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Select game default settings for all PS5 games

This will enable subtitles or select the difficulty of the game for each PS5 game you play.

If you tend to use the same options in all video games, it’s tedious to set them manually every time you start a new name. Fortunately, PlayStation 5 has a menu that lets you choose the default settings for the games you automatically launch.

The default PS5 settings are shown

Let’s see where the game’s preset menu is on the PS5, and how to choose your default settings to save time in the future.

From the PS5 home screen, select settings open the settings menu in the upper right corner. Choose there Stored data and game / application settings item from the list.

This opens a new list of options on the left. Scroll down to Game presets, which we are interested in here. This menu allows you to select preset settings that are used automatically by games, so you don’t have to select them every time.

PS5 Game Presets menu

Here are the settings you can choose from.


As you might expect, you can choose Easy, Normaland Hard here. There is also The easiest and The hardest part choices that use either extremes.

PS5 difficulty preset

Each game has different difficulty settings, so these may not match. For example, if the game has five difficulty settings, there is no option to choose the second most difficult. In this case, it selects the nearest option.

In any case, this will save you a trip to the options menu if you always choose the hardest or easiest difficulty.

Performance Mode or Resolution Mode

With the new graphics features on the PS5, you sometimes have to choose to run the game as smoothly as possible and see all the great visual effects.

Preset PS5 performance

Care about Presentation if you want the game to run at the highest possible frame rate. This sacrifices some visual improvements such as resolution, beam tracking and the like.

On the other hand, choose Resolution if you want the game to use all of these effects and look as impressive as possible. As a compromise, the game works at a lower frame rate.

The availability of these options and what they affect varies from game to game.

First and third person view

PS5 inversion preset

By default, in almost all games, moving the joystick moves your character’s view or camera in the same direction. If you want the reverse look horizontally or vertically, you can set it here and avoid the control frustration that happens when you start a new game and forget to change it.

You can change both X and Y rotation settings. In addition, the PS5 allows you to switch between first and third person game options independently.


PS5 subtitle audio settings

Finally, in this section, you can set the subtitles to a global level instead of having to enable them every time. This is useful because some games start without giving you access to the settings menu, making it easier to skip the movie dialog box that opens.

With these settings, you can set subtitles for all games and choose whether you want the language to match the console language or the game’s original sound. Maybe you are learn a new language and want to immerse yourself by playing games in a foreign language, for example.

PS5 default settings save time

These options save time in the long run, so you might want to set them up for your PS5. Just keep in mind that not all games offer all of these options, and they may not respect the global presets you choose. Therefore, you should still visit the in-game options menu to make sure everything is as expected.

And while you can play PS4 games on PS5, they’re not built with these global presets in mind. Therefore, you will probably need to manually change the options in them as well.

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