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How to find your FaceTime Live image

Clicking on a live photo during a FaceTime call is a great way to remember your favorite conversations. Live photo captures moments just before and after you hit the shutter button on FaceTime.

If you’re not sure how to take FaceTime Live Photos – or don’t know where they’ll go when you click them, here’s a detailed tutorial for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

How to take live pictures in FaceTime

FaceTime Live Photo shutter button on a Mac

You can take Live Photo during a FaceTime call shutter button. This appears when you tap the screen on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, or when you hover your mouse over the FaceTime window on your Mac. It looks like two white circles, one inside the other.

Inside something Group chat in FaceTime

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iOS: Select the box of the person you want to take a picture of, then tap Fullscreen button reveals a live image shutter button. In Mac Group Chat, double-click the person you want to take a photo of, and then click Shutter button.

Live Photo is better than taking a screenshot because it doesn’t capture the FaceTime interface. It also saves a few seconds of video and audio from the right before and after the picture is taken.

How to take a FaceTime photo without telling another

When you take a real-time picture of someone using FaceTime, it sends a notification to their device to let you know that you took the picture. You can’t avoid sending this notification when you take a photo, but you can work around it by taking a screenshot instead.

Press so Sound louder with half button on iPhone or iPad (or press Home button half button on iPhone 8 and earlier). Press on a Mac Cmd + Shift + 3.

How to enable live photos in FaceTime settings

Before you can enable Live Photo in FaceTime, you and your photo must enable Live Photos in FaceTime settings. If you don’t want to let other people take pictures of you in FaceTime, you need to turn this option off.

Go to iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch Settings> FaceTime. Scroll down and start FaceTime Live Photos.

The FaceTime Live Photos option changes in iPhone settings

Open on a Mac FaceTime and go FaceTime> Preferences in the menu bar. year settings tab, enable the option Allow live photos to be captured during video calls.

Where do FaceTime Live images go?

It’s good and good to click Live photos when you use FaceTime, but you need to know where these photos are going to enjoy them after the call. The answer is pretty simple: FaceTime photos are saved directly to the Photos app on your device.

To view your FaceTime Live image, open Photos application and go Photos tab, and then click All photos and make sure your device doesn’t filter them. Scroll through the date and time the photo was taken to find it.

Photos application in the All photos view

You can simplify things by just looking at your live images. You can do this by going to albums tab and search Live Photos album. Your iPhone, iPad, or Mac will automatically create this album as soon as you add your Live Photo library.

Create a smart album for all your FaceTime Live photos

To keep all your FaceTime Live photos in one place, create a smart album

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capture them all automatically. To create a smart album, you need to use Photos on your Mac. Unfortunately, you can’t create smart albums from the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad.

click on Add (+) next to My albums in the sidebar and select Smart album pop-up menu. Name your Smart Album, and then use the drop-down menus to name the following filter: The lens includes FaceTime.

FaceTime Live Photos Smart Album Filters

You will need to type “FaceTime” in the third box as it is not an option in the drop down menu.

click on okay to create a smart album. Photos should fill the album with all the live photos you’ve captured during FaceTime calls. All new FaceTime photos should also appear in the album automatically.

If you sync photos with iCloud

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, this smart album will be available albums tab on your other devices as well.

Troubleshoot FaceTime photo problems

There are many issues that can prevent you from clicking the Live Photo app during your FaceTime calls. If you can’t find the shutter, FaceTime doesn’t save photos, or you don’t know where FaceTime photos will go after you take them, try these troubleshooting tips to fix it.

1. Enable FaceTime Live images on both devices

To take a photo of a person during a FaceTime call, you need to enable both on FaceTime Live Photos. go to Settings> FaceTime do this. Make sure the person you’re photographing also checks the settings.

2. Open the Photos application on your device

When you take Live Photos in FaceTime, it automatically saves those photos to Photos on your device. If you haven’t used Photos before, open it on your device to initialize the app before FaceTime can save the photos.

Application lines on the iPhone Home screen with Photos

3. Upgrade to the latest operating system

With the release of iOS 12, Apple temporarily removed the ability to take Live Photos in FaceTime. This was probably due to a FaceTime Security error. Live Photos is back now, but you need to update your device to the latest software to use them. The person in your photo must also update the device to the latest software.

Go to iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch Settings> General> Software Update. Go to your Mac System Preferences> Software Update.

Software Update System Settings page in MacOS

4. Restart the device

No matter what problems you encounter, you should always try to fix it by restarting the device. This is a very effective troubleshooting step that only takes a moment to experiment with. Turn off your iPhone, iPad, or Mac as usual, then wait 30 seconds before turning it on again.

5. Restart FaceTime on your device

Finally, try turning FaceTime off and on in the device settings. You may need to sign in to your Apple ID account again when you do this.

Go to iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch Settings> FaceTime and switch FaceTime button at the top of the screen.

FaceTime settings on iPhone

Open on a Mac FaceTime application and go FaceTime> Preferences in the menu bar. year settings tab, clear the check box Enable this account, then check the box again to re-enable FaceTime.

Multi-tasking when using FaceTime

To view your Live Photos without ending the FaceTime chat, swipe up (or press the Home button) and open the Photos app. When you do this, FaceTime pauses the video content until you return.

With this multitasking feature, you can still talk to people and hear their message, even if it freezes video content. It’s just like use another app while talking on iPhone

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, so performing important tasks is easy when talking to other people.

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