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It’s now easier to access your Twitter DM network

If you use Twitter to send and receive private messages, you should find Twitter’s new interface useful. The new interface makes it much easier to access your Twitter DM files, allowing you to read and reply to them without navigating from the main time.

How to use your Twitter DM addresses on the web

In the past, your Twitter DM files were hidden in a separate area on the Twitter website. Which meant if you were browsing your tweets on your timeline and wanted to check the DMs, you would have to open a new tab. You then have to do the same to switch back to back.

Now Twitter has released a new interface that allows you to slide into your DM without leaving the timeline. Instead, you use your DM in a pop-up in the lower-right corner of the timeline. When both DMs and your tweets timeline are displayed at the same time.

Twitter’s new interface is now available online to all visitors It is not yet said whether the same interface will be available in the Twitter mobile app. However, due to the limited space on the smartphone screen, we suspect that the current tab bar will remain in place.

Anyway, this new interface reflects what you’ll find on Facebook and LinkedIn, and Twitter clearly hoped more people would use its messaging feature going forward. Unfortunately, this means that some people slip into your DM without being invited. Therefore, you may have to do use Twitter block lists

How to share and import Twitter block lists
If you want to quickly block multiple accounts on Twitter, sharing a block list is a great way to do that. Here’s how to do it.
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The big Twitter Bitcoin scam of 2020

Unfortunately, Twitter launched its new interface at the same time as unknown parties cheat Twitter users out of Bitcoin tweeting from account, including @Bill Gates, @elonmusk, @JeffBezosand @Kanye West. Which meant this useful little update flew a little under the radar.

This should prove useful to anyone who uses Twitter’s messaging feature on a regular basis. But it can also inspire more people to use Twitter DMs to send a message privately on a social media site. If it’s you, then here everything you need to know about Twitter DMs

Everything you need to know about Twitter DMs
This article explores all the information you can know about Twitter DM information. Includes how to delete Twitter DM files using Mailbox Cleaner.
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