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The most useful Mac keyboard shortcuts

If your Mac is your online work device, it’s a good idea to learn a few of its keyboard shortcuts for managing your desktop. To help you find and remember the most important macOS shortcuts, we’ve put them together in a scam sheet below.


The cheat sheet includes key combinations for taking screenshots, managing startup states and shutdown routines, and working with the Finder. You’ll also find shortcuts to managing windows, forcing applications to quit, emptying the Recycle Bin, and more.

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Necessary keyboard shortcuts for Mac

Startup shortcuts
DStart Apple Diagnostics
OFStart from a web server
TStart in target disk mode
TransferStart in safe mode
Cmd + RStart macOS recovery
Option + Cmd + RStart macOS Recovery on the Internet
Cmd + SStart in single user mode
Cmd + VStart in verbose mode
OptionStart in Startup Manager to select other startup disks, if available
Cmd + Option + P + RReset NVRAM or PRAM
F12Remove the removable material
Global shortcuts
Shift + Cmd + 3Take a screenshot in full screen
Shift + Cmd + 4Take a screenshot of the photo
Shift + Cmd + 4, then SpaceTake a screenshot of the selected window
Cmd + Achoose all
Cmd + Fdiscovery
Cmd + HHide the current window
Option + Cmd + HHide all other windows
Cmd + MMinimize the current window
Option + Cmd + MMinimize all windows
Cmd + WClose the current window
Option + Cmd + WClose all windows
Cmd + OOpen
Cmd + PPrint
Cmd + SSave
Cmd + CCopy
Cmd + VPaste (copy)
Option + Cmd + VPaste (move), ie move the copied object to the current location
Shift + Option + Cmd + VConnect and match the style
Cmd + ZRepeal
Cmd +?help
Cmd +, (comma)Open the settings of the current application
Cmd + SpaceOpen Spotlight Search
Cmd + TabGo to the next open application
Cmd + ~ (Tilde)Go to the next window in the current application
Control + Cmd + QLock the screen
Shift + Cmd + QLog out
Option + Shift + Cmd + QSign out now
Cmd + Option + EscForce to stop
Cmd + Option + DeleteActivate sleep mode
Shift + Control + DeletePut the display (s) to sleep
Cmd + Control + DeleteQuit all applications and restart
Control + DeleteSelect Hibernate, Restart, and Shut Down
Finder shortcuts
Come inRename the selected file or folder
statusOpens a preview of the selected file
Option + StatusOpens a preview of the selected file in full screen mode
Shift + Cmd + GGo to folder …
Shift + Cmd + NCreate a new folder
Shift + Cmd + DeleteEmpty the Trash folder
Option + Shift + Cmd + DeleteEmpty the Trash folder immediately
Cmd + 1Kuvakekuvake
Cmd + 2list View
Cmd + 3Column View
Cmd + DCopy the selected file or folder
Cmd + IGet information
Cmd + JShow options
Cmd + NOpen a new Finder window
Cmd + TOpen a new Finder tab
Cmd +[[[[Back
Cmd +]Forward
Cmd + DeleteMove selected items to the Trash
Cmd + UpMove one folder up
Cmd + downMove one folder down
Cmd + Option + IView properties inspector
Cmd + Control + NOnce the files are selected, create a new folder and move the selected files to that folder immediately

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