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Netflix will cancel your account now unless you use it

If you pay for Netflix

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but don’t actually use a streaming service, you should probably cancel your subscription. After all, there are several dollars that leave your account monthly in vain. Just like a gym membership for people who no longer work out.

Even if you do not cancel your own Netflix, you may cancel it for you. This is because Netflix has announced that it will begin canceling dormant accounts automatically to prevent people from spending money on anything they don’t.

Netflix cancels passive accounts

The message Netflix Media Center, Netflix announced its intention to automatically cancel subscriptions for people who do not use their account. Passive accounts represent “less than half a percent” of its user group or “a few hundred thousand”.

Netflix will keep an account inactive if it has not been used for two years. Or if you are a newer subscriber, for one year from registration. And anyone with a passive account is asked to confirm their desire to maintain their membership.

“Do you know that feeling of sinking when you find that you’ve signed up for something but haven’t used it for ages? At Netflix, the last thing we want is for people to pay for something they don’t use … ”

– Eddy Wu, product innovation on Netflix

This will be done via email and in-app notifications that will start running this week. If you see an order, you must confirm that you want to keep your Netflix order or Netflix will cancel it automatically. You save a few dollars a month.

Netflix requires that expired users whose memberships have been revoked can easily restart them. And the company is happy to get you back. If you rejoin within 10 months of cancellation, your profile and watchlist will still be retained when you left them.

How new your love for Netflix

We are big Netflix fans here at MakeUseOf. So the notion that you won’t find anything to watch on Netflix is ​​beyond us. Still, maybe you have better things than a binge-watch endless television. In this case, Netflix will give you huge popularity here.

However, if the threat of canceling your Netflix account allows you to re-watch the streaming service, please check comprehensive guide to Netflix

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. It includes tips and tricks, guides and troubleshooting, as well as recommendations for what to see.

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