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Tips, operators and commands to know

How many times have you searched on Google just to get a bunch of false or unrelated search results that you want to filter out? Well, with a few search shortcuts you can narrow your search results and always get accurate search results.

You can find these shortcuts in the Google search cheat code below. It includes a variety of search tips, operators, and commands to help you filter content based on site, schedules, context, and more.

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Informal search phrases
defineReturns the definition of a specific term.define gregarious
timeReturns the current time at a specific location.time in stockholm
thatConvert measurements from one unit to another.1 cup tbsp
inConvert measurements from one unit to another.USD 1,000
TurnTranslates queries terms into another specified language.translate hello world to german
mapReturns the map of new york
stocksReturns stock information.stocks sbux
weatherReturns a weather forecast for a specific location or zip 90210
Basic search Symbols
Does not contain search results that contain this tablets – drawing
|Returns search results that match terms on either side of the pipe. Same as typing “OR” between search tablet
@Returns search results that match a specific social media call @twitter
#Returns search results that contain a specific hashtag.#throwbackthursday
‘ “Returns search results that contain all the blades in the quotes in the exact order given.“I will never give up on you”
*Returns search results where any words can be searched with an asterisk.the best * in America
..When placed between two numbers, returns search results that match the range of book $ 200 .. $ 500
()Used to group search terms and manage query search logic.(best | worst) office package
$Returns prices.mac $ 1000
Popular search operators
cache:View Google’s cached version of a specific page.cache:
file type:Returns only search results that match a specific file extension.sleep degree type: pdf
related to:Returns other web pages that are similar to the query.related:
site:Returns only search results for a specific website.productivity tips site:
Other search operators
inanchor:Returns pages that are linked to anchor text that matches the search query.
allinanchor:Same as anchor, but corresponds to every term that appears after allinanchor.
intext:Returns only search results that match the body of the page.
allintext:Same as intext, but corresponds to every term that appears after allintext.
intitle:Returns only search results that match the page title.
allintitle:Same as intitle, but corresponds to each term that appears after the subheading.
inurl:Returns only search results that match the page’s URL.
allinurl:Same as inurl, but corresponds to every term that appears after allinurl.

The most useful shortcuts are site:, file type:and that, but all of these operators and commands are good to know.

More Google search resources to find

In addition to Google search, you should also check out these advanced search operators to Gmail. And did you know that there are some of them great games hidden in Google search? Once you are familiar with all these advanced tools, you can take advantage of them. For example, advanced Google search is useful when you try find a book without knowing the title or author!

We stick to the word of warning: don’t blindly trust all types of Google search results

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