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How to win Call of Duty: Warzone: 10 tips

Call of Duty: Warzone is a very popular free-to-play Battle Royale game that offers cross-games on the PC and console. Warzone takes place in the fictional city of Verdansk, on a circling map where 150 people fight to be the only survivor.

There is nothing more satisfying in terms of gaming than ensuring the desired win. So if you want to increase your chances of winning at Call of Duty: Warzone, we’ve rounded out some of the best tips for beginners and intermediate players.

1. Play with friends and communicate well

Warzone troops

Ideally, you want to play with a team full of people you know and speak with microphones. This is easier because PC and console players all participate in the same matches together (if you like this element, here are The best cross-playing games worth buying

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Call of Duty: Warzone is much harder when you play with random people who don’t talk to you. With friends, you know the way they play and are able to build instant messaging to communicate.

This links to the fact that communication is so important. Your teammates can be much more effective if they know what you are doing. Invite to battle, summon what’s going on: armor off, player down, team sweep and so on. This will let your friends know how much they need to hold, push or guard while they are.

2. Land on the tactical map location

Map of Warzone

There is no one best country. This is because the flight path, circle and contracts are random in every match. As soon as the game starts, bring up a map and look around. Where you want to land depends on your style of play.

For example, you can fly into a crowded area and engage in immediate fire to eliminate competition. Alternatively, you can go somewhere far and outside the circle with the goal of quietly robbing and fulfilling contracts. No matter what you decide, mark it on the map and make sure your teammates are in complete agreement before jumping.

3. Stay with your team, but not too close

Warzone troops

You’re on the team for a reason. It’s so you can work together, protect each other’s backs, revitalize when needed, and so on. As such, you need to stay with your team. If you go to a lone wolf and drive somewhere, your team can’t help you if you get into a corner with rival troops.

In other words, you don’t want to stay too close because it’s easier for an enemy group to take you all at once with a rocket. You also lose the surprise factors. Also, when you arrive in a new area and you are sure it is clear, spread out to start looting so you don’t step into each other’s stages.

4. Get cash fast

Warzone Buy Station

Getting money is essential in Call of Duty: Warzone. It’s easy to get involved early and mid-game by depriving only buildings. You should also fulfill contracts as you go – these stack up, so the more money you earn from them, the more you perform.

However, don’t like it. Head to Buy Stations buy equipment such as a precision atmosphere or a UAV (revealing nearby enemy locations). Unpack money for your team and combine your money together if you want to buy something expensive. Usually you will find a gas mask and armor when robbing, so don’t buy these unless absolutely necessary.

And remember, you may want to keep money in stock so that anyone dies quickly back.

5. Don’t be afraid of gas

Warzone gas

The gas shrinks rapidly from the size of the map and can be scary as you approach. You should always be aware of where the gas is, if it is moving and at what speed. The last thing you want to do is kill yourself with gas because you couldn’t climb the rocks in front of you fast enough.

So don’t be afraid of gas, especially if you have a gas mask. Watch the gas pipeline and take out the enemies that are driving because they probably don’t have time to react. In a melee situation, you can also quickly circulate through the gas to get a jump on enemies without doing significant damage.

6. Keep an eye on the mini map

Warzone mini map

A mini-map in the corner of the screen reveals important information you may not see in the main game. It highlights enemy vehicles in red – if it turns gray, you know they’ve all gotten out. It also pounds enemy players in red when you deploy a UAV. A small map can also help you navigate to unknown parts of the map.

You should go to settings and change your mini-map from circle to square. It’s a small change, but lets you see more around you and every extra task is rewarding.

7. Use the Free Loadout drop


Recharges are a way to pick up custom weapons and are the only way to get perks. If you have a huge stack of money at the beginning of the game, you can also buy a load so you’re ready to go with everything you need in the pack.

So don’t rely on buying empties. You can quickly find decent weapons just by looting so you can continue until a free trunk drop arrives. This means you can spend money on useful things like UAVs.

Free drops occur twice during the game and you will receive an alert that will direct you to the nearest drop. However, be careful as enemies in the area may converge in the same location and wipe you and your group out.

8. Keep your eyes on the sky

Warzone flame in the sky

It can be easy to get so focused on what’s going on in front of you that you forget to look. Don’t apologize because there’s a lot of stuff going on in the sky in Call of Duty: Warzone.

First, if a player reorientes, they start parachuting. If you spot them early, you can plow enough bullets into them to die before they even reach the floor.

Second, re-capturing or buying someone back yields a white and red flare, respectively. Keep an eye on these and it will give you information about what is going on nearby, but you can also use it to surprise enemies unexpectedly now that you know their location.

9. Kill only when necessary

Warzone kills

You may be tempted to try to kill all the players you see, but that’s not always the best way to do it. If someone is far away, consider whether it’s even worth the interest. Your shooting is going to get attention, and you may not be the best able to handle the situation. If you want to go kill, try to squeeze some of their teams down before you push the rest.

Late in the game, if some of your teams are dead, it may be better to let larger groups of enemies run past, as it is unlikely that you will survive. Let the other team be with them so that the total is reduced and you have a better chance of securing a win.

In other words, enemy players drop things like weapons, ammo, and money, so if you need them badly, there might be a risk of killing.

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10. Attach a high ground


As with all tactical shooter games, getting a high field gives you a big advantage. This is especially true when the last circle closes, as you can target all the enemies that come from the gas and duck down from their view as needed.

However, you need to be careful in high conditions, such as ceilings, during early play. While it’s nice to be snorkeling on the roof with other people, you’re also very exposed. Not only could someone climb the roof and turn you back, but they can also send an air route your way and kill your entire team easily.

Winning the Call of Duty: Warzone is winning in life

These are important tips and hints that we hope will help you win in Call of Duty: Warzone. Of course, there is always some luck involved, but with good planning and a well-thought-out strategy, you can improve your chances of reaching the winning circle more often than not.

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