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Shortcuts and tips to know

Once you’ve collected hundreds of files on your computer, finding one particular file can quickly turn into a nightmare. Fortunately, Windows 10 has a few methods to help you browse your files and find the exact document or tool you’re looking for.

Using Windows Search is the easiest way to get started. You can simply press Windows to start the search, or you can click on the taskbar’s built-in search bar.

Alternatively, you can use Cortana to search for files or retrieve information from the web. Cortana allows you to ask questions using voice commands

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, and you can also type in specific searches. Just hit Windows + Q to open Cortana, or click the Cortana icon on the taskbar.

The last way to find your documents is with File Explorer. This feature allows you to browse your entire file collection to find specific information. In addition, you can narrow your search with Advanced Query Syntax and Boolean operators.

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Windows 10 search features and tips

Windows 10 and Cortana Search
WindowsOpen the search bar on the Start menu
Windows + S OR
Windows + Q
Open the Cortana search bar in text mode
Down arrowSelect a result below
Up arrowSelect a result above
Right arrowSelect an option on the right
Left arrowSelect an option on the left
Come inOpen the selected item
exitClose the search menu
Narrow down your local Cortana search
applications:Search apps
documentation:Search the documents
Video:Search videos
folders:Search the folders
Music:Search the music
Options:Search settings
Photos:Search photos
mail to:Find your Outlook inbox
People:Search for people
Cortana Web Search Tools
Web:Search the internet
Paris weatherGet weather information
Sydney-timeGet time zone information
Define: “technology”Find word definitions
Facebook stockGet stock market information
Donald Trump’s ageFind facts from public figures
50usd – eurConvert currencies
5 – mmConvert units of measure
74f – cConvert temperatures
86/2 * 10Perform mathematical calculations
DAL1439Track the status of the flight
red sox pointsFind current sports scores
food near meFind local restaurants
Search for Cortana voice commands
Windows + COpen Cortana in voice command mode
Say “Hey Cortana”Open Cortana in voice command mode
Find document (filename)Find a specific file
Find pictures from January 2018Find photos from a specific time
Open (application name)Open a specific application
Search the Internet for Lenovo laptopsSearch the Internet for a specific term
What is the highest mountain in the world?Find facts on the Internet
Find restaurants near meFind local restaurants on the Internet
What time is it in Paris?Find time zone information
Show me the latest newsView the latest news
What is the weather like?Find local weather information
Find showtimes near meFind local movie showtimes
What is 2 + 2?Perform mathematical calculations
What is 13 pounds an ounce?Perform measurement conversions
File Resource Basic Search
Windows + EOpen File Explorer
Ctrl + F TAI
Ctrl + E OR
Place the cursor in the search bar
Ctrl + L OR
Alt + D
Place the cursor in the address bar
Up arrowSelect a result above
Down arrowSelect a result below
Right arrowSelect the result on the right
Left arrowSelect the result on the left
Come inOpen the selected file
Backspace OR
Alt + left arrow
Return to the previous page
Alt + right arrowGo to the next page
Alt + up arrowReturn to the folder where the current file or folder is located
exitClear the search or address bar
File Explorer Advanced Query Syntax Search
Store: DesktopRestrict the search to the desktop
Store: FilesLimit search to files
Store: viewsLimit the search to Outlook
Store: OELimit the search to Outlook Express
* .tiedostopääteLook for files with a specific extension
kind: everythingSearch all file types
kind: communicationSearch for communication files
kind: contact informationSearch for contacts
kind: emailSearch emails
kind: imGet instant messaging conversations
kind: meetingsFind meetings
kind: tasksFind tasks
kind: notesSearch for notes
kind: documentsSearch the documents
kind: textSearch text documents
kind: tablesSearch spreadsheet files
kind: performancesSearch for presentation files
kind: musicSearch for music files
kind: picturesSearch for image files
kind: videoSearch for video files
kind: foldersSearch folders
kind: favoritesSearch for favorites
kind: programsSearch for program files
date: today, date: tomorrow, date: yesterdaySearch for items with a specific date
edited: last weekSearch for items by date modified
size:> 40, size:Find items by size
File Explorer -search Boolean operators
Keyword 1 NOT keyword 2Results for keyword 1 but not for keyword 2
Keyword 1 OR keyword 2Results for keyword 1 or keyword 2
Keyword 1Results with exact phrase “keyword 1”
(Keyword 1 keyword 2)Results for keyword 1 and keyword 2 in any order

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