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The best free home size printing and templates for parents

Whether you’re likely to use a little help, whether you’re practicing your homeschooling your children on a temporary basis or planning to make them permanent. Here come the templates and prints.

A template or printable can help you launch a document instead of a quick launch, from scratch. Most often we think of using these in business. But these home school models and printers are just what parents need to make teaching at home easier.

Homeschooling schedule templates

One of the most important documents you can write for homeschooling is a schedule. This will allow you to plan lessons and activities for each day

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as well as breaks.

If you are using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, the following two class schedule templates from Vertex42 are great. Both templates are available in Excel and Google Sheets.

Each template gives you seven days a week and two tabs on how you want to divide your day. So if you want to schedule lessons every 15 minutes or you want more 30 minutes, you have both options.

The great thing about these customizable templates is that you can write all your lessons and activities each week and save, share or print them.

New classroom model

New classroom model

Course schedule model

Course schedule model

Printable Homeschooling Schedules

To use a blank printable school calendar and add lessons and activities manually, Vertex42 offers similar models As PDF files or Microsoft Word.

You can find them on the same website as the other templates in Printable Weekly Class Programs.

Printable weekly class program Vertex42

Homeschooling homework planner models

Help your elementary or high school students consider a weekly homework planner template. You can also choose the best style for your child from Vertex42. Each includes a homework checklist and schedule.

If you think they take advantage of writing in their homework plans in Excel, Google Sheets, or Word, you can download this first template. It includes two tabs in spreadsheet versions for school and homeschoolers. The difference between the two is the start and end times for the days.

Homeschooling homework planner spreadsheet model

Printable homework planners

Alternatively, two printable PDFs are available; one for high school students and another specifically for homeschoolers. As in the model above, the difference is in the times of each day.

Printable homework designers Vertex42

If your child wants to go digital, check out this list study mobile device design applications

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Lesson plan templates

When planning as a parent who is now a teacher, plan lesson plan template. With Microsoft Word for class templates, you can plan lesson goals, a summary of assignments or activities, materials you need, references, and homework assignments.

Curriculum template for Word

Printable Lesson Plans

If you prefer to print a few curriculum tables and record the items instead, you can grab a PDF version of this lesson from the same website.

Alternatively, you can go to TemplateLab and explore their large collection PDF lesson plans ready for printing.

Printable Lesson Plan Templates TemplateLab

Homeschooling printable spreadsheets

If you’re looking for free spreadsheets to print for homeschooling, you’re in luck because you’ll find a great source there.

Printable tables is a site that offers free prints by topic, category, and type.

For math, science, social sciences, literature, and more, you can print crossword puzzles. You can download and view crosswords and answer keys. Some subjects, such as mathematics and science, are broken down by level.

For children in kindergarten always through 12th grade, you can grab crossword puzzle tables for each topic.

Homeschooling Printable Tables Crosswords

And if you want to browse by spreadsheet type, the site offers encryption, paragraph and phrase writing, and memory cards in addition to the popular crossword spreadsheet.

Homeschooling printable spreadsheet writing

Homeschool report card templates

Another model you need for your child’s homeschooling is the report card template. A2ZHomeschooling offers a couple of templates which differ depending on the application you are using.

for Microsoft Excel, see this report card template. It is delivered from math and science to health and handwriting. You will also see explanations of grades and symbols, areas for participation, work methods and nature.

Homeschool report card calculation model

for Google Docs (or download as a Microsoft Word application from Google Docs), you can use this following home page report card template. Similar to the model above, this model has standard courses, electives, and attendance information. You can add a final grade per semester.

In addition, the template gives you course resources and activity log sections.

Homeschool report card document template

Printable progress report

Maybe what you really need is a printable progress report which you can perform manually. This option can be downloaded in PDF format. It gives you places to record progress by topic using dates and annotations.

Print a home school progress report

Homeschooling copywriting model

If your child is in high school, then this homeschool copywriting template may be just what you need.

You can fill in the Student Academic Record section for the academic year, grade, course titles and descriptions, credits, grades, and GPA.

The model also gives you areas to track double enrollment and honors courses, test knowledge, actions and achievements, and participate.

Homeschooling copywriting model

You will also find useful information for calculating the GPA of standard and honorary rates along with the annual and cumulative GPA.

The home school diploma model is printed

To prove that your child has successfully completed high school education, you may need a home teaching diploma model.

The pros and cons of the homeschooling website offer two diplomas care about; one is 6 to 8 inches and the other is 8.5: 11. Just fill out the diploma with your child’s name, date, and signature.

Printable home school high school diploma

GPA calculator

This next handy sheet is the GPA is calculated. So while it’s not technically a model, it’s absolutely essential for calculating your child’s GPA correctly, working on scenarios to see how it affects their GPA, and keeping track of grades and cumulative GPA.

GPA Calculator Vertex42

Using the model is never too late

Your home study work may already be in progress, but it is never too late to start using the template. You may be using blank paper or notes for certain types of documents, or you may not even consider using some of them.

Either way, you can better prepare for next week’s lessons using these homeschool templates and prints.

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