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How to make a timeline video by converting standard video

Whether it’s recording something miraculous or completely out of the ordinary, time-bound videos are always stunning. Watching the Staccato movement and displaying several hours of video footage compressed into a few seconds or minutes makes for compelling viewing.

Making an interval video usually takes a lot of time. You need a suitable camera, storage media for the materials, a reliable tripod or tripod, and good weather if you are outdoors. It may take a while to validate your slot videos, and this may require several attempts.

However, you can create an app time-limited video from regular video. And in this article we will explain how to do it …

Post-production time delay vs. correct time delay

There are basically two options for recording interval video.

  1. Spend time preparing and then record a timeout video as events happen.
  2. Convert standard video to time limit movie.

But are there differences in quality? It depends on what you use the camera for.

With a separate time-lapse camera (or one with time-lapse mode) and proper lighting, the results should be good. Just make sure the click delay is appropriate for the topic!

Meanwhile, mobile stations used to record a time limit (or record footage to convert to a time limit) may produce slightly poorer results. This may be due to a slightly unstable stand or simply the weight of the device. At the same time, problems with autofocus can affect video quality.

You can convert your recorded material to time-limited video in two main ways: on your desktop computer and on your mobile device.

Not just Interval: Hyperlapse too!

This way, you can’t just produce time-limited videos. A hyper child, a similar technique with small camera movements, is another option.

If you convert a video that already includes camera movement, the results will be more of a hyperlapse than a timeout. In short, you have two starting options, both of which produce striking results.

Just make sure there isn’t too much camera movement in any of the videos you’ve marked as hyperchildren. All movements must be very slow and smooth enough so that they are not noticeable in the finished video.

The hyper child is on the rise, and there are more ways to create videos with this visual technology.

Convert the video to a time slot on your desktop

Many desktop video editing programs have built-in tools that make converting a standard clip into a time-lapse movie very easy.

But if you’re looking for free software to create time-limited videos, there’s no alternative but VLC. This versatile media player (check the best VLC features

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) Is one of the cross-platform applications that everyone should use. It is available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Charge: VLC Media Player (Free)

Note that if you do this in Windows 10, make sure you start VLC Media Player with high privileges. Right-click the application icon and select Run as an administrator and accept the user access control notification.

Next, open Tools> Settingsand search at the bottom of the screen Show settings radio buttons. care about All (# 1 in the image below), then look in the new view that appears Video. You can use the search box at the top if you can’t find it.

Edit video settings in VLC

Expand Filters and select FPS converter. Enter a new one in the box to the right Frame rate. At 30 frames per second in your original video, 10 FPS is a good option. Too high and the timeout video looks too smooth; too low and it looks jerky. Try to get the best results.

Set the filter in the VLC to create a hyperchild

Finally, click Save. Then go Media> Convert / Save, click Add, then find the video you want to convert.

Click the arrow Convert / Save button and select Convert. year settings click the wrench icon and then Video codec> Filters and check FPS-conversion video filter.

Select the filter on the VLC conversion screen

click on Save, then use destination File a field where you can set a location to record the compiled timeout video. Name it, and then click start.

Select the destination of the VLC output file

After a few moments, you’ll see a compiled time movie ready to watch on any video player or share online.

Turn your mobile device into a video time movie

So many time delay apps are available for iOS and Android. But what if you want to make a time-limited movie from already recorded footage in standard camcorder mode? The answer, of course, is your own application designed to convert your footage to a time limit.

Make Hyperlapse on Android

Probably the best mobile hyperlapse app is Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile, which can record a hyperlapse and convert existing videos.

Charge: Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile (Free)

At startup, you will see two options in this Landscape Only app. Care about Import the current video and browse the appropriate video from your phone.

How to make time delay video by converting plain video to muo creative timelapse android hyperlapse import

The next screen is a preview of a video with several options.

Tap the menu in the upper right corner to see the settings where you can choose Export videos in 1080p format and Export to SD storage. These options are disabled by default. Note that video clips with a resolution higher than 1080p cannot be imported, so 2K and 4K videos have run out.

At the top of the screen is information about the duration and speed of the video. In the meantime, from the bottom, look for the handles. These can be dragged to reduce the length of the video. Pulling these handles reduces the duration of the video.

Create a hyperlapse for Android

When you’re happy, click the review button and wait for the video to import. This may take a while depending on the length of the video. I recorded the results in GIF format to give you an idea of ​​what they might look like.

Baby swinging hyperlapse

Creating a hyperchild using iOS

On iPhone, you can create a hyperchild camera app in time-lapse mode. This video guide shows you how simple it is:

As long as you have a stable hand (or use one of these) the best iPhone rings

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) you should get good results.

Making an interval without any installation is easy!

It may be a lazy option to create a real time limit, but if you want to make a time delay for the video later, the solution is to use one of these methods. You can always point back to the location and shoot the same scenes with an app or a separate camera, but converting a standard video to a time limit is faster.

With the tools mentioned above, you can do it in just a few minutes. So why not share your work online? After all, time-lapse videos are one Top types of YouTube video types

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