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Top 5 Gratitude Journal apps for iPhone users

Keeping a thank-you journal can lead to higher vigilance, enthusiasm, determination, optimism, and energy. They are values ​​we can all be grateful for.

Traditionally, letters of gratitude are kept in pencil and paper books. However, there are also several well-crafted digital thank-you magazines for iOS. They allow you to develop a habit of saving on what you are grateful for in your life.

Here are the best Thanksgiving diary apps for the iPhone and iPad.

1. Grateful

Grateful is a great gratitude diary option with features to help you make it truly your own. You start each entry with prompts like “what are you grateful for?” and “what made you laugh?” today. This is a useful way to start writing a magazine if you are new.

Grateful standout features:

  • Set reminders to write a note every day.
  • Customize typing prompts with built-in options or create your own.
  • Add notes, add photos, and apply tags to all your notes.
  • Sort entries by date, tag, prompt, or random.

Grateful has an intuitive and attractive interface, customizable features and useful prompts. It’s a really solid diary app for the iPhone and iPad. You can try Grateful for free with 15 diary entries and if you like it, check out the subscription plan. This allows you to back up your diary for cloud storage, among other things.

Charge: Grateful (Free, subscription available)

2. Gratitude Happiness Magazine

Another excellent iPhone app in this area is the Gratitude Happiness Journal. Like Grateful, you can use prompts to help you mark the day. You can also write a thank you letter or simply write down what you are grateful for. Everything depends on you!

Best features of Gratitude Happiness Journal:

  • Tap to write in your diary, write a daily declaration, or receive a daily Zen quote that you can share.
  • Set reminders for diary entries, insurance, and daily offers.
  • Use a passcode lock to make sure your thoughts remain private.
  • Add pastel colors to the diary and add a photo.

The Gratitude Happiness Diary provides a daily or monthly view of your diary. Plus, you can see how consistently you write diaries by writing tracks. The app offers most of its features for free, which is awesome. But if you want to add a search function, export options, or the ability to add a tag to more than one image, see the ordering plan.

Charge: Gratitude Happiness Journal (Free, subscription available)

3. Reflect

Reflectly is a neat gratitude diary that will guide you to share how you feel. This is a great way start if you are new to the magazine

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. Start by categorizing your day, go to your main activity, and then end with how you felt all day. Reflexly calls markings “stories”.

Key features of Reflectly:

  • Follow helpful questions to create your stories.
  • Edit your stories, add notes and photos.
  • Sort and filter stores by time period, activity, or emotion.
  • Create six stories to unlock your writing stats.

With Reflectly, you get a great interface that you can customize with your favorite color, morning and evening reminders, and a passcode lock to make you feel good. If you’re interested in additional features like unlimited text, new daily questions, and personal insights, see the subscription plan.

Charge: Reflectly (Free, subscription available)

4. 365 gratitude magazine

With 365 Gratitude Journal, you get more than just a simple journal. You will read inspirational quotes and stories, get help from happiness coach Joy, share it with the community, and capture quick moments with a jar of gratitude.

365 Gratitude Journal Visible Features:

  • Add to the mood of the day, read an inspiring story, and follow the prompt to express your thoughts.
  • Fill the thank-you jar by entering moments as they happen.
  • Join the game of gratitude to earn points, win medals and unlock prizes.
  • Set daily reminders, generate a passcode, and rate to learn more about yourself.

If you’re looking for a gratitude diary that goes beyond just daily entries, 365 Grateitude Journal is the app for you. You need to subscribe to use the meditation library, sync with your other devices, open Coach Joy and more.

Charge: 365 thank you note (Free, subscription available)

5. Happyfeed

Another gratitude app for iPhone and iPad to watch is Happyfeed. This magazine allows you to add up to three entries a day and give you a tip for writing if necessary. In addition, you can add a smiley to sum up the mood of the day.

Key features of Happyfeed:

  • Add photos and locations to your annotations to remember what makes you grateful.
  • Look back at your entries, edit them, and share them with others if you want.
  • Set daily reminders to stay up to date.
  • Create a private group called the Pod to share your progress and selected moments.

With Happyfeed, keeping a thank you diary is easy with a simple interface, the ability to add photos of gratitude, and a quick way to view your previous entries. Happyfeed is free. With the subscription option, you can get the app’s internal calendar, use offline mode, create more entries per day, and more.

Charge: Happyfeed (Free, subscription available)

Benefits of Gratitude Journal

While we weather rainy days and storms in our lives, keeping a gratitude diary can help remind us to focus more on sunshine and lemonade moments. It can also help reduce depression, daily stress, and stimulate emotional awareness in others.

If you want to try something different, check it out some tools for the bullet

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, as well as these diary apps to improve mental health.

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