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Top 5 electronics packages for kids

Keeping children at home can be a difficult task. Training them at the same time can be even more difficult, especially if you have to work at the same time.

However, there is a technique that can be fun and educational for your children. It also keeps them focused on a specific task, meaning you can too.

In that sense, here are the best electronics packages for kids.

Binary bots Dimm robot series

Binary bots Dimm robot series

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$ 34.49

Binary bots Dimm robot series you can build and program your own robot. Your kids will learn how to code, how to build and love to watch the results of hard work. That makes Dimm fantastic educational electronics.

Described as STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), Dimm is a cardboard robot that looks a lot like previous robot toys. The children’s robot is easy to assemble, so they don’t get frustrated with the neat parts. It also comes with stickers so you can get creative with your patterns. There are even a variety of e-learning resources for children to teach coding and other useful STEM skills.

The heart of the dimm robot is BBC Micro: a bit of a computer. This allows you to code the robot to perform simple but useful tasks. This little bot provides hours of fun as your kids learn to use Dimm. However, the great thing about the Binary Bots series is the Micro: bit. It can be used with other robots – you can even make your own – so there are a lot of learning opportunities.

Top race DIY drone

Top race DIY drone

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$ 29.99

Top race DIY drone is an excellent STEM activity for children. Not only do you have to build the drone yourself, but you also have to fly it later. If this is not an incentive to learn, we don’t know what it is. This is a great way to teach kids also trials and failures because they are likely to fall over and build a drone many times.

As you can see, you build a drone with very familiar looking bricks. They are not LEGO and we cannot confirm their compatibility with bricks from a famous brand. However, this means that if your child is playing with LEGO, they have an idea of ​​how to assemble a drone. Because you click the bricks together to build a drone, they easily snap again.

This means that if they hit a wall, the drone will absorb all the blows and take the damage. Only temporarily, because you can then rebuild it. It comes with a remote control that will fly the drone when you are ready to build it. Thanks to its small body, the drone is also suitable for indoor flying.

Technology saves us the Synth Kit

Technology saves us the Synth Kit

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$ 11.85

One for budding musicians here. Tech Will Save Us is a fantastic brand with a product range focused on music. Technology saves us the Synth Kit is a great place to start for electronic music fans. You can expand the instruments with a sampler, electric guitar, and another synthesizer.

The box contains everything you need to make three different sounding synths. This gives the Synth Kit a longevity when you can remove it and reconstruct it into a different machine. In addition to teaching electronics and coding, the synthesis also helps children discover more about volume, pitch, and frequency.

The real standout feature is access to the Tech Will Save Us MAKE platform. This is an online learning resource with children in mind. It has technical recipes and other projects that use the same packaging as you will find in the synthesis box. This means you can combine kits and design custom STEM toys, which is a really great addition.

Kano Computer Kit Touch

Kano Computer Kit Touch

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$ 394.98

How many times have you heard of a small complaint about the absence of your own tablet? In that case Kano Computer Kit Touch is an excellent compromise. The kit is designed to help your kids build and program their own basic computers so they can benefit from their hard work.

Kano Computer Kit Touch is suitable for children over 6 years of age. It comes with an instruction manual with step-by-step instructions. So there is no crawling by Google that would try to figure out why this port isn’t working, or that the line of code isn’t quite right.

You also get a 10.1-inch HD display, a Raspberry Pi 3, a battery, a speaker (which is also DIY), and a wireless keyboard. The kit also includes a tablet case, three USB ports, all the cables you need, a sound sensor and some stickers to make your tablet look respectful.

Not only that, but Kano also uses its own Android-based operating system specifically designed for kids. This provides them with a safe environment for learning. Like Binary Bot and Tech Will Save Us, Cano has an extensive online presence with lots of introductory programs and technical recipes to enjoy, which increases the shelf life of this STEM toy.

4M Tin Can Robot

4M Tin Can Robot

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$ 19.99

Let’s look at the fact that every household probably has a few empty soda canisters. 4M Tin Can Robot can take advantage of them by turning them into a science project. This is a great way to teach a variety of disciplines, all ecologically meaningful.

As the name suggests, the tin robot includes an old can as the body of a tiny robot. This is great for teaching children the importance of recycling and re-setting. The box contains all the parts needed to make the robot, in addition to the can. So, you get a dome head (with attached googly loops), a body bracket for attaching weapons, and a base unit with wheels and a motion sensor.

When completed, the robot sprays over a flat surface alone. If it reaches the edge, its sensors will kick in and turn around. Great fun to build and watch, and a great way for a child to learn by creating.

The best electronics kit for kids

We really enjoyed putting together this guide. There is so much variety out there that you can encourage the development of a child’s logical mind. Because of this diversity, you can easily deliver regular projects to your children without breaking the bank.

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