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Set up your own background in Microsoft teams

You have been invited to a Microsoft Teams meeting, but your workspace is messy. Maybe you work from home or your regular office is simply not suitable. Maybe some renovation or refurbishment work is currently underway.

Either way, you don’t want anyone to see the mess. So what can you do?

The solution is to set a background that hides everything behind during the video call. It can be anything from outdoor landscapes to photos from the office. This allows you to set a custom background in Microsoft Teams.

Why use Microsoft teams?

Following the COVID-19 pandemic explosion in domestic work, Microsoft Teams is one of the most comprehensive collaboration tools available.

Messaging, group management, and document sharing give Teams free access to anyone. However, you get the best results from using your company credentials, so discuss this with your employer.

Like Zoom, the use of Microsoft Teams grew significantly in 2020. Surprisingly, there is no easy option to change the background of a video call.

Fortunately, changing the background in Microsoft Teams is not that difficult. You need to be handy with Windows or macOS file management.

Need a new background?

Please take a moment before continuing. You start crawling through hidden files and folders on your computer. If this opportunity applies to you, it may be wiser to simply clean up or even move to a new location.

Microsoft Teams is available for Windows, MacOS, iPhone and Android. As such, it shouldn’t be too difficult to switch to a mobile device and make a call in the garden. At work? Why not join a video call from an unused desk or even your parked car?

If you can’t do without a new background in Microsoft Teams, keep reading.

You could just blur the background

If you don’t want to find a new background, you can use the blur effect. This is a simpler solution to finding a background, a task that can quickly become time consuming.

To use the blur feature in teams, start a call and then click the ellipse button on the Call toolbar.

click on Show background effects then select blur option. Use Enable and turn on the video to confirm, then continue with the call.

Blurs the background in Microsoft Teams calls

This is a quick and easy fix that saves a lot of confusion with copying, pasting, and weird file paths.

How to choose a suitable photo background

You need a picture handy before setting it as a new background, so choose a moment. It can be a company logo or a photo of co-workers. Maybe the photo is a shot of a team building exercise.

It can be a pattern or even a monochrome.

In most cases, you need an image that is around you 1MB in size. This should ensure that the image quality is high enough so that it does not look clogged. Search for images for resolution at least 1080px wide.

A low-quality, clogged image can be annoying to your colleagues, so keep the background as pleasant as possible.

Save the images to an appropriately named folder on your personal drive and leave this open.

How to set the background for video calls to Microsoft teams

Windows and macOS Microsoft Teams users can both set a custom background for video calls.

Windows computers:

  • Press WIN + R to open the screen
  • Come in % AppData% Microsoft Teams Backgrounds Downloaded

Add custom images to Microsoft teams

  • click on okay
  • Paste the image (s) from your source location into this folder
  • In a Teams video call, click the ellipse button and select Show background effects

Open the background effects menu in Microsoft Teams

  • You will see a selection of pre-installed images, including blur
  • Scroll to the end of the list to select an image then preview it
  • Once you are happy with the results simply Enable and turn on the video to send your feed in a new background

If you’re using macOS, follow these steps:

  • In the Finder browser to / Users // Library / Application Support / Microsoft / Teams / Background Information / Download
  • Paste the selected wallpapers into the folder
  • During a Teams video call, click the ellipse button and Show background effects
  • Select an image and then preview

Set custom backgrounds in Microsoft Teams

  • click on Enable and turn on the video to add a background to the call

By now, you should send your colleagues in the beautiful sunshine, the Minecraft landscape, whatever you want!

Where to find Microsoft Teams backgrounds

The background you choose depends on which image you want to share with your colleagues. Short ideas? Fortunately, there are many places where you can find images that can be used as Microsoft teams in the background.

Star wars backgrounds

Do you have to remind your colleagues of galactic power? What better than a collection of Star Wars backgrounds for video calls? This includes the spoiled Skywalker Ascension Death Star, Jakku, Hoth, and the Tatooine planets, and of course the Millennium Falcon.

Charge: Star wars backgrounds

Marvel backgrounds

Combining MCU and Marvel Comics images, this is a great collection if you want to perform as a member of SHIELD or be an Avenger.

Charge: Marvel Comics backgrounds

BBC backgrounds

Fawlty Towers video call background

The BBC has published a collection of “blank sets” of background TV series spanning more than 50 years. These included sitcoms such as Fawlty Towers (pictured) (others UK sitcoms are on Netflix), The Doctor, Pride and Prejudice and many more.

Note that these image files are high resolution with a size of up to 50 MB.

Charge: Blank set backgrounds From the BBC

Harry Potter backgrounds

For something a little more magical, these images of the Hog Statue, Platform 9 ¾ and popular houses are perfect.

Charge: Harry Potter backgrounds

Be serious: Use a professional background

If you want to keep Microsoft Teams video calls serious, just use a more professional background. You have a wide selection here. For example, sites like Pexels and Pixabay provide free, professional images.

In the meantime, your organization will likely have a collection of corporate images that are appropriate for the background of video calls. These are likely to be provided by the Public Relations Department if they are not available on the website or on the company’s intranet.

Share the ideal environment for Microsoft Teams invitations

By now, you should be prepared to abandon a messy workspace, at least in practice. With customized background information from Microsoft Teams, you can effortlessly clear your environment. And even attracts attention in video calls, as any type of photo can be used with the appropriate resolution.

Just make sure you save it in the correct folder. And if you don’t have time to find a new wallpaper, don’t panic – just blur your background so no one can see how confusing your life is.

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