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Instagram publishes guides to help you stay healthy

Instagram has released a new type of Post Guides that gathers together other related posts. Instagram has published guides that focus on well-being. This is due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that affects everyone in some way.

What are Instagram guides?

Instagram introduced the guides in a post Instagram blog. The social network describes it as “a way to more easily find recommendations, tips, and other content from recommendation makers, public figures, organizations, and publishers on Instagram.”

The guides are mainly topic sets of messages and videos. And when viewed together, they form a guide to the subject. Hence the name. You can just browse the collection or click on a specific post or video to see it in its entirety.

To view the Instagram Guide, you have visited the profile of a participating creator or organization. Which includes AFSP, Heads togetherand Klicksafe. Then tap the Tutorials icon, which shows the book that is open.

At startup, all guides are related to well-being. So wait for tips on taking care of well-being, keeping in touch with others, and managing anxiety. This is to help people keep their health under control as COVID-19 continues to spread around the world.

There are options for Instagram …

While Instagram has started with wellness guides for obvious reasons, the feature could be expanded to cover all kinds of lines. For example, we could produce a guide for something technology related MakeUseOf-Instagram account.

The guide is the first new Instagram post since IGTV. And if you don’t know what this is, read on guide to IGTV and how it works. Or if you’ve tried Instagram and find that it’s not for you, try one of these Instagram options for smartphone photographers

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