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Top 5 resume builder sites so you can create a resume online

Finding a job is an overwhelming process. Compiling your resume can also make it even more nerve-wracking. Since that’s the first impression you make, make sure you take all the right notes with your resume.

With a few online services, the process becomes much easier. The following is a list of the best resume sites that offer a variety of professional resume creation options. Some of them also make it easy to share your resume with potential employers.

VisualCV continues the creation page

With VisualCV, you can either submit your data from an existing file or enter the data manually through an easy-to-use interface. The free version of the service gives you enough tools to create one resume. However, you will need an $ 18 per month upgrade to get the most out of the site.

Upgrading to Pro allows you to remove the VisualCV brand from your resume, access multiple resume design, export your resume to Microsoft Word, and view further processing.


VisualCV provides a clean and professional end product that you can send as a link to potential employers (as long as you have a Pro update). The analysis data that comes with the Pro version also tells you how many times your resume has been viewed or uploaded.

While the free version limits you to resume design and sharing options, it’s still a workable way to create a simple resume. The service also offers many examples of resumes industry based, so you can get tips and ideas on how your resume should look.


While it’s convenient to upload your resume instead of manually entering information, I noticed that it didn’t map the information correctly, while other services are able to identify sections and related content correctly. This means that fixing requires quite a bit of editing on your part.

PDF downloading is also a useful feature, but the watermark really doesn’t make it useful in a professional environment.

Kickresume Continue with Builder Online

Kickresume free accounts give users access to basic extension templates as well as a limited number of entries and categories. When you create a resume with Kickresume, you can enter your personal information manually or import it from LinkedIn. When your resume is complete, download it in PDF format.

For a $ 96 per year or $ 19 per month upgrade, you get access to all existing resume templates, unlimited entries and categories, full customizations, an online resume site, cover letter options, and email support. You can also purchase a post-processing service for $ 29 per sequel.

Premium account holders can also publish their resume online by selecting a unique Kickresume URL that allows them to put their name in a link to make a personal contact. You can then share the URL with potential employers.


When you choose a template for your resume, you can filter them by profession. The interface is easy to use and takes a lot of effort involved in creating a resume with programs like Word.

Kickresume also makes it easy to process a cover letter using the same template as your resume. This way, you can keep all the documents in your application consistent. U.S. Kickresume users can also search for jobs on the site’s pages whiteboard, powered by ZipRecruiter. Quick access to something the best job search sites

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streamline your search process.


The free version of Kickresume is handy, but most of its distinctive features are understandably reserved for Premium users. While you can filter templates by profession, you can’t sort them by whether they’re free or not. This means you have to go through a large selection of Premium models that you can’t use if you want to stick with the free version of the service.

Some basic features are also available as a paid upgrade only, such as adding new sections to your resume and customizing fonts and colors.

Canva Build continues online

Not only you can create a continuation from a blank canvas

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, but you can also choose from dozens of customizable resume templates. This alone makes some consider Canva to be the best site to pursue.

If you choose a pre-designed layout, you can just edit the doll’s text and replace it with your own information. You can also add additional design elements (shapes, lines, icons, and more), change the background, and send images.

Once you have completed your resume, you can share the link via email or download it in PDF format.


Canva offers some fairly heavy customization features that are easy to use. With a drag-and-drop interface, someone with little or no design skills can put together a professional resume. You can also use just as many of the great designs if multiple options seem overwhelming.

Even if you don’t have a strong aesthetic design, Canva offers a lot of great features like a font pair and a huge library of free icons. While Canva has several paid designs and graphics, you can still create a great sequel using only its free features, a rarity for online successor builders.


A more satisfying part of using Canva is filling in the data. There is no option to upload your resume or connect to your LinkedIn account, nor is there a convenient interface for entering your information. Instead, you need to fill out the template carefully when editing it.

CV Maker Continue with Builder Online

If you are looking for a straightforward way to create a resume, CV Maker is the site for you. You don’t even have to create an account to get started. Just fill out the form showing your contact information, qualifications and experience. You can also add custom sections to your resume or delete standard sections by leaving them blank.

The free version of CV Maker offers you six basic models to choose from. For a one-time $ 16 fee, you get access to the Premium version – the upgrade gives you four new templates, an advanced Rich Text Editor, and the ability to quickly send your resume to a potential employer.


CV Maker is another service with a wealth of durable but free features. It’s one of the few options where you can download or share your resume for free as a PDF, HTML, or TXT file without strings.

It’s also one of the few services listed here that offers premium features for a one-time upgrade instead of paying a monthly fee.


The information has to be entered manually in CV Maker, which is tedious. Not to mention that there are “similarities” in the free models, and you can’t make big design changes even with the Premium version. However, it is best to quickly build clear and simple extensions.

Novoresume Continue Builder Online

Despite the fact that Novoresume is a freemium service, it is still one of the best websites for creating follow-up help. Once you’ve created your account, you can choose from several stylish templates.

You will need to enter your information manually into the template, but using the form in Novoresume with each section is easy. Novoresume also allows you to save all the data entered My content tab so you can easily copy and paste it into other templates.

For a high fee of $ 16, you can unlock the Premium version of Novoresume for a month. This gives you access to professional video guides, specialized sections, a complete library collection, and custom layouts. You can also use the Premium version create a cover letter

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go along with your resume.


You don’t have to upgrade to the Premium version to get a stylish collection of collections and fonts. As long as you don’t select any premium elements, you can download your resume for free in PDF format. Novoresume also gives you helpful suggestions and changes that you can look at when creating your resume.

If you decide to upgrade, you will not have to pay a monthly fee when you receive the Premium upgrade. You will only be charged once, and it will not be renewed automatically.


Novoresume offers a collection of only 16 extension models, and most of them look similar in design and style. Because the templates are optimized to get past the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), you don’t have complete freedom from the fonts, colors, and layouts you find on Canva like Sites.

What is the best resume site for you?

Ultimately, finding the best place to continue creating. If you want complete control over the design of your resume, go with Canva. Otherwise, other options in this list can help you quickly navigate the creation process, as they provide preset layouts and convenient shapes.

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