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The best sites, apps, and YouTube channels for learning about Mars

When it comes to our solar system, a few objects arouse as much curiosity as Mars. Here are the best sites, maps, and YouTube channels for basic Mars data.

As the fourth sunny planet and one of our closest neighbors, this rust-red ball is a source of constant inspiration for sci-fi and pop culture, from Mars attacks! contemporary, artistic interpretations of well-known space operas.

In recent decades, Mars has also become a focal point for space exploration. But if you haven’t followed all these Mars discoveries through the news, you’ll feel less anxious now.

VideoFromSpace is a YouTube channel run by As the name suggests, the channel is dedicated specifically to space exploration videos. Its mission?

“Stay up to date with the latest space exploration, technological innovations, space travel policies and interstellar breakthroughs.”

It’s a great goal and a channel definitely worth following.

Although VideoFromSpace is not covered only Mars, by searching the user profile for “Mars” (or clicking on the link above), you will find a whole host of videos on the red planet. These videos range from exploring the Korolev crater to cutting out previous space-related missions.

For example: In the linked video clip, VideoFromSpace discusses “Panoramas of the highest resolution on Mars to date” drawn from NASA’s Mars rover, Curiosity.

If you want to see images of the Earth from Mars while learning something interesting in visual form, this is the YouTube channel for you.

Mars data from NASA's Mars research program

NASA’s Mars Exploration Program is one of the most comprehensive sources of Mars information online. This is because it is a treasure trove of reliable information as well as a launch pad for its in-depth plans to explore the planet.

NASA states on the website that its mission is to:

“To explore Mars and provide ongoing scientific information and discoveries between a carefully selected series of robotic orbits, landings, and mobile laboratories interconnected by a high-bandwidth Mars / Earth communications network.”

To this end, and to arouse public interest, the website documents NASA’s observations of Mars over the past few decades. It also lists the organization’s future goals and program background information.

In the “Red Planet” section of the website you will find:

  • Attached is a list of Mars temperature, distance from the sun, and recent observations on the planet.
  • Below this, NASA lists its scientific objectives, as well as facts about the planet that are established, such as the moons of Mars and its location in the sky.
  • NASA is also talking about the composition of the atmosphere on Mars and the timeline of planetary evolution.
  • In addition, the website has a section dedicated to news and current affairs. It also lists all its missions on the planet, past, present and future.

This is once again one of the most reputable and comprehensive sources of Mars-related information online.

Map of Mars Trek

Mars Trek is a Google Maps-style “interactive map viewer” of the red planet. As with our previous recommendation, it is also maintained by NASA.

This map allows you to explore the planet, zoom in on it, and search for geological features. You can also learn more about each of these features using data cards.

Mars Trek is a very handy tool to use if, for example, an artist is trying to draw a picture of Mars. You may need to visually view the map to describe all of its locations.

Google Tour Mars on Earth

We’ve already talked about some great Google Earth tours you can explore Google Earth tours you want to check

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. One tour, however, that we did not comprehend, is Mars on Earth.

This Google tour is a search for Devon Island in northern Canada, which has been counted as one of the most similar places on the planet Mars. Devon is doing research on what it would be like to live on a red planet. As a difficult and remote place, Devon really gives the same atmosphere as Mars, with its rocky landscape, polar deserts and landscape devoid of vegetation.

The tour covers everything from Haughton Crater to the similarities of the glacial canyons of Earth and Mars. It also touches on how we can use this research to study life on the red planet.

Definition and data of Mars

Equally surprising or perhaps to be expected, Encyclopædia Britannica has one of the most comprehensive websites on Mars. With simple facts that are easy to follow, it’s good for anyone who wants to learn the basics.

The Encyclopædia Britannica covers:

  • Astronomical data.
  • Historical observations on the planet.
  • View of Mars in the sky.
  • Martian atmosphere and landscape features.

Best of all, the article is equipped with pictures.

Google map of Mars

Google Mars is another map application that allows you to explore the surface of Mars, just like Mars Trek. In fact, it’s almost identical to Mars Trek, only this time the map comes from Google.

There are a few important differences in the layout and configuration of these two pages. When you open Google Mars, you should see three different options for viewing the topography of Mars:

  • Its height.
  • “Visible surface”.
  • Infrared version of the planet.

Click on the directory links up, such as areas, mountainsor the dunes, you can explore a list of predefined locations with these features. Each time you click on a location link, it will give you an info card that also has some very basic information about the area.

Additional blog posts from readable Mars

Blogs about Space Mars Express

So far, we’ve been abandoned if we said that YouTube channels, websites, and maps were the only resources you could use to learn about Mars online. There are also blog posts.

To help you out, we have compiled a list of some of the other sources on the planet. These articles come from websites that – while they may have a space-centric element – may not be dedicated to Mars full-time.

  • Planet Mars, explained: This National Geographic publication provides a detailed account of the basics of the globe (even if you have to subscribe to an online magazine to read the full article).
  • Mars: What we know about the Red Planet: This post provides a comprehensive list of quick-biting facts for anyone who wants to learn more on the go.
  • ESA – Mars Express: The European Space Agency has a blog section dedicated specifically to new discoveries around Mars.

Travel to Mars and find the red planet

Now that you have this list of resources on hand, you can use it to start your research. For more information on space in general, check out this list mandatory documents about the universe

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. We are sure you will not be disappointed.

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