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How to use Google Calendar for school: Organize your class schedule

One of the most difficult parts of a university, in addition to homework, is, of course, managing a complex and ever-changing schedule. Between hours, extracurricular activities and part-time work, you are very busy.

A great way to start a semester or even organize it in part is to take advantage of free tools to help you manage everything on your plate. In this article, you’ll learn how to manage class schedules and organize your semester using Google Calendar.

Get schedules and mark important dates

Before you can organize with Google Calendar, you need to get all schedules together. Start by looking for an official copy of the semester schedule. You will also want schedules for any extracurricular activities, jobs, or events you plan to attend during the season.

Get as much information as you can about each event to make your schedule as stable as possible. This includes dates, durations, locations, required textbooks and even teachers. Don’t be afraid to include too much information in this step because you can delete them later.

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How to Make a Class Calendar |

Go to Google Calendar, sign in, and start by creating a special calendar to keep track of your class schedule. Using a single calendar allows you to turn it on or off, which can come in handy if you have a lot of events.

  1. Click to Main Menu button in the upper left corner if the sidebar is hidden.
  2. go to Other calendars, Click a plus signand select Create a new calendar.
  3. Give the calendar a name, a description, and select a different time zone, if necessary.
  4. click on Create a calendar.

Google Calendar Create a calendar

When you click the arrow in the upper left corner, you return to the main calendar page and you should see the new calendar in the sidebar. To change the color, click options button (three dots) that appears when you move the cursor over the calendar. Then choose a new color from the palette.

The color of Google Calendar

How to add categories to Google Calendar

The next step is to add your category to Google Calendar. Go to the calendar day when the first category starts and click. This will open a new event window.

Start at the top and add a course title, choose Eventand then press to add start and end times More time button.

You probably won’t use the Add Guests or Add Google Meet options, but you may want to include your school Location and add a Description contains the teacher’s name, room number, and other information relevant to the class.

Be sure select a category calendar click the drop-down list, and then click Save.

A new category event on Google Calendar

Alternatively, you can choose More options to customize your class events using the options below. Or you can hit Save now and Customize it later by clicking the event on the calendar and selecting Edit the event.

Make your class repeat

Since lessons are held regularly, you should make this a recurring event.

At the top, below the category title, you see Does not repeat. Click that drop-down box and you’ll see some quick options, such as Daily and Weekly [specific day]. If any of these apply, go ahead and select it, but if not, click Custom.

Now you can choose the exact days that this category will repeat each week. And at the bottom you can enter the end date, so the class will stop appearing on your calendar when the day comes.

Google Calendar refresh rate event

click on Save when you finish.

Add calendar events and Customize them until the schedule is complete. Don’t forget to include extracurricular activities or work schedules, among other things.

Install Google Calendar Alerts

A great feature of Google Calendar is its notifications. This will help you remember that you have a class at a certain point in time, so you don’t forget and don’t want (or shouldn’t be) late. You can create alerts for individual class events or for the entire school calendar.

Install event notifications

If you want to set different notifications according to the time of the category, you can create individual event notifications. Select an event from your calendar and click Edit the event.

On the event details page, click Add a notification. Choose one ad or E-mail in the first drop-down box, depending on how you want to receive the notification. Then choose how long in advance you want to be notified of the category.

You can also add multiple notifications. For example, you can receive an alarm one hour before the class starts and another 10 minutes before the start time. Just click Add a notification for each additional alert you want to create.

Google Calendar event announcement

click on Save if you are ready. You’ll see a pop-up window asking if you want to change only that event or others you’ve created for that recurring category. You will probably choose the second option This and the following events so you get notified of that class every time. click on okay.

Install calendar notifications

If you prefer to create alerts for your entire school calendar, this is just as easy. And this way, you’ll be notified of all the events on your calendar, whether it’s a class, an activity, or a shift.

Click to options button next to the calendar and select Settings and sharing. Scroll down to see a few sections of event notifications, all-day event notifications, and other notifications.

Click the Event and All Day Notifications button Add a notification, choose ad or E-mail, and type timing for an alarm. You can add more than one by clicking Add a notification.

Google Calendar events and all-day notifications

For other notifications, you can only choose to receive e-mail to your linked Gmail account for each item in the list, such as new events, canceled events, or the daily schedule.

Other Google Calendar notifications

Use Google Calendar On-The-Go

You can always access your calendar with any browser. But if you’re wandering, you can check out your class schedules in the Google Calendar app on your mobile device.

With the Google Calendar app on Android and iOS, you can easily view and edit your schedule and categories. And best of all, it’s available for free.

Additionally, you can add attachments. So if you need the paper you wrote for a class, you can attach it to that class event in the app.

Charge: Google Calendar for Android | iOS (Free)

Organize your semester with Google Calendar

While it all takes a little time to put everything together, keeping your school calendar online and on your devices can be a big benefit throughout the semester.

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