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HTML Essentials Scam Sheet: Tags, Features, and More

basic Tags …The first and last tag of the HTML document. All other tags are located between the opening and closing tags. …Specifies the collection of document metadata.Describes the page title and appears in the browser’s title bar. …Contains all the content displayed on the website.Document informationMention the base URL and any relative links to the document.Learn more about the page, such as author, release date, etc.Links to external elements, such as style sheets.Contains document style information such as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).Includes links to external scripts.Text formatting OR
Makes the text bold.Italics the text and makes it bold.Italics the text, but does not make it bold.Punched text.Quote the author of the quote.Marks the deleted part of the text.Displays the section that has been added to the content.

To display quotes. Often used tag.Shorter offers.Abbreviations and complete forms.
Specifies contact information.Definitions. ... The snippets.For writing ordersFor writing transcripts.Reduce text size and mark unnecessary information in HTML5.Document structureDifferent levels in the titles. H1 is the largest and H6 is the smallest.

Dividing content into blocks.Includes line items such as image, icon, emoticon, without ruining the page formatting.

Contains text.Create a new row.
Draws a horizontal bar indicating the end of a section.Lists
Ordered Product List.
For an unordered list.
  • For individual items in the list.
    List of items and definitions.
    A definition of one concept related to body content.
    Description of the defined term.LinksAnchor ID for hyperlinks.Tag for linking to email addresses.Anchor tag for numbering contacts.Anchor tag for linking to another part of the same page.Go to the div section of the web page. (Modification of the tag above)picturesTo display image files.Features tagsrc = “url”Link to the source path of the image.alt = “text”The text that is displayed when the mouse rests on the image.height = ””The height of the image in pixels or percentages.width = ””The width of the image in pixels or as a = “”The relative focus of the page image.border = ””The edge thickness of the image.Link to a clickable map.
    The name of the map image.Image area of ​​the image map.Features

    shape = ””Image area shape.coords = ””Coordinates of the map area.Forms
    HTML form emoticon.Features

    tagaction = “url”The URL to which the form information will be sent.method = “”Specifies the form submission protocol (POST or GET).enctype = ””Data coding system for POST transmissions.AutocompleteSpecifies whether form autocomplete is enabled or disabled.novalidateSpecifies whether the form needs to be validated before submission.Accept character setsSpecifies the character encoding for sending the form.targetShows where the form submission response appears.
    Group related elements in the form /Specifies what the user should type in each form field.Caption of a field set element.Specifies the type of input from the user.Features tagtype = ””Specifies the type of input (text, dates, password).name = ””Specifies the name of the input field.value = ””Specifies the value in the input field.size = ””Sets the number of characters in the input field.maxlength = ””Sets the limit of entered requiredMakes the input field mandatory.width = ””Sets the width of the input field in pixels.height = ””Sets the height of the input field in pixels.placeholder = ””Describe the expected value of the field.pattern = ””Specifies a regular expression that can be used to search for patterns in user text.min = ””Minimum allowed value of the input element.max = “”Maximum allowed value of the input element.disabledRemoves the input element.To capture longer data sets from the user.Specifies a list of options for the user to select.Features
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