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Is the Vankyo Performance V630 a smart budget LCD projector for your home theater?

Judgment Vankyo Performance V630 Full HD Projector :
Good entry-level projector, reasonable reflection quality and built-in speakers. It’s not ideal for gaming, you don’t enjoy 4K movies, but for almost everything else, the Vankyo V630 is a good choice.

Building a home theater and want to move from TV to projection? Redesigning living spaces and avoiding traditional televisions for something unnoticed? Or do you just want a big screen for movies, TV and gaming without the cost of a 60-inch plasma?

The solution is a projector capable of presenting Full HD presentations, movies and other entertainment. The prisoner is coming High performance V630 Full HD projector, a desktop projector capable of displaying a screen size of 46 to 300 inches.

Why should you choose the V630 because there are dozens of options available? It’s an affordable projector, but what more does it have to offer?

VANKYO Performance V630 Native 1080P Full HD Projector, 300 “LED Projector w / ± 45 ° with Electronic Keystone Correction, Compatible w / TV Stick, HDMI, Laptop, Home Smartphone

VANKYO Performance V630 Native 1080P Full HD Projector, 300 “LED Projector w / ± 45 ° with Electronic Keystone Correction, Compatible w / TV Stick, HDMI, Laptop, Home Smartphone

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$ 249.99

Why use an HD projector?

Owning a high definition projector is a huge advantage over a television. Standard 40-inch LCD or plasma TVs are large and often difficult to hide, so they eventually stand out and dominate a small space.

Vankyo V630 projector lens

While this can be mitigated by strong interior design, the option is to simply forget about televisions altogether.

But other factors can affect the use of the projector. Maybe your home theater space requires it or you need better immersions in games without switching to VR

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. Maybe an affordable HD projector is a smart alternative to a new TV … Or maybe you really want an HD projector.

What’s in the box?

In the box you will find the Vankyo Performance V630 package, which comes with a useful carrying case and remote control.

All the necessary cables are also included: power cord, HDMI cable and a small RCA adapter.

You will also find a maintenance kit. This consists of a lens cloth and Q-tips to clean and keep the projector dust-free. Dust is an enemy of heat, so it is important to keep the projector dust-free to ensure the best performance.

The package also includes a package with four quarter-inch screws. They are designed to attach the projector to a ceiling mount. Vankyo offers its own ceiling mount and stand for use with this projector, available separately.

Vankyo Performance V630 specifications

The Vankyo Performance V630 is not a high-end projector. Nevertheless, the specifications and feature list are impressive.

Of course, it may be limited to 1080p Full HD – but given that this is the quality of most TVs and monitors used in homes around the world, it’s hardly a marketer. Unless you’re specifically looking for a 4K projector – and you’ve already budgeted accordingly – this won’t be a problem.

Unlike many other budget projectors, the V630’s projection is the original 1080p, and not just “HD-ready”. This misleading term means they accept HD input, but actually reflect closer to DVD resolution.

Adjust the lens on the Vankyo V630 digital projector

The Performance V630 has a lamp life of 50,000 hours (although clearly we can’t check it in a short test time) and a contrast ratio of 5,000: 1. This shows the luminance ratio of the brightest color to the darkest color that the system can produce. By comparison, movie theaters tend to be around 500: 1.

Although no physical display is included, the V630 is capable of projecting an image up to 300 inches (25 feet). This can be as small as 46 inches, and the protrusion distance can be set between 5.15 and 30.18 feet. So it’s perfect for projection in a room, lecture theater, home theater, or even on the outside wall of a home. A small retractable leg provides an additional raise if needed.

With electronic keystone technology, distortions of up to 45 degrees can be adjusted. This means that the projector can be pointed at corners on the surface and corrected automatically.

The projector also has an innovative cooling system to dissipate heat. At the same time, noise reduction technology reduces fan noise by 80 percent. The side has a removable dust filter that you should clean from time to time to maintain a good airflow.

According to Vankyo, the brightness is 6,800 lux, but this is not a standard measure, so it should not be used for comparison. The industry-standard ANSI lumen brightness rating has not been defined, making it difficult to compare the true brightness of an image with other models.

The Vankyo V630 includes a removable filter

With all HDMI ports, AV and VGA connectors, and audio output, the Performance V630 projector offers extensive device compatibility. It also has a USB and SD card reader. In short, you should be able to connect it to almost any device, from a Blu-ray player to a computer. Or connect media directly to enjoy it.

Purchasing a Vankyo Performance V630 projector will also give you a three month free refund with a full refund. A three-year repair cover, customer service and technical support throughout the product lifecycle are provided.

Commissioning of the Vankyo Performance V630

Before buying the Vankyo Performance V630, it’s a smart idea to make sure you have either the right wall or monitor.

