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The funniest stand-up comedy videos on YouTube

Stand-up comedy is a great way to entertain yourself online. Whether you want to watch the best stand-up comedians with their elements or just enjoy a laugh during a difficult time, there’s a lot of comedy on YouTube to watch.

This article looks at some of the best stand-up comedy videos on YouTube. Comedy is, of course, subjective, so you may not agree with our choice. However, we hope everyone finds something to laugh about in this short collection.

1. Kevin James: Sweat the little stuff

Kevin James, known for his lead role in Queens King and a film actor, has been having fun with the little distractions of everyday life in this specialty since 2001. Topics include friends ordering pizza and people leaving annoying messages on the phone.

With similar themes and enjoyable physical humor, it’s a routine you can enjoy alone or with family or friends.

2. Brian Regan: I walked to hear

Brian Regan is a great source of clean standing that can still get you moving. His caricature performances of who he is discussing are enjoyable, and he is also not afraid to be self-lost.

This special is Rega at its best and features an observational comedy about broadcast packages, flying pains and walkie-talkies. The routine gets its name from the last bit, which is a necessary view.

3. Josh Sneed: Life is better when you’re fat

One of the best routines on Dry Bar Comedy comes from Josh Sneed. This series takes a look at the ridiculous combination of Taco Bell and Long John Silver restaurants, weird sales in a garage, and a miserable family vacation.

All the bits here flow well, and the focus on food makes it relevant to almost everyone.

4. Jim Gaffigan: Hot pockets!

This example of Gaffigan’s Beyond the Pale special offer illustrates its typical comedy: every person often focuses on food. In this segment, he talks about hot pockets, dishes in the microwave that no one enjoys eating.

It has become one of his signature bits and is a great example of his work. While you won’t find high-quality Jim Gaffigan routines on YouTube, you can find many clips of his channel’s specialties.

5. Dave Burleigh: Dancing to the stars is irrelevant

This Dave Burleigh specialty is full of variety. She starts with a few impressions of how celebrities sound from the Dancing With The Stars comic. After a few traditional materials, he then moves on to the final stage, where he plays the piano and tells great one-sided members.

It’s fun to hear something a little different, so check it out if you enjoy the impression.

6. George Carlin: Soft language

George Carlin’s comedy programs were known for interesting reflections on life and culture. This bit is a great example of that – Carlin talks about the gradual softening of the English language that happened in America over the years. For example, “used cars” became “pre-owned vehicles”.

It will be interesting to compare the examples given in this special section of the 1990s and how language has changed further decades later. You laugh at this, but like all the best comedies, it also makes you take a closer look at life.

While we’ve mostly tried to stay in neat comedies, note that this clip includes a few swear examples.

7. Sinbad: Brain damaged

You may know Sinbad from his appearances in comedy films like Jingle All the Way. Before that, he was known for stand-up comedy. Brain Damaged was his first stand-up specialty to appear on HBO in 1990.

In this video, he looks at dealing with frustrating people at McDonald’s, how people change over the course of a relationship, and even dance and log in. Sinbad’s cool demeanor makes this a fun routine that can still be watched today.

8. Jerry Seinfeld: I’ll tell you one last time

If you’re used to seeing him on TV, it’s easy to forget that Jerry Seinfeld is a stand-up comedian. Topics for this routine include Halloween battles as a child, deciding on medications at a pharmacy, and amateur riding. He moves from bit to bit smoothly in the element of illustrative comedy.

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9. Steven Wright: Steven Wright Special Offer

If you’re looking for something different in stand-up mode, let Stephen Wright listen. His impasse-based delivery, along with hundreds of one-line jokes, is pretty magnetic. He is also known for a lot of ironic and weird jokes.

This is one of the densest specialties here, with very little filler. You have to pay special attention to receiving it all – it’s amazing how much Wright came up with.

10. Dwayne Perkins: Don’t name your kids something stupid

While you may not have heard of Dwayne Perkins, we believe you will enjoy this rapid fire specialty. She discusses giving parents to their children weird names, experiences growing up with her grandmother, shopping at the dollar store, and more.

Perkins is a pleasant cartoon, and like everything at Dry Bar, his comedy is family-friendly.

Where to find the best stand-up comedy on YouTube

We have selected a sample of mostly pure comedy routines that you can enjoy. While I hope you enjoy a few of them, no two people will find the same comics, themes, or comedy types as fun.

That’s why we’re quitting with a few YouTube channels dedicated to stand-up comedy, where you’ll find a lot more material. Note that not all of these are clean:

  • Dry bar comedy: A channel full of pure stand-up comedy that releases new videos every day. You will find complete offers and clips. Not everyone is fun, but there is a lot of good family-friendly material here.
  • LOL network standby!: On this channel you will find a collection of clips from comedians over the years. New videos don’t load too often, but there’s a good back list you can enjoy.
  • For fun: The official channel of the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival has a lot of clips from many comics and is downloaded regularly, so there’s always something new out there.

Of course, you can find stand-up comedy content anywhere on YouTube, so if you have a certain interesting comedian, just do a quick search. The channels above are great if you don’t know where to start.

We’ll find out with the comedians on YouTube

We can all laugh every now and then, and YouTube has some of the best comedy shows you can enjoy at any time. Once you’ve started watching a few, YouTube will recommend others you like.

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