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How to search YouTube like a pro using Advanced Search Operators

In most cases, a YouTube search is easy: just type in a term and relevant videos will appear. But what if you need a better YouTube search?

Fortunately, YouTube offers advanced search options to help you drill down and find what you’re looking for. Let’s take a look at more specific search options on YouTube and how to manage them.

Use YouTube filtering options

Most of the time, you can use YouTube’s built-in filters to narrow your search results.

To access them, first search YouTube. Click next Filter button and you will see several filtering options. You can select only one or combine several with deeper searches.

Note, however, that some combinations do not work. For example, if you filter by broadcast date, you won’t be able to filter by channel either.

YouTube filters

Take a quick look at what these options have to offer.

Date of shipment

This option makes it easy to find the latest content on YouTube. The date options are:

  • Last hour
  • Today
  • this week
  • In this month
  • this year

If you’re looking for news, content related to a recent software release, or other timely videos, these are a great help. Use them when the default results show outdated content.


YouTube Channel

Want to search YouTube for something other than videos? You can change what you are looking for channel, playlist, Movieor Show content instead.

If you didn’t know, full-length movies and shows are available for purchase on YouTube, where the last two options are. Show does not display YouTube Originals, although you can use it find children’s performances on YouTube

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Looking for a quick video or long form of content to enjoy at dinner? Use Short to find videos in less than four minutes. long filters to show only videos longer than 20 minutes.


YouTube 360 ​​video

This large section allows you to filter based on many types of content on YouTube. There are too many to cover here, but some highlights include:

  • To live: Watch content that is currently live on YouTube.
  • Subtitles / CC: Only show content with captions. Great if you want to watch a video but can’t turn the sound up.
  • Creative Commons: Find content that is licensed for reuse. See the Creative Commons guide for an explanation.
  • 360 degrees: Filter based on videos that allow you to click and drag to look around. Try these with VR headphones, if any.

Sort by someone

YouTube View Count Search

By default, YouTube searches are sorted Relevance, which means YouTube is trying to match your search. You can change this instead Date of shipment, Number of viewsor classification if you want.

Most of these are self-evident. Date of shipment lets you discover brand new content at the same time Number of views is easy to find most viewed content on YouTube

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. classificationhowever, does not appear to be useful. In our testing, it doesn’t show the most rated videos first, but shows a random mix of old and new videos.

Using filters as operators

If you don’t want to click on these filtering options every time, YouTube offers a faster way to include them in your search. Just add a comma after the search term and one of the keywords above to filter by it.

For example, typing “iPhone, week, short, HD” (without the quotation marks) will display iPhone videos downloaded this week that are less than four minutes and in high definition. You can use one or more of your choice and they will work with the advanced search operators below.

Manage YouTube Advanced Search carriers

If the options above don’t help you find what you’re looking for, you can use the advanced search operators in the search box. They sound familiar if you’ve already used them Google’s advanced operators

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Find the exact matches

By default, YouTube tries to use all the words in your search phrase. Putting your search phrase in quotation marks searches for the exact string in both the video titles and descriptions.

It is useful for anyone who demands precision, especially if the search term is ambiguous. Something “2012 Honda Accord Oil Change” (in quotation marks) should filter out similar but not related results.

Force special conditions

YouTube Plus operator

If you want to require one or more exact words to appear in a video search, you can use the plus operator.

For example, if you are looking for videos from the NES version of Donkey Kong, you can type “Donkey Kong + NES” (without quotes) and all video results will include NES.

This is a convenient way to combine terms with more specific searches, especially since YouTube can sometimes ignore a particular term in a long search query.

Exclude terms from search

YouTube minus operator

Above the above is the minus operator. This will allow you to remove certain terms from your search.

For example, let’s say you wanted to watch clips of tennis from the Olympics, but didn’t want to include anything from the 2012 London Games. You can get to “Olympic tennis -London” to exclude all events in London.

Search for multiple terms

If you want to find results that meet at least one of several different conditions, you can use a pipe user. This returns the survey results on both sides of the pipe.

For example, the search “cats | dogs ”brings up videos that contain either one or the other.

Search only video titles

When you perform a search, YouTube doesn’t just watch video titles. It also takes into account the content of the video description, which can give you irrelevant results.

using the intitle: as an operator, you can force YouTube to retrieve only video titles. Try it if the results don’t seem to make sense.

Add a wildcard

Not sure what to look for? Let the YouTube wildcard operator fill in for you. Adding an asterisk fills at least one word in place.

It’s not useful in all situations, but it can help you find terms related to your search without a lot of extra work. Try something “the best of 2019” and you’ll find something new.

Specify a Price Range

YouTube search Price

Looking for product recommendations that fit a specific budget? You can specify the cost range for video results with two points.

For example, if you search for “build a PC for $ 200 .. $ 700,” you’ll find guides to building your own computer at a cost between these two values.

Search by Hashtag

Did you know that YouTube allows content providers to add hashtags to their videos? This can make it easier to find content grouped around a common theme.

To search by hashtag, type one, such as #throwbackthursday. While there is no hashtag in the video title, YouTube uses songs in the video description. You will see a few of those hashtags above the video title when you click on it.

Find what you need with YouTube Advanced Search

Although YouTube does not have a separate advanced search page, it is still possible to perform custom YouTube searches using operators and filters. They let you find everything you are looking for on YouTube.

If they weren’t enough for you, don’t forget that you can use Google’s advanced operators mentioned above. Running a site: Google Search helps you find relevant content on YouTube.

See more others online services that provide advanced search

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