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How to put your face on another body using GIMP

You admit that you play with image editing tools like Photoshop and GIMP. And you can do virtually anything with these tools, from simple photo additions to creating impressive graphics.

However, using these apps isn’t that much fun if you don’t know what you’re doing. Where we have come from. In this article, we’ll cover a classic that explains how to use GIMP to put a face on another body.

Why use GIMP?

GIMP is freely available to everyone and definitely has powerful tools. You just have to take some time to learn it, and it becomes a very valuable alternative to Photoshop. There are many examples ways to use GIMP to edit backgrounds

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If you don’t already have it, you can download and install the GIMP site official GIMP website. GIMP is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. And if you are still unsure how GIMP compares to Photoshop

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, check out a comparison of the two tools.

Open your photos in GIMP

When you’re ready to go, turn off GIMP and open one image of your face and another image of your body where you want to put the face.

click on file > Open Find your selection in the menu and select photos and click Open.

You will see both images on separate tabs in the GIMP window. Currently, the most important task is to extract the face, so first select the photo tab.

Otherwise, you can achieve the whole process faster and easier by using the best face changing apps

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Choose your face

Select from the left button panel Path tool which is currently in the middle of the second row. With this tool, you’re going to make a path that runs around your face until it makes the perfect loop and chooses what’s inside it.

Technically, you can also use Free selection toolbut you have to make a loop at once and trust me, it doesn’t look that good. Get better results with the Paths tool.

Make a loop

You can start by zooming your face in the photo. The closer you are, the more accurate the loop becomes. To do this, click the drop-down box in the status bar at the bottom or select view > Zoom from the menu.

With Path tool selected, start by clicking around your face. With each click, you get a point by which the line of the loop passes.

Preferably, you should place a loop on the edge of your face. You can also bend the lines between dots for accuracy by right-clicking and moving the mouse around.

GIMP Select Face Paths Tool

Don’t forget, you can always undo everything you did Edit > Repeal from the menu. So if you miss a point wrong, you can always cancel it and try again.

Finish the loop

It’s normal for all of this to take a few minutes, especially if you’re working on a high-resolution image. You have to continue around your face until you encounter the first point you make again.

When you are done, click the first step again to complete the loop.

It’s great if the line doesn’t really show up between the first and last point; it can be corrected in the next step. However, this last line is not curved, so if high accuracy is required, try to make your last point as close as possible to the first.

Copy and paste your face

Once the loop is set, you will find a button with an entry Path selection at the bottom of the left panel. Click on it and the selection will be made using the loop.

GIMP copies the selected face

Next, copy the selection with the button Control + C In Windows or Command + C On a Mac or by clicking Edit> Copy from the menu.

Select a tab with another body image to attach a face to that image. You can do this by clicking Edit > Paste as a new layer from the menu. When it’s a new layer, it’s easier to move, resize, or flip the face when needed.

GIMP paste the face as a new layer

Move, resize or rotate your face

Now you’re ready to move, resize, or flip your face until it’s where it should be and it looks like it will fit in your body.

GIMP Move Scale Rotate Tools

Move: With your face still selected, you can click The migration tool from the left sidebar. This is a four-sided arrow. Then drag your face to the desired position on your body.

Resize: If you need to change the size of your face, you can use Scale tool which is direct The migration tool. This keeps the face in proportion when you pull in or out of the corners to resize it. You can also adjust your face in the Scale pop-up window. click on scale when you finish.

GIMP-Scale tool

Rotate: You may also need to turn your face slightly to match your head where you place it. Click to Turn the tool on the left side Scale tool. Then pull the head to turn the face in either direction. You can also adjust your face by turning the pop-up window. click on Rotate when you’re ready.

GIMP-turning tool

Use GIMP to change your face

Remember that unless you are very lucky, the lighting will probably turn off and your face will therefore not blend perfectly into place as if it were the original image. However, you can try your hand at other GIMP tools and features to make it look more realistic if you want.

Anyway, it’s still a fun effect, and the phrase “practice makes perfect” sounds true in this case.

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Photo credit: Bystrov / Shutterstock

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