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Top 5 Chrome Extensions to Improve Facebook

Facebook is still the leading social media platform, but it could use some improvements. Fortunately, various customizations can smooth and enhance your experience on both the classic and the new Facebook. This article looks at ways to customize Google Chrome with Facebook extensions.

Are you ready to improve your Facebook experience in every way? Then start using these Chrome extensions on Facebook.

1. VLC Video Downloader

vlc video downloader detected a video

VLC Video Downloader makes it easy to create playlists and download videos from both the classic and new Facebook. To start recording and downloading videos, follow these steps:

  1. Find the video you want to save.
  2. Click on the video to enlarge it.
  3. The VLC Video Downloader plug-in icon now displays a number indicating that the video has been detected.
  4. Click the icon to display a list of all detected videos. Each time you open a video, it automatically appears in this list.
  5. You can play the video, download it, or add it to a playlist. However, if you close the tab before adding the video to your playlist, it will disappear.
  6. Once you’ve added a video to your playlist, you can rename it, play it, and download it from anywhere.

Charge: VLC Video Downloader Chrome (Free)

2. Move the mouse +

hover zoom facebook feed

Hover Zoom + lets you automatically enlarge images on Facebook. Hover over the image to enlarge it.

In addition to enlarging photos, you can also see entire images that are normally cropped. This makes Hover Zoom + a great option for previewing messages from multiple photos. You can also use plug-in settings to change settings such as zoom delay, position, frame color, and more.

Hover Zoom + comes with useful keyboard shortcuts to improve control. By hovering over a zoomed image, you can automatically open the image in a new window, a new tab, or even load it with a single keystroke.

Unfortunately, the extension does not work with the new Facebook, so you want to switch to the Facebook Classic version.

Charge: Move the mouse to the Zoom + button Chrome (Free)

3. On time

Timely provides a simple accountability measure for those interested in their productivity. If you want an easy way to plan how long you’ll spend on both versions of Facebook, don’t look any further.

When you open Facebook in a new tab, Timely launches two stopwatches. The correct stopwatch shows how long it has been since you opened Facebook on the tab. The left stopwatch shows the total time spent on Facebook per day. Both stopwatches change color as you spend more time until both timers turn red.

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Charge: In time Chrome (Free)

4. Facebook friend filter

detecting a friend filter layout

Facebook Friend Filter makes it easy to manage your entire friends list and track their interaction with your profile. Once you’ve installed the plug-in, just follow the instructions to explain which version of Facebook you’re using, verify your username, and sync your friends list. You can then change your Facebook layouts for free.

When FriendFilter is licensed, there are two powerful data tools to work with. The Friends section divides friends into active and inactive based on how committed they are to your profile. When you look at your friends, you’ll see their full name and their commitment to your profile, divided into likes, comments, and shares.

You can go to their profiles by their name, allow their list to prevent them from being accidentally deleted, or delete their friends. With the ability to search, select all, or select none, you can quickly sort and select anyone.

In the Dashboard section, you can view an activity chart that includes likes, comments, and shares. There’s also a friends table that gives you information about active, passive, whitelisted, and unfriendly users. More information is provided in the form of a list of the top ten friends and a small statistical summary.

The only downside is that the FriendFilter Pro subscription has to go past the default parameters for time, actions, comments, and shares.

Charge: Facebook-friend filter Chrome (Free, subscription available)

5. The sender of the social book

social mail manager filters

Social Book Post Manager helps you manage your posts from your Facebook event log. While it currently only works with the classic Facebook, the ability to batch delete, hide, hide and deviate from posts makes it important for privacy.

When you’re on traditional Facebook, click the plug-in and press OK to go to the activity log or browse automatically. Next, click the plug-in again to see all the filters. By default, it automatically selects the current year and month.

For best results, you need to be as accurate as possible with the filters. Once you’ve added a text filter, you’ll see all the results highlighted for clarity. Once you choose to delete, hide / hide, or unlike the button, it will try to make changes to your messages.

If you don’t see results, the plugin will let you know. If so, pre-scanning the page or reducing the speed may increase your chances of finding your message. Before making any changes, keep in mind that the backup button won’t work and will only take you to your account’s general settings.

While this extension helps with privacy, don’t depend on whether it gets out of Facebook. You should look instead how to permanently delete your facebook account.

Charge: Social book post manager Chrome (Free)

Enjoy Facebook with these Chrome extensions

With these five extensions, you can control how Facebook works in Chrome. These Facebook browsing tools are completely optional and easy to disable unnecessarily.

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