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Top 10 Google Keep extensions for Chrome and Firefox

If you use Google Keep online and on your mobile device, why not in your browser too?

Chrome and Firefox have extensions for the popular note-taking app that give you quick access. With a click, you can save a website, open notes, or make Google Keep more useful with these great tools.

For Google Chrome users

Google Chrome has a nice selection of Google Keep extensions to suit your needs. There are several options for saving a quick note to open a new tab and adjust the actual Google Keep page.

1. Google Keep Chrome extension

Google Keep Chrome extension

With Google’s official Google Keep Chrome extension, you can save items with just one click. When you visit a website and click a toolbar button, a small box will appear. This includes the name of the website, an image, if available, and a direct link.

You can add text to a note and add a label or leave it as is, it will be saved for you automatically.

2. Create a Google Keep memo

Create a Google Keep memo for Chrome

Want the easiest way to open and write a new Google Keep note? Create a Google Keep memo for Chrome.

Install the plug-in, then just click Create a Google Keep Note button on the toolbar. Google Keep opens in a new tab with a brand new note ready when you enter it. Yes, it really is that simple.

3. A pop-up window for Keep

Keeps a popup for Chrome

To stay on the page during your visit, but use your Google Keep notes, use the Pop-up for Keep. As the name suggests, this extension opens a Google Keep pop-up. You can also move it to its own window by clicking the button on the extension toolbar.

4. Google Keep category tabs

category tabs for Chrome

If you enjoy using the color-coding feature on your notes, the Google Keep category tabs are an extension for you. Once you’ve installed it and visited your Google Keep page on the web, you’ll see a bar at the top of your Google Keep sticky notes.

So you can choose red, orange or green and get all the notes of that color for you.

In addition, the Google Keep navigation bar changes according to the color you select. So, you will never lose a seat. Then select All to return to all your notes. This is very convenient for quick access color-coded Google Keep notes.

You can also get Google Keep category tabs in Firefox.

5. Input tab in Google Keep

input tab to google store for chrome

This next extension is a basic tool, but may be exactly what you’re looking for in Google Keep. The Google Keep input tab gives you access tab key to indent text in notes. If you don’t want to use a list, but want a formatting format, this extension lets you do it easily. Just hit Come in and then tab Insert each line as far as you want.

6. Google Keep – Full screen editing

google keeps Chrome full screen editing

Another simple but convenient extension is Google Keep – Full Screen Editing. This is great for situations where you have a long note or one with multiple images.

Once you’ve installed it, every time you open a note on Google Keep, it takes up the entire browser window. When you’re done taking the note, you’ll still click Made in the lower corner as usual.

7. Google Keep PowerUp

Maybe you want a little more from Google Keep, like the ability to ruin confidential notes, change the font quickly, or use an annotation. The Google Keep PowerUp extension for Chrome provides these features.

After installing the plug-in, click Google Keep PowerUp button your toolbar. Then add the labels you want to use for confidential notes, custom fonts, and markup. Please refresh your Google Keep page, then add the label you want to use for one of these items to your note.

This extension gives you a great way to make this note-taking tool a little more robust. Heck, you might even find others ways to use Google Keep

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with the features of this extension.

For Mozilla Firefox users

In Mozilla Firefox you will find very limited add-ons compared to Google Chrome. While this isn’t surprising, you still have a few expansion options to get into Google Keep quickly when you use Firefox.

8. Open Google Keep in a new tab

Open Google Store on Firefox in a new tab

Opening Google Keep in the new Firefox tab isn’t much easier than this extension. It does exactly what its name says.

Click to Open Google Keep in a new tab and Google Keep will open in a new tab.

9. Google Keep on the clipboard

Google Keep To Clipboard for Firefox

If you need to copy one of your Google Keep notes and paste it in another location, get the Google Keep To Clipboard extension for Firefox.

After installing this add-on, go to Google Keep and select a note. Click to More (three-point icon) button at the bottom and you will see some additional options. You can copy the note to the clipboard in clear text, annotation, Zim annotation, HTML, or CSV format.

Choose a format, then go to where you want to paste the note!

10. Google Keep Notes

Google keeps notes

Google Keep Notes opens in the current window, like a pop-up, like some others. When you click the toolbar button, the current window is split on the Google Keep Notes page page.

You can choose whether the sidebar is left or right, scroll each side separately, and then just click X close it.

Continue with Google Keep extensions

Once you find the note app you love, it’s essential that you can use it anywhere, anytime. You can use Google Keep online and on your mobile device, but with handy browser extensions, you’re safe no matter what. In addition, a few of these Chrome Extensions

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gives you a little extra.

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