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TikTok again condemns the US ban

After three TikTok influencers have filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration, the TikTok ban has been reinstated.

TikTok has once again circumvented the ban in the United States. A Pennslyvanian judge temporarily blocked the ban when three TikTok creators filed a lawsuit.

TikTok Dodges US Ban again

TikTok continues despite a possible ban

In August 2020, USA President Donald Trump issued an executive order banning TikTok and WeChat from American app stores.

Trump feared the Chinese-owned application would be a threat to national security. More specifically, he believed that TikTok sent American credentials to China, an accusation that TikTok has vehemently disputed. The only way TikTok can satisfy Trump’s administration is to sell U.S. assets to an American company.

TikTok was scheduled to be officially removed from U.S. app stores on September 20th. a federal judge delayed the ban. Still, the judge’s verdict did not preclude the second part of Trump’s executive order, which will end the use of TikTok from November 12.

In response to a possible November 12 ban, three TikTok influencers filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration. Influencers mentioned that a ban on TikTok would damage their ability to earn a living. The plaintiffs, Cosette Rinab, Douglas Marland and Alec Chambers, each have millions of followers at TikTok.

Pennsylvania District Judge Wendy Beetlestone took up the matter and ruled on behalf of the influencers. This means that TikTok will still be usable after the November 12 deadline.

Following the verdict, TikTok Comms sent a Tweet with a statement from Vanessa Pappas, TikTok’s interim director. He commented on the case and stated:

We are very deeply through the support poured out by our creators. They have worked to protect their rights to word, their careers and to help small businesses, especially during a pandemic.

The question is: will Trump’s ban remain? TikTok’s Chinese parent company ByteDance has already started selling its US assets to Oracle. Although Trump said he accepted the partnership, the agreement has not yet been finalized.

Despite the fact that the Oracle / TikTok transaction is currently underway and that judges have blocked the TikTok ban twice, the Department of Justice can still appeal the latest decision. In other words, TikTok is not yet completely secure.

Will TikTok survive?

While the blocking of TikTok’s ban can still be appealed, it seems that TikTok won’t go down without a fight. The platform has already taken action in collaboration with an American company, and the platform’s millions of creators really can’t stand the ban.

At this point, the TikTok ban does not appear to be on the cards. If the Trump administration is really unable to prove TikTok is a threat to national security, it will be much more difficult to enforce the ban.


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