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The best affordable robot vacuum for your home

Owning a robot vacuum will bring a little luxury to your home. If you don’t enjoy cleaning, robovac is a useful tool that can really lighten the burden at home. Even if you enjoy cleaning, you can use a robotic vacuum cleaner to free up a lot of time.

However, buying a robot vacuum doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. You can grab the device without damaging your bank account too much.

To get you started, we’ve rounded out the five most affordable robotic vacuum cleaners.

entry: Manufacturers use different terms to market their devices. So, be sure to check things you need to know before buying a robot vacuum.

eufy RoboVac G10 Hybrid

eufy RoboVac G10 Hybrid

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$ 299.99

The robot vacuum is great. But wouldn’t a vacuum that also cleans the floor be even better? You are in luck because the eufy has produced RoboVac G10 Hybrid. This handy housekeeper is a really affordable price point for such a feature-packed unit.

The G10 hybrid uses linear rather than effluent purification. This combined with simultaneous cleaning and vacuuming makes for very efficient cleaning every time. You can control the vacuum with your own application.

Alexa and Google Assistant integration are also included, so you can control the G10 hybrid with a single voice command. Either with the help of a digital assistant or an application, it is possible to start automatic cleaning.

The robot will continue to work until it is cleared everywhere. When done, it will return to its charging dock. You can also control the G10 manually with the app’s integrated soft remote control.



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$ 299.88

It’s unbelievable that some robotic vaccinations can draw a map of the space to be cleaned. This is even more amazing when an inexpensive device is capable of it. ECOVACS DEEBOT 711S does, however. When you turn on the 711S first, it will re-evaluate your room.

With the help of lasers, it can then find walls and other obstacles that can hinder the cleaning process. This way, it can avoid them altogether. This feature means that the vacuum is not cleaned in the same place twice, saving time and energy.

The vacuum then sends the map to a dedicated application on your mobile device. This way you can see where it has been cleaned and how long the cleaning period is. Like the eufy G10, the 711S cleans linearly. So, no clumsy bumps into furniture or missing dust spots on the floor.

And as in the previous unit, Google Assistant and Alexa are supported. Thanks to rock detectors and anti-collision sensors, the vacuum cleans your home safely as you pursue more important hobbies than cleaning.

Neato Botvac D3

Neato Botvac D3

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$ 368.40

You’ve probably noticed that most robotic vacuum cleaners are round. This design means they are not the best in terms of angles. Neato Botvac D3 eliminate this problem by taking the d-shape. This unique shape means it can achieve maximum efficiency when facing awkward rectangles in your room.

In addition to Alexa voice commands, you can control the D3 with Neato. There’s even smart watch support. Just by tapping your wrist, you can set the robot butler to remove dust and debris.

It does so in a linear pattern and not instead of random cleaning. Not only that, but like ECOVACS DEEBOT, Neato Botvac also shows a map of the floor, so it knows where to clean and where not.

Don’t worry if D3 runs out of juice. Thanks to the smart-return technology, it automatically returns to the supplied charging station and start-up. When there is excess gas in the tank, it continues to be clean from where it left off.



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$ 189.99

We said earlier that owning a robot vacuum doesn’t have to break the bank. If any robot vacuum cleaner has proof of that, that’s it ILIFE A4s Pro. At a very reasonable price, you can bag yourself one of the most affordable robotic vacuum cleaners without compromising on features.

For example, the A4S Pro does not clean linearly. It uses a random cleaning method that is less efficient and therefore lasts longer. Not that it means this means more work for you, so who will complain?

It also doesn’t have an app, but it does have a remote control, meaning you can direct it to any dirt it’s cleaned. The A4s’ Electrowall feature sends the laser through the room from wall to wall.

This acts as a virtual barrier and prevents the vacuum from entering the no-go zone you created. If you prefer a cleaner for a particular area, this will do the job. It also prevents the vacuum from sticking to wire-heavy areas.

The best self-emptying vacuum cleaner:
Shark IQ

Shark IQ

Shark IQ

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$ 449.99

Shark IQ the robot vacuum represents a real total helper. In addition to cleaning your floor for you, it also empties the trash into a larger unit. The charging station doubles as a robot vacuum for waste handling, and is good for impressive 30-day dirt.

Shark knows its stuff from a vacuum, and many users testify that its traditional upright models are Dyson batsmen. According to the company, Shark IQ offers the best suction power of any robot vacuum.

As with other options, Shark IQ has its own application. The application allows you to control the robot and schedule cleanings. The vacuum also has a self-cleaning roller brush at the bottom.

This means that messy hair becomes a thing of the past. In addition, the angular configuration of the side brushes allows vacuum to further reach the corners, which causes such a problem for a round robotic vacuum cleaner.

The best affordable robotic vacuum cleaner

If you are planning to invest for the first time, choosing a robotic vacuum cleaner can be a confusing experience. However, the options on our list are an affordable starting point.

Whether you’re looking for a basic model or want something with more bells and whistles, your life will be much easier after cleaning the robot.

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