Although the projection can be up to 300 inches in size, the image will not suffer if the surface is not suitable. Matt white non-textured walls should be fine.

Vankyo V630 projector menu display

Also, make sure you have the right height for the projector, an available electrical outlet, and optionally some better audio equipment. Our test unit was projected on a screen at a distance of 7.5 meters from the standard sound bar connected to the audio connector.

After the HDMI cable was connected from the source device (originally a Windows laptop), the V630 was turned off. The initial results are good and greatly improved when the room went dark.

The device controls are copied from the remote control, which consumes a pair of AAA batteries. Switching between video sources, adjusting the volume, and scrolling through the setup menus is straightforward, effortless. As long as you use the remote control and the projector is permanently installed, all you need to do is touch it and keep it clean and dust-free.

What can you combine?

The beauty of modern media devices is that you can connect almost any suitable hardware.

Although this budget projector does not have a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth option, many wired options are supported.

Connect AV cables, USB, HDMI and SD cards

With dual HDMI ports, you might be able to connect a game console to a TV box or maybe a media device like the Amazon Fire TV Stick. A 5 V USB port is included to power your media box. There is also a VGA option for older TV decoders, PCs and game consoles. There is also an AV input for RCA jacks (maybe a camcorder).

There are two other options for playing media. One USB 2.0 port for hard drive and USB stick and SD card reader. Finally, there is one audio output port, so you don’t have to rely on internal speakers.

Play movies, games and watch TV

In practice, showing media is a little harder than you might want. Although HDMI devices connect with little difficulty, static media is a different matter.

The station connected to the USB port can be accessed with the channel selection button. This launches a rather pointless file browser that wouldn’t show its place on a 1990s karaoke device. It is functional but unattractive.

Two HDMI ports on the Vankyo V630

Media files can be browsed and opened with a projector capable of displaying images, music, videos and text documents.

Meanwhile, the SD card reader is a mystery. In particular, the card must be placed upside down. More importantly, however, it seems to be limited to smaller SD cards. While this is not a huge problem, it naturally limits how much you can store on the card for playback through the projector.

We tested movies, video clips, Britbox streaming, YouTube and video games through the Vankyo V630. It is true that there was a slight delay in the FPS game we tried, but the results were satisfactory.

Image quality good but not perfect

The image quality of the projector is always difficult to assess. There is so much to consider, from finding the optimal viewing angle all the way to the fact that the screen surface leads to projection.

We tried the Vankyo V630 with a budget display that can be installed quickly and easily when needed. This in turn was mounted on a white PVC wall (with reflectors). This resulted in a small amount of image separation when viewed from an angle, but overall the result was satisfactory. It certainly didn’t detract from the family’s viewing of The Rise of Skywalker on Disney +.

Location was difficult due to the size of the test area and suitable wall space. However, the Vankyo V630 has a surprisingly good selection of keystone repair tools. However, it emphasizes the importance of finding a permanent home for the projector, either mounted on the ceiling or on a movable stand.

You need external sound

So pleased that the picture quality is from the Vankyo V630, you recommend an external sound system rather than built-in sound.

While limited sounds and speaker range are acceptable, they are only suitable for a few purposes. Maybe kids on TV or watching sporting events; playing media in presentations. In most standard viewing functions, whether it’s watching a popular drama box, watching the latest Marvel movie, or playing, the sound bar or surround system is better.

Vankyo V630 projector drivers

By comparison, the sound from the projector is likely to be at the same level as the television. Avoid turning it too hard, as on some surfaces it may cause visible vibration in the projection.

Don’t worry too much about winning the sound from the projector fan. It has improved cooling technology and noise reduction, so you’ll hardly notice it in front of any game or movie.

An affordable HD digital projector to consider

The choice of digital projectors is huge. For every budget, you’ll find a product from all the high-end 4K ultra-high definition projectors that line up $ 2,000 to pocket-sized devices that you can connect to your phone.

VANKYO Performance V630 Native 1080P Full HD Projector, 300 “LED Projector w / ± 45 ° with Electronic Keystone Correction, Compatible w / TV Stick, HDMI, Laptop, Home Smartphone

VANKYO Performance V630 Native 1080P Full HD Projector, 300 “LED Projector w / ± 45 ° with Electronic Keystone Correction, Compatible w / TV Stick, HDMI, Laptop, Home Smartphone

Buy now from Amazon
$ 249.99

So, there is Vankyo V630 fits your budget? Undoubtedly. It’s so low that it would be silly for any entry-level projector on the market to ignore it. The picture quality is good enough, it’s light, not too noisy and has two HDMI ports – more than most TVs in the same price range.

Are you saving $ 300 on an LCD projector? Put the Vankyo V630 at the top of the list.

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