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Set up email filters in Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook

Setting up email filters or organizing conversations in folders is a powerful way to manage your inbox. For example, you can set a filter to separate newsletters from more important messages. It’s also a great way to spam or mark certain emails automatically as spam.

We’ll show you how to set up email filters to automatically sort your email in Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook.

Filter email in Gmail

When you start editing Gmail filters, you may find that Gmail doesn’t use real “folders.” Gmail calls these labels, but except for a different name, they are functionally identical.

Open to start creating Gmail filters In your Gmail mailboxand click the arrow to the right of the search bar at the top. This opens an advanced search box that allows you to specify the attributes of the filters.

Here’s how they work:

Gmail Create a filter

  • Have words and Is not you can scan the words you want in the email. You can use Gmail search operators

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    here, like AND or OR, look for multiple words.

    • For example, suppose you want to create a filter for all messages that contain a word Unsubscribe, but you don’t want to include your bank email addresses. You can come in Unsubscribe that Have words field then Bank of America in Is not exclude results that contain these words.
  • If desired, specify a size that the message is greater than or less than.
  • Use Date inside filters messages received near a specific date.
  • To search only for e-mails with attachments, select There is an attachment box. And if you often chat with Hangouts in Gmail, you probably want to check it out Does not include chats reduce their noise.
  • Finally, leave Search box on All messages unless you only want to filter from a specific existing tag.

When you’re done, click Create a filter button in the lower right corner of the window. Click the button to make sure the filter is correct Search first displays the corresponding emails.

Customizing filter functions

Next, you need to decide what happens to the hit email with this filter.

If you are trying to keep it as a clean mailbox, select Skip Mailbox (archive it) is a good first step. Paired with this, you can add a star, attach a sticker so you know what to do with the message later, or mark it as important.

Here are additional options that may be useful depending on the filter you specify. Never send it as spam is useful if Gmail sends legitimate messages there.

When you’re done, check Also apply the filter to X-like conversations if you want this filter to be applied to existing messages as well as to future messages. clicking on the Create a filter complete the process.

Gmail filtering options

You can review or edit existing filters at any time. Click to settings gear icon in the upper right corner, followed by See all settings. Care about Filters and blocked addresses at the top to see them all and to delete or make changes as needed. Gmail also offers an export feature, so you can put filters in a file to share them.

Do you have a hard time thinking of a good filter idea? Gmail can help.

Select the check box next to any message in your mailbox, and then scroll to the message three-point menu> Filter these messages. This will open the filter window as before, but some fields will be pre-filled based on the message you selected.

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How to set up Yahoo Mail filters

Open to install filters in Yahoo Mail Yahoo e-mail box, then click the gear icon in the upper right corner and select More settings. choose Filters tab on the left, then select Add new filters start one.

Yahoo Mail New filter

Yahoo doesn’t offer as much filtering as Gmail. There are four editable fields: from, Yes / CC, subjectand corpse. You can name filters to quickly check them off Filters tab without checking the details.

The classes are self-evident; You can filter the email for everyone contain, not inside, starts with somethingor ends selected words. You also have the ability to match cases, which can come in handy if you want to filter abbreviations by all letters.

Once you’ve completed the filtering criteria the way you want, you can choose which folder you want to move the corresponding messages to.

Yahoo-filter options

Note that the filters are applied in a top-down order. Therefore, when reviewing the list, make sure the main filter is at the top. It takes precedence if the message belongs to multiple filters. You can also edit or remove the current filter from this page.

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Filter emails in Outlook

If you use e-mail in your e-mail, follow these steps to filter your messages.

Open yours Outlook Mailbox and click gear the icon in the upper right corner and then All Outlook settings at the bottom of this list. Make sure postal is selected on the left tab, and then click Rules in the following list. Finally, click Add a new rule make a new filter.

New rules for Outlook

You must give a name to the filter. Next, open the box below Add a condition to see the available options.

There are many that Outlook breaks into groups. One category is, for example My name iswhere you can choose I am Thurs-line, I am the CC line, I’m not on the To line, and the like. If you want more than one, click Add another condition below the first box.

There is too much of this exhaustive list, but some of the most useful are:

  • My name is> I’m not in the To line catches emails containing you CCed or a set of emails.
  • marked> Importance or Sensitivity to capture messages using a sensitivity or priority level specific to Outlook.
  • Sai > Before or After filters messages by date.

Terms of the Outlook rule

Once you have set the conditions, you will need to define at least one item below Add a function. You can move or copy the message to a folder or delete it. A great choice is to pin a message that keeps it at the top of your inbox for review. Marking a message with a certain meaning or sending it to another address are other useful steps.

In addition, Outlook allows you to add exceptions to any previous condition. So you can set up a filter to exclude messages from a specific person or messages marked as important.

Actions and exceptions to Outlook rules

Check Stop processing the new rules box if you do not want others to affect messages that pass through this filter. For example, if one filter pins all important messages and the other filter deletes all attachments, you might want to select this check box so that Outlook doesn’t delete the message that contains the important attachment.

That’s all it takes to create Outlook filters; repeat the above if you need more.

Email filters are made easy

Email filters are powerful tools you can use to reduce the flood of messages in your inbox. We’re sure you can use them to improve your email workflow – especially in Gmail and Outlook, which offer more options.

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