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How to report email fraud and spam to authorities

Email spam is an inevitable drawback online. And while your email provider will probably do a good job of filtering spam, you may be wondering how to report email fraud if you get a particularly shady message.

Let’s see how you can report email fraud to the appropriate resources.

Reporting fraud to the authorities

First, let’s look at which government agencies you should report fraud to based on where you live.

Where to report email fraud in the United States

If you receive a fraudulent email and live in the United States, you can report it to both the FBI and the FTC.

FBI visit IC3 (Internet Criminal Complaints Center). There you can make a complaint. Click to Guide link to see some information about the meaning of the complaint. The page is for victims of cybercrime, but you can fill in the information even if you haven’t dropped anything.

Next, you should also consider making a complaint FTC. Select a category on the left and go through the steps to place the report in the correct category.

The FTC complaint form

Finally, you can also report email fraud to the state consumer protection office. Visit USA.govin State Consumer Protection Agencies page to find information for your state.

How to Report Email Fraud in Canada |

Canadian residents should be directed Canadian Anti-Fraud Center Report Fraud Page. This will alert you to the event.

Please note that you will need to sign in with an approved partner account (such as a bank) or create a new GCKey account.

How to Report Email Fraud in the UK |

If you live in the UK, your National Cyber ​​Security Center will ask you to send phishing emails to the Suspicious Email Reporting Service: [email protected].

You also have the opportunity to report it action Fraud using the online form.

Reporting Email Fraud in Australia

Australian residents should turn to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Scam watch Form.

Reporting email fraud to a personal business

While it is a good idea to give the appropriate authorities email fraud, it is not the only step you can take. Agencies like the FBI probably aren’t responsible for the case you filed with their forms, and they can’t help you get your money back if you handed it over to scammers.

If you receive a fraudulent email address that pretends to be from a particular company, report it to the real company. You can find contact information for most companies on their websites, and some have their own email address for forwarding fraudulent messages.

For example, Amazon’s suspicious communication page there are instructions for reporting scam messages. It will ask you to forward the fraud messages [email protected]. PayPal is asking you to send false emails [email protected].

Hopefully that company can get the team to investigate a particular scam while trying to shut it down. If many people report it, they are more likely to start researching.

Report email fraud to your email provider

The last step in reporting scam emails is to tell the email service. Companies like Google and Microsoft don’t want malicious users who take advantage of their services to fool people.

Most email services have an option for reporting phishing messages, as well as options for reporting infringing accounts. Let’s look at some of the most popular.

How to report fraud in Gmail

In Gmail, you can click three-point menu to the right of any message and select Report phishing. This will remove the email from your inbox and notify Google of the danger.

Gmail Phishing Report

If the fraudulent email came from a Gmail address, you can also use Gmail Abuse Report Form. This helps Google investigate people who use the service for illegal purposes.

How to Report Email Fraud to Yahoo

Unfortunately, Yahoo Mail doesn’t have simple reporting tools like Gmail. You can mark an email as spam in your Yahoo Mail account, but you can’t report fraud or phishing.

Yahoo’s help pages guide you Yahoo Support reports security issues, but at the time of writing, this was not working properly. Results with it may vary.

How to Report Email Scams in Outlook

If you use Outlook on the Web, open your e-mail and click Spam> Phishing> Report notify Microsoft of the problem.

Outlook report phishing email

Microsoft has its own e-mail address for reporting phishing. Create a new email and drag the scam message into it to add it as an attachment. Then send a message [email protected] so the company can look.

Microsoft also has a special page reporting technical support scams.

The reality of email fraud

If you receive a particularly malicious phishing message, it is wise to report it through the channels above. This will increase the capacity of the authorities to take action against it.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to be optimistic about this. Due to the nature of email fraud, it is very difficult to shut down scammers using this method. Your email provider may disconnect someone, but that doesn’t stop them from opening another account and continuing.

Administrative authorities are unlikely to be able to close the scam operation just to continue the email address. Email addresses are one-time, and scammers can use VPN and other methods to hide their location so you can’t Trace email

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That is why gift cards are such a common scam payment method. Compared to someone’s money wiring, gift card codes are virtually impossible to trace. As a result, asking for payment through gift cards is one lights for phone scams

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If you or a loved one ever falls victim to email fraud, you can explain these methods through events and hopefully get help. But in most cases, that money is lost. Therefore, it is vital to be up to date on current scams and to be able to detect email phishing.

The best protection against email fraud is healthy caution in everything you receive.

Report email fraud when you can

We’ve seen where you can report email fraud to government agencies, businesses, and email providers. Making people more aware of fraud is important, but stopping scams is also very difficult before they are backed up.

If you also receive similar messages on your phone, find out how to report spam texts

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