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Top 10 Role Playing Games for Mac

The game has progressed far from a time when you couldn’t play mainstream titles on anything other than Windows. And while Windows still has the largest market share, times are changing.


And we’re not just talking about indie games here. Triple AAA games in large studios can now be played on a Mac, and many newer games are now being created with Mac playability in mind.

It’s a great time to live as a Mac player, especially if you’re an RPG fan. Do you want to start? Here are some of the best role-playing games for the Mac.

1. Valley of the Stars

Stardew Valley offers a peaceful alternative to the never-ending battle of most RPG games. With cozy retro-style graphics, you get a new charming hobby of agriculture. If you have abandoned it because of cultivation, do not evaluate it alone.

For fans of classic RPGs, Stardew Valley offers many typical experiences. If you want to crawl dungeons, complete missions, upgrade your equipment, and focus on your abilities to enhance your character, then these elements are all there. The hit-and-run battle mode also keeps you on your toes as you land in mines.

In addition to this, you can enjoy a role in the life of a small town with a variety of neighboring countries. In addition, you will find an endless number of collectibles and secrets. Adding multiplayer also provides friends with an easy way to help each other’s farms succeed.

Buy: Valley of the stars on GOG | steam

2. Bastions

My bastion is literally beautiful. Not only is it visually striking and instantly recognizable as unique, but the soundtrack takes everything to a whole other level.

There’s nothing revolutionary about the story or gameplay, but you’ll find you’ll forget this when the narrator’s steady voice responds to progress. Like reading a novel or watching a movie, Bastion is more of an emotional journey than a mechanical depth.

Buy: On top of the bastion GOG | steam

3. Border countries 2

Borderlands 2 is an award-winning title for anyone looking for a mix of FPS and RPG. In single player, you can get around by completing quests and collecting loot against the enemies you kill. Thanks to the main story and dozens of side requests, continuous operation leads to better equipment ownership.

Borderlands 2 also lets you play with friends as much or as little as you want. The drop and drop style make for an incredibly casual multiplayer experience. Plus, you can enjoy the increased challenge of engaging with friends.

Buy: Borderlands 2 on steam | Mac App Store

4. Infringement

Into the Breach provides a strategic alternative to other items on this list. Using turn-based combat, you gradually expand your tactics to fight against alien forces. There are patterns in every enemy formation and terrain, so you learn quickly without ever seeming to be unfair.

As such, this game offers a great option for anyone looking for a challenge without the difficulty curve being too high. With randomly generated scenarios, it also offers excellent reproducibility. Plus, there are different pilots to choose from and different ways to customize your mech team. Which means you’re always thinking of new ways to approach the threat.

Buy: offense GOG | steam

5. Flashlight II

Torchlight II is the perfect game to play when you want something like Diablo III, but not so intense. It’s a hacking adventure that is surprisingly polished and addictive. Compared to its predecessor, it has also improved the progression of its character.

In addition, the added bonus of mod support offers some additional customizations for those who want to experience more of the world.

Buy: Flashlight II on GOG | steam

6. Undertale

Undertale impresses with its concept alone. You can get through the game without defeating one monster or play it like any other RPG. If you’ve ever felt guilty about all the enemies in those defeats, you can finally experience the battles with a pacifist approach.

You can never complain that you are just playing a button. In addition to the novelty of the fighting decisions, Undertale offers an interesting story with lovable characters that you want to take root in. Each character and monster has a weight, so remember them long after the game is over.

The one-man soundtrack of the game requires a breakthrough in the game. You’ve probably heard a few of them, even though you’ve never played the game, and Undertale boasts one the best video game soundtracks for studying or relaxing

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Buy: Undertale on GOG | steam

7. The darkest prison

The Darkest Dungeon is simply amazing. The art style sucks you straight in, the gameplay draws you in and keeps you caught for hours. It’s the kind of game you’re going to play for just 10 minutes, just to realize that the whole day is over and you’re hungry now.

As far as team-based dungeon crawlers go, Darkest Dungeon is one of the best because of how punished. The mechanics are great and it shows the effects and consequences of stress on the visiting party as well as the risk / reward of pushing happiness as far as it can go before everything collapses.

Buy: Darker on top of the dungeon GOG | steam

8. Mounting and blade: Warband

Mount and Blade is not just an open world game. It’s a sandbox game that doesn’t even have a main story. You can choose what you want to do in the game: explore, fight, search and more. The way you interact with the game has a real impact on the whole world.

The biggest reason to get Warband over the original Mount and Blade is the addition of multiplayer. There are seven different game modes that you can play with up to 64 players and a robot. Modes include deathmatch, team deathmatch, conquest, flag capture, siege, battle and destruction, and direct battle.

Buy: Mounting and blade: Warband on GOG | steam

9. Wildermyth

Want to play a desktop RPG from home? Wildermyth lets you explore a long-story campaign while engaging in tactical combat. In addition, the delightful art of paperwork takes away the feeling of a home table.

In addition to providing a distinctive look, your character’s choices matter. Your characters can take permanent wounds from battle, age, fall in love and leave a legacy. You have a real hand in their destinies and ongoing narration.

In addition to character and narration choices, you’ll find a variety of unique game systems. Wildermyth deserves much praise for its unique use of magic, which involves a fighting environment.

Buy: Wildermyth on steam

10. Legend of Grimrock II

Legend of Grimrock was the spiritual successor cult-class Dungeon crawler Dungeon Master, and many see it as a title that evoked the genre of classic Dungeon crawls by faithfully combining old-school gameplay with modern graphics.

Legend of Grimrock II expands with its predecessor in a larger world, with better character development, a higher degree of challenge, and improved freedom of progression. If you love crawling through prisoners, don’t ignore this.

Buy: Legend of Grimrock II GOG | steam

Enjoy the best RPG games for Mac

When compiling the best RPG games for the Mac, we found both well-established studio and indie games. The new titles allow you to explore many different types of games. Still, if you want to get rid of the RPG genre, you can try some the best playable Mac games overall.

Once you’ve chosen one of the best role-playing games to play on your Mac, you want to enjoy the experience. So follow these tips to improve your Mac gaming experience

6 Tips to Improve Your Mac Gaming Experience
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to make sure you have the best time.

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