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Top 5 Easy to Learn Video Editors for Kids

If you’re home with kids and need something to do, why not start them to become an Oscar winner? They need little material and a video editing tool, and they can start creating their first creative masterpiece.

There are a few easy-to-use video editing tools for kids. Not all are specifically targeted to kids who want to edit videos. But the range of tools, ease of use, and approach to video editing mean kids can start editing their videos without difficulty.

So, here are the best video editors for kids!

Windows 10 Photo Application Editor

Price: Free with Windows 10

Did you know that Windows 10 Photos also includes a video editor? At least that’s the basics. But effective in the first few steps of video editing.

You can use the video editor in Windows 10 Photos to cut and share your videos. You can add title pages with the fonts and styles you see fit. If you want, you can choose from several background music options or add a custom option.

There are also options for 3D effects, such as a confetti cannon or falling autumn leaves. 3D effects come from Microsoft Paint 3D. You can also add Paint 3D models to your video, such as velociraptor or giant oak.

Because these effects and designs are made in Paint 3D, they’re highly digitized and stand out in your child’s video – but it could be just what they want to add fun effects to their home videos.

Overall, the Photos video editor is a great option for kids. The features are so simple that kids don’t get stuck in menus or awkward schedules and can sew their videos quickly.

In addition, it is free and already installed if the operating system is Windows 10. The The Photos app has a number of photo editing tools

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also, so you don’t have to download other apps.

Price: Free

If the video editor in Windows Photos doesn’t give your kids the tools they want, see OpenShot.

OpenShot is an open source free video editing tool for Windows 10. It is not intended specifically for children. However, easy-to-use features, a relatively intuitive interface, and a reasonable set of video editing tools are perfect for kids to edit videos.

It’s a step forward from a very basic video editor for Windows 10 Photos. You can edit video properties, add scene transitions, filters, and various video effects. In it, OpenShot offers kids second-level video editing tools to work with, but it’s not a superior leap.

No wonder OpenShot also appears on our list the best free video editing apps for Windows

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Movavi video editor for children

Price: Free 7 day trial, then $ 39.95 for lifetime license.

Movavi is a video editing program that your kids will learn quickly.

It provides video editing in five easy steps: add video clips, cut and enhance, add transitions, add music, and export. With these five steps, anyone can quickly edit the video and produce a polished product with little difficulty.

Kids will enjoy a wider range of animations, transitions and effects in Movava. The interface is similar to many professional video editing programs. As they move to a more powerful video editing tool, the layout remains familiar.

You can also use Movavia to capture live video streams from other sources. For example, you can select a Skype call as the input, record a video, and then edit as you wish. Alternatively, your kids can stream their favorite game to Movavi and then edit it ready for upload.

The free version of Movavi includes several restrictions. The biggest limitation is the massive Movavi watermark that stretches the screen. Purchasing a licensed version removes the watermark and adds several effects, transitions, and additional tools that cost $ 39.95 during the lifetime of the license.

filmora9-video editor

Price: Free or $ 69.99 lifetime license.

Filmora9 is an intuitive video editing tool that focuses on producing high quality videos in a short time. Kids can quickly edit videos with professional video editing tools.

Filmora9 also includes a YouTube 101 series with demos from experienced authors, perfect for older kids who want to get into content creation.

One thing that Filmora9 does well is creating and customizing titles. You can add a fully custom title screen using Filmora9’s integrated options. While there are plenty of presets in place, your kids will find the unique atmosphere of their work.

In addition to the title boxes, Filmora9 has a wide range of transitions and filters, even for commercial buildings. There is also free music to choose from.

Like Movavi, Filmora9 is a premium tool. The free version of the application allows you to use all available tools. However, the video you exported has a watermark. To remove the Filmora9 watermark, you must upgrade to an annual plan that costs $ 39.99 per year. Or you can opt for a lifetime plan that is a $ 69.99 one-time fee.

Filmora9 is a great video editing tool for kids who want a little more power, more editing options, and better control over their video creation.

Price: Free

The last option for kids is a new step in the video editing ladder. Some kids struggle with HitFilm Express. But teens and teenagers should learn the ropes relatively easily.

HitFilm Express is a free video editor that comes with professional tools and visual effects. The interface is familiar and uses schedules, drag and drop files, and multiple areas to manage video files. Your children can also move the workstation around to fit the workflow, which is convenient.

The list of tools is extensive. Kids can get started by simply cutting and merging videos together with HitFilm Express. But they can also work their way through color corrections, layer masks, image tracking, and even a particle simulator. In fact, the particle simulator is fun for all ages, but it may need a getting started guide.

There are also options for green screen backgrounds, post-processing effects and customization, as well as heaps of other special effects.

Overall, HitFilm Express is one of the most complete video editing tools for kids – even if they have little time to learn. Still, there is no time better to start learning. After a while, even a professional tool like HitFilm Express will become as easy as a video editing program in Windows 10 Photos.

What is the best video editor for kids?

The best kids video editing app depends on your kids and their technical characteristics. I tested several of these tools with my children during a coronavirus lock during a school project.

Because the integrated video editor for Windows 10 Photos didn’t have a complete lack of editing skills before this (preventing some still images from being edited), it was a hit for ease of use. However, my oldest child felt that the whole package was missing and wanted more with filters, scene transitions, and effects.

The children found a happy medium Open Shot, which did not increase the complexity of video editing, but added a significant number of customizations to its creations. In addition, OpenShot is free, which is always a bonus.

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to practice your creative clips.

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