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The best sub-loans where friendly strangers do nice things

There is a Reddit subculture dedicated to doing great activities for complete strangers. One day, a stranger on the Internet might send you pizza. The next day, your mom might get a birthday card from 30 people she’s never met. You might even donate you a free Steam game.

The subculture is open to everyone. You just have to commit to paying it forward. Which means that when someone does something nice for you, you do something nice for someone else. And so on. So, here are the best subcategories where guests pay it forward. And you can be one of those strangers.

RandomKindness subclass

Occasional kindness is the smallest subtotal of this type. How friendly you can be is the only limitation to this warming place. It relies on the kindness of strangers and operates on the basis of a system of offers and requests. If you have something to give, chances are there is someone who really appreciates receiving it.

Money requests are strictly non-prohibited. Gifts cannot be traded for something better. As a general rule, all donors must have an account that is at least 90 days old with 300 comments on karma points on Reddit.

Random Kindness is a nice community where you can pay it forward with your heart.


RandomKindness does not allow gifts to be given. Join this subcategory and you could be Santa Claus in someone’s life. The gifting is based on Amazon wish lists. Make one and then place it in your shipping box. Colored care tags appear next to the post title when you post something on Reddit.

Community members can browse these wish lists and donate items from Amazon to each other at random. Some people mention their purchase. Some people leave it as a surprise.

Above all, this subclass is friendlier and more social than any other type. Its people hold special activities, competitions and even venture together into the real world together and meet.


The place for card friendliness only uses cards and postcards to send friendly words. This subclass could hold a special place in your heart if it evokes a sense of nostalgia in you. Cards and postcards look so outdated today. But the enthusiasm of this community for them surprises the skeptic.

Cards can be purchased or purchased manually. It can even be a good ol-birthday card if you fill out a birthday calendar in the bottom list. Or it can just be a simple pick-up card for a minor.

Take a look, for example Instagram Feed or from the screen above so you can quickly view different offers.

Random actions of the game

It is safe to say that Reddit and the gaming community have had a long and close relationship. Many game alidredit are more active than the official forum communities of game developers themselves. So it should come as no surprise to learn that RandomActsOfGaming offers over 137,000 subscribers.

In particular, this lower limit is about donating games. So many great things are given here for free. Steam codes abound with merchandise from publishers like the Humble Bundle. And sometimes you can even walk away with a game of your choice.

By being a member of this subcategory, you have quite certainly chosen a free game. Eventually. And if you have a little patience, you can always check one of these sites where you can download free PC games

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Random_Acts_Of_Pizza subddd

Subreddit’s sticker says it all: “Restore faith in humanity, one slice at a time”. You must be over 18 to enter this subcategory and begin filling out each other’s pizza requests. Every random pizza is meant to give goodness. But no suitable stories or observation are allowed.

Next to the Redditor label are small tags that indicate how many pizzas they have donated or received.

Interestingly, the RAOP was conducted in a Stanford study in 2014 (PDF). The researchers looked at the language of the requests and how it made people go out of their way to send pizzas to guests.

Subreddit pet food for all animals!

It is safe to say that humanity will never leave its pets. This is the opinion behind the occasional acts of pet food where people ask for help on behalf of animals. Many posts concern people whose luck has failed and who are unable to feed their pets good food.

And it’s a magnet for charities jumping into the community by offering extra food. You will find many chains where compassion shines through and gratitude follows in response.

Occasional acts of music

This subclass seeks to prove that sharing a little spontaneous music with others is a long way off. The community will bring out performers who may surprise you. Like a daughter who gets confused when her father starts singing Ave Maria in the hotel lobby.

There are only two simple rules in this subcategory. Music has to be a random discovery and you have to keep it kind. Go ahead, do someone’s day.

Reddit assistance

You can always count on the community for advice and help. A stranger may answer the call. The R / Assistance subclass is about the spirit of solidarity between Redditors. The subclass is well controlled by clear rules.

Use the tags on the right to filter, among other things, requests, advice, and jobs. You can also filter previous messages from the drop-down filter at the top. The gray “Request Fulfilled” tag indicates that people are eager to offer help.

NB: Stay aware of scams and fraudsters if you choose to join the community.

More ideas to inspire kindness

These are the kind of hidden online communities that can really awaken your love for the Internet. And there are also other subdivisions of “occasional deeds” for coffee, cookies, and Christmas. Just remember that it is always better to give than to receive!

While it may seem at times, there is no good kindness in the world. It can only be buried under the noise of bad news and social media to which we are all exposed on a daily basis. Where are these Reddit Search Tips and Tricks

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proves useful.

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