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How to use Facebook two-factor authentication and mobile code generator

Best way protect your Facebook account is to enable two-factor authentication (2FA), formerly known as login approvals. Once enabled, you’ll need a sign-in or verification code every time you want to sign in to your Facebook account with a new device. This feature protects your account from hackers, even if your password is weak.

Facebook can provide a login code to your mobile number. Alternatively, you can use the authentication app or Facebook’s own Code Generator app on your phone or tablet to generate the code manually. If you configure all supported 2FA methods, you can log in to Facebook even if you are offline or unable to receive text messages.

Tell us how to set up two-factor authentication and Code Generator for your mobile device. We’ve described these steps on Android, but they should work the same way on the iPhone.

What are Facebook IDs?

Facebook uses login or verification codes, also known as two-factor authentication, as an extra layer of security. 2FA makes it harder for someone to do hack your Facebook account. If someone tries to sign in to your account on a device you haven’t previously authorized, they’ll need both your password and a login code.

Enter your login code window as shown in the Facebook desktop version.

Additionally, when someone tries to sign in to your account from another computer – and if you’re not using an authentication application – you’ll receive an indirect notification about that sign-in attempt in the form of a text message with a security code.

However, you can enable sign-in notifications and request that they be sent to your email address, Facebook, or Messenger account. In the Facebook mobile app, tap the burger menu, expand Settings and privacy, choose Settings> Security and Login> Get notifications for unrecognized logins, and enable the desired login notifications. We recommend that you enable email notifications.

(Click on the screenshots to see them in full size so you can follow the steps.)

Configuring two-factor authentication

Facebook two-factor authentication

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requires a mobile phone number or authentication application. If you want to use a phone number for double-check authentication, please note that you can no longer use the same number to reset your password.

How to Add a Phone Number to Facebook |

You can add a phone number when setting up dual authentication. To make sure you have your current phone number stored, or add another phone number before starting the process, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the burger menu in the Facebook mobile app
  2. Expand Settings and privacy
  3. Navigate to something Settings> Personal information> Phone number

You can add as many numbers as you like, and we recommend that you add at least two. Note that adding a number automatically activates text messages to the last number added, which you may want to turn off.

How to enable two-factor authentication on Facebook

Scroll to to activate two-factor authentication Settings> Security and Login> Use Double Authentication, select whether you want to use Todennussovellus or Text message (SMS)and follow the on-screen instructions to configure your selection.

2FA as a text message (SMS)

When you tap this option, all you have to do is dial the phone number you want Facebook to use. As mentioned above, you can also add a new phone number when setting up dual authentication.

After completing the installation, you can always go back and change the phone number. Each time you do so, you will need to enter a verification code, which will be sent to the new phone number.

Through the 2FA authentication application

When you select a third-party authentication application, you can scan the QR code, set it to the same device, or write the code for the desired authentication application manually.

We went with a third-party application, and it was all done in a matter of seconds. Please note that when you return to Facebook, you will need to enter a verification code from the app to complete the installation.

Always install Facebook backup methods

After enabling dual authentication, be sure to keep your phone number up to date and always keep a backup of the authorized device to log in or change settings. However, the most important thing is to set up the following backup data methods:

  1. telephone number who can receive return codes as a text message. This may be the same number you’ve already added, but you’ll need to verify it as a backup method.
  2. Extra todennussovellus; for example, with a separate device.
  3. Return codes which you can copy digitally or manually and save to a storage location.

All of these methods are available in Settings> Security and Login> Use Double Authentication. You can also return to updating or disabling any of these methods.

How to Install a Code Generator |

While you can configure and use most of the features described above from Facebook in your browser, Code Generator is a feature that is exclusive to the Facebook mobile app. If the application was installed all the time, the Code Generator should already be available.

When you sign in to the Facebook mobile app for the first time and you’ve already set up dual authentication, you’ll need a security code to complete the sign-in process. Open the burger menu inside the Facebook app, scroll to the bottom, tap code generatorand Activate it. That’s it.

The next time you want to use Facebook on a new device and can’t receive a text message – for example, if you don’t have a signal or have changed SIM cards – you can use Code Generator instead. Just open your Facebook app, tap the burger menu in the top right corner, scroll down and tap code generatorand tap and hold the code to copy it to the device clipboard.

Facebook Code Generator displays a security code that expires in 30 seconds.

Should you ever lose access to the Facebook code generator

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(for example, if your phone was stolen), you can sign in to Facebook from a known device, sign out of your phone, and uninstall the Code Generator app. Before you get your phone back, you can also set the app to create third-party code.

Keep your Facebook account secure

Once you’ve straightened out your personal information, security settings, and backup recovery methods, you should never struggle restore your Facebook account credentials. Try it to make sure you have adequately protected your Facebook account Facebook privacy checker and see if you can make other improvements to protect your account.

If you’re concerned about compromising your account, here’s how to see it who used your Facebook account

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(or which devices) and kick them if necessary.

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