. It also supports JavaScript, CSS, and images if you want to present your story more than ordinary interactive fiction.

Check the thread to learn official wiki, and view screen controls. There is also informative reference guide and Community assistance Lanka Forums. Activate here and share work in progress and learn tips and tricks from your users.

Charge: Twine Windows, Mac, Linux and Web (free)

2. Quest

While you don’t need programming experience to use these text adventure makers, it can help Quest. It has a built-in scripting language to handle complex logic and supports the addition of audio, images and video.

Available for Windows or in a browser, ready-made Quest games can be exported and played online. Plus, there are no commercial restrictions, so you can even sell your Quest games if you want.

Quest is an open source (open source vs. free software

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) Under the MIT license, which means you can download and modify the source code. You probably won’t do this, but challenging a project is still possible if you don’t like the direction of Quest in the future.

This tool has one of the most active communities of all the SMS engines currently available. Specially official Quest forums There is regular traffic and new messages daily. If you want to become part of the community, Quest may be the best choice for you.

Charge: search For Windows and the Web (free)


Create your own text adventures with Adrift

ADRIFT is one of the oldest working options for creating your own text-based games. Its unique selling point is pretty clear: no programming experience is required, even if you want to create non-trivial layers.

The beauty of ADRIFT is that everything is controlled by a GUI. This means drag and drop options, folder navigation, drop down menus, etc. All characters, events, objects, variables, etc. are clickable, making ADRIFT one of the easiest systems to use.

The only downside is that ADRIFT games can only be played through ADRIFT Runner. The good news is that ADRIFT is multi-platform, so it’s not too much trouble.

Looking for games to play? See ADRIFT’s own game database. Need help or want to spend time with other ADRIFT users? Look official ADRIFT forums.

ADRIFT has not been updated since 2016, but don’t let this delay you as it is still in use.

Charge: adrift For Windows and Linux (free)

4. Tell

A free application that uses the English programming language, Inform includes two built-in books to help you learn. These are the tutorial, writing with Inform, and the Inform Recipe Book. The help allows you to relax in the software; recipe books show you how to manage objects in your text adventures.

In addition to being integrated with game making software, these books can also be read on the website documentation page. At the same time, a community of creators is working with the informant An interactive fiction community forum.

In addition to Windows, macOS, and Linux, Inform versions are available for FreeBSD and Raspberry Pi.

Charge: inform Windows, macOS and Linux (free)

5. Squiffy

From the same team as Quest is a simpler Squiffy tool. While the Quest is aimed at writers who plan to create advanced text adventures or game books, Squiffy focuses on the story.

The free and open source Squiffy produces ready-made games in HTML and JavaScript format so you can download them online. This can be your own site or Community. Or you can change the Adobe PhoneGap app from your game app.

Charge: Tipsy Windows, Linux and Web (free)

6. Ren’Py

For a more polished product, you can find the popular game creation tool Ren’Py. You can use this for any interactive fiction and other text games for point-click adventures.

It comes with detailed instructions for use and a quick start guide teach you ropes. Take a moment to browse to see the potential of this tool Games made with Ren’Py on

While Ren’Py is powerful, it may prove too much to deal with if you’re new to making games. However, if you have already developed the story with another tool and are ready to scale it to another platform, Ren’Py is ideal.

Charge: Ren’Py For Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android and the Web

7. Inklewriter

Not sure if you want to commit to any of these text game makers at this point? Inklewriter is a web-based tool that guides you through the creation process with an interactive tutorial. It’s a casual tool designed for less advanced stories.

Just run the website and follow the steps. The interactive “Tutorial Story” guides you through the process and allows you to create a branching story. Without special code requirements, this is largely a point-and-click process that allows you to just add a story.

Towards the head Inklewriter website to start creating text adventures.

Create your own adventure games

Although the creation of games was once a closed store, today there are many free game development tools.

So, if interactive fiction, text adventures, or text-based RPGs are your thing, the tools listed above are perfect. They are suitable for all difficulty levels and can also produce immediate results.

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see what’s already there.

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