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The best free video editor for Windows

Video is a common part of everyday life. People take videos on their smartphones, post them on YouTube, and share them on Facebook. Then you think free video editors would be common.

Free video editors have become serious competitors to alternative, pay-per-view programs in terms of both editing capabilities and scope. However, the choice is somewhat limited.

We definitely present the best free video editing software available for Windows.

Keep in mindA: The following software is only as powerful as your know-how, and none of the free video editor in Windows 10 is instantly intuitive.

If you’re looking for a powerful video editing program, let Lightworks show you. Lightworks has been in operation since 1989 and has been used to edit many professional films, such as Pulp Fiction and Braveheart, that you have probably watched and enjoyed.

As you might expect, this professional-grade provider has a professional-grade learning curve. Lightworks is a non-linear editor, which means it’s not based on a simple video schedule. This facilitates advanced editing, but thoroughly confuses beginners.

Add tons of effects and multi-camera editing, and you have one bouquet of nuts for cracking. However, if you manage it, you can create videos that are higher quality than most other free editors.

In addition to providing users with all the basics you can expect from free video editing software, Lightworks also offers a few additional features such as basic effects, captions, transitions, and color correction. Whether you’re a barefoot amateur or a little more experienced, Lightworks is sure to meet your video editing needs.

Free versionunfortunately there are a few notes included, the most problematic is the lack of 1080p output. Free users can only print at 720p, which can be a significant shutdown. However, if this doesn’t bother you, Lightworks is a stable choice.

With the free version of Lightworks, you have seven days to officially register Light Works website to use. You can do all of this early by signing up today.

Charge: Fixtures Windows 10 (Free)

HitFilm is a doozy. HitFilm states on its front page that it is “the most powerful free editing and VFX software to date” and HitFilm will not disappoint.

One software has plenty of beautiful examples to choose from directly on their website. Watch the linked movie above. That is one of the most important examples.

In addition to a great interface for setting clips and workflow, it also offers countless free video tutorials and visual effects options by default.

Its interface is also largely reminiscent of more mainstream, paid video editing software. In it, you are not limited to what you can do and create inside the window. The same goes for each feature: color correction, clip trimming, VFX and mask tracking are all accessible with HitFilm Express.

You will need to log in to your account and then the download link will be sent to your inbox.

Charge: HitFilm Express for Windows 10 (Free)

DaVinci Resolve is as close as possible to a free, professional Windows 10 video editor. Remember, this means that learning takes about as much practice, time, and dedication as any other professional video editor. However, once you find your way around the software, you never need another video editing program.

There’s hardly something DaVinci Resolve can’t do for you. But one thing it does fantastically is color classification. In fact, it is abandoned because it is standalone color correction software in addition to everything else you do.

It also allows SD, HD and Ultra HD output, which means you can launch, edit and create virtual studio productions – polished and finished – all in one software. While the Studio versions, of course, serve true professional production settings, the alternative free version offers more than enough features to keep beginners happy.

Similar to HitFilm Express, you need to register on the website to download the software. For more information on the Windows 10 video editor, see Comparison of DaVinci Resolution and HitFilm Express

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Charge: DaVinci decides Windows 10 (Free)

Compared, Shotcut is designed for the amateur video editor or anyone who needs to tie or edit short clips to create a sensible end product. It’s as easy as dragging and dropping clips and editing by cutting and adding transitions.

If you don’t require a large, professional video editing program for Windows 10, but still want to put together short clips with transfers, this program is just for you. Even better, its slim data size allows users of all PC data to access the software. You do not need a separate computer to use Shotcut. Sometimes it can be helpful.

Lots of bells and whistles are great, but for certain purposes they can be messy. With Shotcut, everything you need is set in front of you. If you need a simple free video editor for Windows 10, look no further.

Charge: Shot Windows 10 (Free)

Avidemux is a free and open source video editor for Windows 10, as well as macOS and Linux.

This program is half a step between serious video editing programs like Lightworks and a basic video editor like the infamous Windows Movie Maker. It supports non-linear editing, you can add subtitles, and the software file format allows users to save all project-related settings, which you can then reuse for another project.

The script is available through the user interface or directly from the command line. Almost all major video and audio formats are supported for input and output, although WMV and QuickTime are missing.

The developer’s website includes a link to wikis and forums to help you get to know the software. Although the software has not received an update for more than eight months at the time of writing, Avidemux is still under active development.

Charge: For Avidemux Windows 10 (Free)

This properly titled supplier is another stable choice for people who want a semi-professional alternative without having to pay a professional price tag. A nonlinear editor, VSDC, enables advanced editing techniques. The software also supports a wide range of video and audio effects, such as color correction, blur reduction, and volume correction.

While the basic interface of VSDC is still confusing, it’s a little easier to grasp than the Lightworks interface, thanks to an interface that mimics Microsoft’s tape interface and has a more conventional workflow.

One great addition that might elevate VSDC above the free version of Lightworks is the video output support for 1080p at 30 FPS, which is much better than the competitor’s 720p limit. The installer is also quite compact at 37MB, which makes it a handy video editing app for holding a USB flash drive

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Charge: VSDC’s free video editor Windows 10 (Free)

OpenShot is a great story. OpenShot is open source, a free video editing tool for Windows 10 that started life as a Kickstarter campaign. OpenShot is now a popular and capable tool. It’s also a handy free video editing tool that bridges the gap between advanced video editing options and these basic functions.

The interface is easy to navigate using a familiar style for anyone with video editing experience. Even if you have no experience from scratch, drag-and-drop schedules, customizable properties, filters, transitions, and other effects are just a click away.

But don’t let the simplicity of OpenShot fool you. It is a useful multi-platform video editing tool that supports a wide range of formats, rendering techniques, and more.

Charge: OpenShot for Windows 10 (Free)

Blender is, I admit, a different video editor. It is intended for editing 3D and not 2D. Nonetheless, mentioning Blender would be a serious mistake, as the 3D video editing feature is packaged in this free software.

It is a complete training in one program. From the first login to Blender, you need to get access to its infamous and slightly complicated interface. Blender is not your typical video editing software: In addition to creating a mixed reality short film like the one above, you can create, edit, animate, and illuminate 3D animations.

Learn your way through Blender

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can take a lot of time. After all, you don’t start with a few clips that you can cut and edit. Blender gives a little guidance when you open the program for the first time and you have to learn by going.

It contains official Blender Youtube channel, pay attention to you, as it has not only tutorials for users, but also several hours of speeches and presentations. It’s on top of their official animations that give you something to strive for if 3D animation is the upcoming Forte.

I know I cheated a bit by adding 3D animation software to the list. There is no doubt that Blender places head and shoulders above the competition for its 3D video editing capabilities.

And did you know that you can use Blender too create templates for 3D printing

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Charge: Blender Windows 10 (Free)

What is the best free video editing software for Windows 10?

Finding out the absolute best free video editor for Windows 10 is tricky. So much of what makes a tool “the best” is the ability and purpose of the user.

I use Shotcut extensively for fast, basic video editing, but I probably don’t use even half the software’s capabilities. Here, it’s important to choose the right video editing tool for your project. If you cut family videos as a memorial, you probably don’t need a comprehensive movie editing program.

If you need to upgrade your computer to do this, check the best laptops for video editing

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. You should make sure you have good camcorder for amateur use

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too. And don’t miss these free applications for sharing and merging video files

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