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How to hide “Writing” and “Seen” in Facebook Messenger

Like most modern messaging apps, Facebook Messenger shows you when someone has either seen your message or is typing themselves. They are useful for identifying the latest message silently or when you know when another person will come back to you. But many people don’t like them.

If you think the receipts and writing pointers you read are more harmful than useful, we’ll show you how to hide them in Facebook Messenger.

How to hide visible and write icons in Desktop Messenger

The desktop version of Facebook Messenger does not have a built-in option to disable “typing” or “seeing”. As a result, you need to compile into browser extensions to get the job done.

You’ll find several Chrome extensions that claim to eliminate typing and show pointers in Messenger. Unfortunately, these usually come and go, and there is no guarantee that spammers will not buy such an extension. However, at the time of writing, the following options are functional.

We didn’t include Unseen for Facebook, another popular tool, as several reviews reported that it captures search results.

Invisible: Chat privacy

Unseen Chat Privacy Messenger

This extension allows you to remove several Facebook Messenger features:

  • Message seen icon
  • Read the receipts
  • When you were last active
  • Typing… indicator

You can also use the extension on in addition to the Facebook Messenger page. The app is well reviewed and although it has not been updated since January 2019, it worked correctly during the test.

However, it requires access to all the information on the websites you visit, which is excessive. The next option is to be more aware of consciousness.

Messenger unread

Messenger unread

This is a less popular extension for work, but it works just as well. Instead of a list of settings, Messenger Unread simply disables read receipts and write pointers. You can click the plug-in icon on the toolbar to turn it on or off – when it’s blue, read receipts are turned off.

The unread Messenger reading was last updated in February 2020, meaning it is more current than some other options. The tool is also open source; the developer advertises that it has only 30 lines of code. This means that you can check the source yourself to make sure there is nothing shady in it.

In our testing, the “read” indicator still appeared on our own messages to another person, but they didn’t know when we had seen their message.

How to look offline in Facebook Messenger

If you don’t care about reading, but you want your friends to think you’re offline in Messenger, you can change the setting. Click to gear icon in the upper left corner of the Facebook Messenger window. Here you will see a slider with an entry Show when you are active.

Messenger Show when active

Turn this off so guys don’t see if you’re online or not. Note that to completely disappear, you need to disable it wherever you use Facebook or Messenger, so you should turn it off on your phone as well. To do this, open the Messenger app, tap your profile picture in the upper left corner, select Active mode, and replace the slider Skew.

How to hide receipts from readings in Mobile Messenger

The extensions described above are not available when using Facebook Messenger on Android or iOS. To do this, you’ll need to use a few tricks to check your messages without showing that you’ve read them.

Use notifications to preview messages

The first way to peek at Facebook Messenger messages is to use your device’s notifications. Both Android and iOS allow you to display banners for new notifications and check them later.

These allow you to preview incoming messages without notifying the other party. The downside here is that if a message is longer than a few lines, you will only see the first part of the message.

First, in Messenger, tap your profile picture in the upper left corner to access options. Click here Announcements and sounds and make sure you have notifications On and Announcements previews in use.

From there, you can read a snippet of incoming messages at any time through your phone’s notification list. It will appear on the lock screen as well as dragging down from the top of the screen to see your list of notifications on both Android and iPhone.

If you want, you can customize the appearance of notifications and whether they play audio – and on iPhone if they continue until they are discarded.

so change Android notification settings, mene Settings> Applications and Notifications> Show All X Applications> Messenger> Notifications. Here you can change the individual notification settings for different types of alarms.

Visit iOS settings, scroll down to messengerand select notifications that change iOS notification settings. You can change alerts on the lock screen, in the notification center, or on banners. Change Banderole that persistent if you want it to remain until you reject it.

Use airplane mode to preview messages

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use your phone in airplane mode. This allows you to open the app and read the message offline, so Messenger doesn’t know you’re watching it.

Once you have received the message, you want to activate airplane mode on your phone before you can access it. In Android, swipe down from the top of the screen in the Quick settings panel and tap airplane mode.

If you’re an iPhone user, you can do this by opening the Control Center and tapping airplane mode icon. With a Face iPhone with Face ID, swipe down from the top right corner of the screen to access the Control Center. If iPhone has a physical Home button, swipe from the bottom of the screen instead.

When in airplane mode, open Messenger and view the message you want to read. After checking it, you should close the application from the application switcher. This will prevent the app from notifying Facebook that you have opened the message.

On Android, you can do this by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and holding it down for a while. If your phone still uses the classic three-button navigation system, tap Square icon in the navigation bar. Then swipe it completely to close Messenger.

If you have an iPhone with a face ID, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the app changer and hold it in the middle for a second. For iPhone models with a Home button, the App Switcher double-opens the Home button. Then swipe the Messenger app off.

Once you close the app, you can turn off Airplane Mode. You have read the message successfully without notifying the other person.

The best Facebook Messenger features

In this article, we’ve looked at how to hide “seen” and “typing” messages in Facebook Messenger in the best way possible. So if you don’t see someone writing in Messenger, it’s possible that he or she used one of the strategies mentioned above to bypass this feature.

Alternatively, they may have copied and pasted their message from another application so that the “write” indicator does not appear.

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