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The Google Play Store is experimenting with head-to-head app comparisons

You can use the new tool to see which app best suits your needs.

Google always edits things in the Play Store to help you find apps that might be useful. After all, it is in the company’s interest to download and install more apps because you have the opportunity to spend money.


Now, as you noticed Android police, Google is experimenting with a feature that compares similar apps and helps you select multiple apps that can perform the same or similar tasks.

Google Play Store Compatrisson Experiement

If you’ve ever seen a shopping site that allows you to directly compare the features of two or more products, you can probably describe how this works. Basically, the “Compare Apps” section appears in a single list of apps near the bottom of the page. It shows popular applications that are similar to the current one.

The feature compares metrics such as ease of use and whether the application supports a particular feature. Presumably, Google will obtain information from user reviews to build these comparisons, but we can’t be sure until the company has officially announced something.

Availability of head-to-head comparison

Since this seems to be an experiment, it is not clear when the feature will be available to all users and all applications. Android police were able to get it to work with VLC on Android, but it didn’t show up for me when I tried, so the mileage may vary.

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