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The top eight music apps for your iPhone and iPad

Creating music on your iPhone is easier than ever, even if you don’t have a musical background. You don’t have to know how to read music, play a player, or even understand musical concepts like chords and scales.

Every skill level, budget, and (virtually) any type of music has apps you want to create. Try your hand at shiny pop songs, intricate breakcore, or even strings as a heavy movie source.

We are not focusing here on individual players, but rather on all-in-one workstations, toys and music tools.

1. GarageBand

GarageBand for iPhone

Before you start cleaning the App Store, turn to one of the best music-making apps for iPhone and iPad, which you also get for free: Apple’s own GarageBand. The Mac version has been used by artists like Rihanna, Justice and Oasis as part of their creative process. It is now available for free in the palm of your hand and takes advantage of the touch screen a lot.

The application includes a large selection of virtual instruments. You will find everything from drums and drum machines to stringed instruments such as violins, virtual pianos and keyboards. It even has virtual amps for use with real guitars. With these tools and a sequencer, you can create songs that sound good in a very short amount of time. This may just be the best DAW for the iPad, and it’s free to launch.

GarageBand for iOS audio library

Then there’s the Apple Library of royalty-free samples that are available for use as you see fit. You can merge these with your own creation, record a rough mix of sounds with your iPhone’s microphone, and create demos or even entire songs just on your phone. Learn how to use GarageBand with a step-by-step guide.

Charge: garage Band (Free)

2. Auxy

While many applications try to write rules to create new sounds and loops, Auxy only tries to simplify the process. The result is a free app that is easily accessible and provides serious power to those who know how to use it.

With the Piano roll editor, you can write loops and bass lines and create complex drum patterns using preset or custom drum instruments. You can then arrange patterns into scenes to create finished productions. Share them in SoundCloud or export as uncompressed WAV for digital audio workstation (DAW) customization.

Auxy is free to download, with a monthly subscription of $ 4.99, which opens up additional instruments, thousands of samples, and the ability to bring your own sounds. There is more than enough here to keep you happy for a few weeks before opening your wallet.

Charge: Auxy (Free, subscription available)

3. Picture

Some music maker applications strive to provide all possible features. Pictured is another approach that aims to be a simple musical that can give you surprisingly good results. Limitations and limitations can help you increase your creativity – The image is proof of that.

You get one drum machine, one lead synth and one bass synth. There are several instruments for each element that you can mix and match. Tap, hold, and swipe the XY pads to save the synthetic parts. Adjust the scale distance, change the key and fine-tune the volume until you are happy.

For a while, it seemed that the image had disappeared into the air. Fortunately, developer Reason (formerly called Propellerhead) bought the app in 2019, making it available again for free.

Charge: picture (Free)

4. KORG device

KORG’s collection of iOS applications is almost as impressive as its hardware portfolio. The gadget is a full-featured audio workstation that includes lead and bass synthesizers, analog and sample-based drum machines, and a sampler to record external sound. The app used to be just an iPad version, but now works flawlessly on a smaller iPhone screen as well.

The app includes a powerful sequencer that ties all your devices together with full automation and MIDI support. There’s also a built-in community that allows you to share your creations and listen to what others have come up with for inspiration.

The KORG Gadget is a fully equipped iPhone and iPad music workstation and is not cheap. Fortunately, there is a lightweight version that you can sample before you buy, even if it limits you to three devices with three songs. Additional features such as MIDI export, export to Ableton, Audiobus support, and more are disabled until you upgrade.

Charge: KORG Gadget Le (Free) KORG Gadget ($ 39.99, in-app purchases available)

5. iMPC Pro 2

Akain’s line of MPC hardware samples has been a significant part of the music industry since the 1980s. Hardware like the MPC60, MPC2000, and MPC3000 have been at the heart of countless songs you probably know and love. Akai Professional’s iMPC Pro 2 is all about transforming your iPhone or iPad into one of these samplers.

If you’re interested in iPad music production, the iMPC Pro 2 may just be your new best friend. Not only is the software downloaded with sample packages, but other free sample packages are also available. You can also record, cut, and edit your own samples using the iPad’s built-in microphone or even an iOS-compatible audio connection.

The software is primarily built for the iPad. A separate app is available for the iPhone with a lower price tag that reflects the slightly lower usability of the device. You can still get great results – it’s just not as easy to use as the iPad version.

Charge: iMPC Pro 2 ($ 24.99) iMPC Pro 2 for iPhone ($ 8.99)

6. KORG iKaossilator

Just like the picture, iKaossilator is a Music Tool that breaks down boundaries. It is based on KORG’s expensive Kaossilator hardware, which uses an XY touchpad to process 150 internal sounds to create strange and stunning songs.

Provides you with five audio channels that you can change as you wish. You can then take these channels, remix them over your project, and manage the loops in real time. iKaossilator is as great a performance tool as it is creative.

It is probably most valuable when creating ideas, rather than creating ready-made productions. It is possible to export or upload your creations directly to SoundCloud if you are there.

Charge: iKaossilator ($ 19.99, in-app purchase available)

7. Cubasis

Most of these apps focus on creating your own sounds, which is great. However, you may be interested in recording music to your iPad or iPhone. To take advantage of all of these, you need to USB audio interface

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and a way to connect it to the iPad.

Once you’ve set the installation time, you’ll find that Cubasis is one of the best DAW discs in iPad music production. Cubasis is based on Steinberg’s Cubase software, so you’ll benefit from years of development that Steinberg has put into Cubase. Nevertheless, the latest version was rewritten from the beginning, adding new features such as group tracks and other features that you can recognize from Cubase on your Mac or PC.

Originally made exclusively for the iPad, the Cubasis now works on both the iPad and the iPhone. Even better, the app is universal, so you don’t have to buy separate versions for each device.

Charge: Cubasis ($ 49.99, in-app purchases available)

8. AudioBus

AudioBus is not a music creation application, but it is an important tool in many productions. The app allows you to route audio from one source to another, so you can take the output from a synthesizer or drum machine, add effects with a sound processor, and save it to your workstation.

AudioBus 2 is a cheaper, more linear version, but it hasn’t seen an update since 2017. AudioBus 3 is currently maintained and does everything AudioBus 2 does. It has more options for routing multiple applications as well as full support for MIDI.

Many applications on this list, such as GarageBand, KORG Gadget, and Cubasis, already support AudioBus. See a complete list of AudioBus-compatible applications AudioBus website.

Charge: AudioBus ($ 9.99, in-app purchase available)

Start making music on iPhone

This is a small example of the huge number of apps you can use to create a mobile device to create music. If you want to dive into more specific niches, there are many. You’ll find a world of world-dedicated synthesizers, drum machines, and other single-instrument apps available for iOS devices.

Want to increase your music production by one degree? Check the best DAW discs for the Mac

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or the best DAW software on Windows make music on your computer.

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