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How to play Civilization V Multiplayer mode

Multiplayer has been part of a series of civilizations since 1995 on CivNet, the multiplayer of original civilization. It allows the player to fight real, human opponents instead of AI and makes for a much more challenging game.

If you haven’t played civilization in multiplayer mode, you’ll lose your miss. Civilization V offers perhaps the best multiplayer experience in the series. It can be time consuming, but always enjoyable. Ready? Here’s how to play Civilization V’s multiplayer mode.

Civilization V multiplayer options

There are three ways you can go against other Civilization V players. Start the game, start the game, and select Multiplayer, which presents you with three options:

  • standard: Players take turns switching over the Internet or LAN.
  • hotseat: Players run the same machine alternately.
  • Pitboss: A dedicated server controls the game via either the Internet or a LAN.

These options can help you have fun playing Civilization V in multiplayer mode against other players. Either start the game in 4000 BC or in pre-determined situations. Below is the first of a series of videos that follows online multiplayer on YouTube:

As you can see, Civilization V multiplayer can be profound – just what the typical Civilization player is looking for. But where do you find other players?

Finding Players to Compete in Civilization V

Multiplayer means finding opponents. If you live with someone you can play with, or have a friend who visits often, use the Hotseat option.

In the meantime, if you play standard or Pitboss, you have a LAN option that would be ideal for a LAN party.

Pitboss is one of many Civilization 5 multiplayer games

For online gaming, make sure you find players online before you start or join the game. In Civilization V, there are several ways to find opponents in multiplayer:

When joining an online game, check the DLC column to make sure the required downloadable content is installed. If not, you have to head to Steam and make the necessary purchases.

If you don’t use Steam yet, you should be. There are several benefits to running Steam on your computer, including easy installation of updates and patches.

Civilization V Multiplayer: Play by email

Want to play Civilization V in multiplayer mode, but don’t have much time for an online session?

The answer comes from the early days of multiplayer: playing by email.

In the past, when you started the game, take your turn, save the file and email it to your opponent. However, thanks to the Giant Multiplayer Robot (GMR), this is a much simpler process.

GMR automates the process by collecting the file, starting the civilization, and sending the saved translation to the next player. All this is done with just a few mouse clicks.

Use Giant Multiplayer Robot for Civ 5 multiplayer

To get started, go to www.multiplayerrobot.comand signing in with your Steam account. Once the profile is connected to the site, download the software and write down the authentication key.

Charge: A giant multiplayer robot For Windows (free)

Note that the GMR client is for Windows only – Mac users must download and upload the files to be saved through the GMR website.

When you install and run the GMR client, you will be prompted for an authentication key. Add this and you are ready to join the game.

Open the Games on the screen and find Public game start. You usually can’t join In progress game, so find one that is looking for players. You can use the filter tools in the top right corner to find games I haven’t started yet. When you find a suitable one, click Join the game.

All the games you play are listed Own games tab on both the website and the client. By default, only two games can be played at the same time. However, you can increase your game limits by making $ 5, $ 10, or $ 15 through PayPal for five, 10, or unlimited slots.

How to play Civilization V via GMR

When the GMR client program is running, you will be notified when it is your turn. You should also get the email address associated with your Steam account.

Manage multiplayer Civ 5 games with Giant Multiplayer Robot

When the turn comes, click on the corresponding game in GMR to download it. This action also launches Civilization V, so all you have to do is move on to the next one. When the transfers are complete, click Next translation save the file. GMR then shuts down Civ V and asks for confirmation to send the recording file to the next player.

Playing via email can be slow, especially in full play starting in 4000 BC, however, it is a flexible and enjoyable way to play Civ 5 multiplayer if you are driven forward.

If Civilization V is already open when your turn comes, click the game in the GMR client to download. When you’re done, open Hotseat> Download game upload your turn.

Creating Multiplayer in Civilization V

After playing a few multiplayer games in Civ V, you may want to set up your own. This is not as difficult as it may sound.

Set multiplayer options in Civilization 5

Start by selecting your multiplayer type. You’ll find plenty of game options, such as map type and size, pace, start season, and world age. You can also determine the climate, sea level, and amount of resources available.

Configure advanced multiplayer options for Civ V.

Turn the winning types on or off as you think. do not forget Advanced game settings, a menu that includes options such as setting the turn timer and turn limit. AI tokens can be randomized (tokens are swapped, essentially), while One-City Challenge can be implemented.

You can also enable Civilization V Downloadable Content (DLC) in this menu. However, in order to select maximum compatibility with multiplayer opponents, as small a DLC as possible.

When you’re done, click host game, choose your civilization, invite opponents, wait for them to join and enjoy multiplayer!

Civilization V Multiplayer is so much fun!

Playing Civilization V multiplayer mode will give you a whole new rating of the game. You no longer play AI, but someone just like you who loves the game. Someone who has developed their own control tactics and strategy to build settlers and research technology. There are three multiplayer options for Civilization V:

  • standard (Via Internet or LAN)
  • hotseat (local turn-based multiplayer on the same machine and email play with Giant Multiplayer Robot)
  • Pitboss (dedicated Civilization V multi-server)

Playing against human opponents is inevitably more difficult than playing on a computer. It’s also far more rewarding, so if you haven’t tried Civilization V’s multiplayer mode before, now is the time.

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