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Because Google offers many duplicate messaging apps, you may have forgotten about Hangouts. It’s a bit like the Google Skype version because it offers video and voice calls as well as text chats over the Internet.

While Hangouts was once an Android video chat app, Google has phased it out in favor of the Duo. However, Hangouts is still alive on both desktop and mobile devices. Next, we’ll answer common questions about the service and show you how to use Google Hangouts.

How to use Google Hangouts

You need a Google Account to use Hangouts. You already have one of these if you use Gmail, YouTube, or one of Google’s many other services.

To get started, go to Google Hangouts homepage and click log in button in the upper right corner. Sign in to your Google Account here or click Create an account make one.

Google Hangouts Home

Once you’re signed in, you’ll see options to contact your friends. Toggle between the tabs on the left side of the screen Contacts, discussionsand Phone calls. Click at the top of any list New conversation and enter a contact name or email address to start a conversation with them.

When you open a conversation with someone, you see it in a panel like Facebook Messenger. Use the text box at the bottom to send the message. You can also send emoticons or attach an image with the corresponding buttons.

The icons at the top of the chat allow you to quickly start a voice or video call with a contact or a group chat with them and others. You can also zoom in or out of conversations using the buttons on the toolbar at the top. Click to gear icon to archive or delete a conversation and to change notifications.

Hangouts settings and chat

How to set up a Google Hangouts video call

Sending instant messages with Hangouts is easy, but it also makes video calling simple. Click on the home page video call start a new video session. You can also click if you wish video call button in any conversation to call the person or group.

When you click video call link, Hangouts will open a new window asking you to invite some people. Enter a friend’s name or email address to invite them or click Copy the link to share. You can let them send the link to friends in any way (SMS, email, etc.) and click on it to let them join the hangout.

When you’re in a Hangout, you’ll see anyone talking in the middle of the screen. You can optionally click on someone’s thumbnails in the lower right corner to always show him or her. Click to Message icon in the lower left corner to send an instant message to all members of the call.

Google Hangouts In Call

Click to invite more people to the hangout Add the icon in the upper right corner. Here you can also see settings icon to adjust camera, audio, and bandwidth settings. Below Three points The menu contains options for splitting the screen or opening the full screen.

Click to Microphone or Camera icons at the bottom of the screen to mute audio or video. When you are finished with the call, click on red End the call button to exit.

Otherwise, check our list of creative ways to use Hangouts

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if you need ideas for your next appointment.

How to record a Google Hangout

Hangouts once had a feature called Hangouts on Air that made it easy to send and record video calls. However, this is no longer an option or a workaround that includes YouTube streaming.

Officially, a Hangout recording is only available to G Suite Enterprise users. This is because when you click video call In Hangouts, when you use a Company account, you’ll be directed to Google Meet.

Google Meetwork with Google Chat as a surrogate for Google Hangouts. Google Meet video calls are reminiscent of the Google Hangouts experience, but with a few additional features.

Click to record Google Meet calls Three points button in the lower right corner of the window and select Record a meeting.

If you are a home user, Google announced in April 2020 that it plans to make Google Meet available for free to everyone. At the time of writing, this is still ongoing, so you may not be able to start your own meetings Google Meet homepage. Check back for updates; it is likely that Google will end the Hangout on behalf of all users.

In the meantime, if you need to record a Hangout and can’t wait for the Meeting, you can try using the screen recording application

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save conversations locally.

How to schedule a Google Hangout

You can’t schedule a Hangout with an app, but you can achieve the same effect by creating an event on Google Calendar.

Head Calendar home page. Click to Create button in the upper left corner to create a new event, then select More options shows all controls. Fill in information such as the meeting title, location, and time, and then click More negotiations box.

care about Hangouts then use this Customers in the panel on the right to invite people from Google Contacts or by email.

Google Hangouts Schedule Meeting

Hit Save when you’re done, you’ll be prompted to send invitation messages to your guests. If you do this, your guests will receive an email about the event and Join the video call link. When they click on it, they go directly to the scheduled call.

How to share your screen in Google Hangouts

You don’t need anything special screen sharing tools During the hangout. Click the three-point call in the Hangout menu button in the upper right corner and select split screen. You will be prompted to choose what you want to share: select either the monitor or one application.

Hangouts Share screen

When you start sharing a screen, all parties to the call will see the screen on your screen until you click Stop.

How to block or block someone in Google Hangouts

If someone is bothering you about Hangouts, you can easily block them. To do so, open Hangouts and select the conversation with the person you want to block. Click to gear icon to their conversation, and then select Block and report.

You can unblock the user later by clicking on the burger menu button in the top left corner of Hangouts. Care about settings, then select Blocked people. You will see all blocked and you have the option to unblock them.

Hangouts block people

How to delete Google Hangouts

You won’t be able to completely delete your Hangouts account unless you do delete your Google account

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. However, you can delete old messages if you wish.

Select any conversation and click settings gear at the top. Care about Delete conversation delete all messages with that contact. You can’t do this in group discussions; the only option is to leave the group.

If you want, you can also turn it off Conversation History option here. Disabling this will prevent Hangouts from saving your messages, so they will disappear after a while.

How to sign out of Google Hangouts on your computer

Google Hangouts Sign out

To sign out of Hangouts, sign out of your Google Account in your current browser, so you’ll need to sign back in to use Gmail, YouTube, and other services.

To sign out of Hangouts, click your profile picture in the top right corner of Hangouts and select sign out.

How to use Google Hangouts on Android and iPhone

We’ve covered the Hangouts network in this guide, but you can also use the app on Android or iPhone devices. It works almost the same on these platforms, allowing you to send instant messages to friends and start video or voice calls.

Download the app on your own platform and sign in to your Google Account to access chats. Like most messaging apps, Hangouts includes emoticons, stickers, photo uploads, and more. In any chat, you can tap Video or Audio call buttons to start a call with another person.

Charge: Google Hangouts Android | iOS (Free)

Ready to hang out with Hangouts

We hope this Google Hangouts tutorial answered your service questions. After this writing, it looks like Google Hangouts may be on its most recent leg, and Google Meet is set to replace it. For now, Hangouts is still a useful service, but don’t be surprised if Google kills it before long.

See option how to use Google Duo

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for easy video calling on any device. We are also rounded other great free conference call apps if you want a non-Google solution.

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