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Top 8 Internet Explorer Problems (and an Easy Way to Fix Them)

As a topic of networks and hated for years, Internet Explorer has gone largely obscure. Microsoft still includes Internet Explorer 11 (final version) with Windows 10, but it is more for compatibility reasons than anything else.

You may sometimes encounter situations where you need to use Internet Explorer. Let’s look at common hotfixes for Internet Explorer problems, so time-consuming browsers don’t have to bother.

1. Internet Explorer is not in active development

Before we address certain Internet Explorer issues and fixes, we need to cover the obvious. Although Microsoft maintains it in supported versions of Windows, Internet Explorer is an old browser that the company is no longer actively developing. In the absence of modern features and an outdated configuration, Internet Explorer 11 is still inadequate for today’s network.

For this reason, we do not recommend using Internet Explorer unless you absolutely need it. It is primarily included in Windows 10 as a backward compatibility tool because many internal company websites require Internet Explorer to work properly. If you don’t come across such a site, you’ll be much better off using Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft’s revamped Edge, or even open source browser

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Below are a few common Internet Explorer issues. If you can’t solve any of them easily, don’t waste your time – just use something else.

2. Basic Internet Explorer troubleshooting: No updates have been installed

IE 11 About the page

As mentioned, Internet Explorer does not receive frequent updates. However, it is unlikely that Microsoft has recently fixed a known issue with Internet Explorer, check for updates before you begin advanced troubleshooting.

In Windows 10, the browser receives updates through Windows Update because it is part of the operating system. Head Settings> Update and Security> Windows Update to check for the latest updates and apply everything displayed here.

3. Internet Explorer cannot be found

Internet Explorer comes with Windows 10 by default. You can only open it by searching Internet Explorer In the Start menu. If it does not appear there, press Win + R open the Run box and type iexplore.exe.

If you see an error message or Internet Explorer fails to load, it’s likely that you (or another administrator on your computer) are disabling it. Maybe they didn’t want anyone to use the old browser unnecessarily.

Type to reactivate Internet Explorer Windows features Start menu and select Turn Windows features on or off. In the list that appears, scroll down and check Internet Explorer 11 if it is not already. click on okay, wait for the process to complete, and then restart the computer. It should then be available.

Enable IE 11

4. Error 404 in Internet Explorer

Error 404 means that the page you are trying to visit does not exist. Usually this is because you typed the URL incorrectly or clicked on a link that leads to a dead page. it is rarely a problem with IE.

When this happens, press F5 refresh the page and make sure it is not a temporary problem. If you typed the URL manually, double-check to make sure you didn’t make any mistakes. Once you’ve reviewed them, try searching for the page on Google.

If it is not visible through search, it is possible that the page no longer exists. Try using it from another browser or other device, like your phone. If it works, give it a try clear the browser cache

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In IE.

5. Internet Explorer crashes, stops, or crashes

Many Internet Explorer troubleshooting revolves around poor performance. To resolve these issues, you must first troubleshoot Internet Explorer performance.

You can use this by searching control panel On the Start menu to open it. If you see Category click this in the upper right corner to change it to a value Small icons. Select next Mapping problems, followed by Show all in the upper left corner.

Double-click in the resulting menu Internet Explorer performance. Click before you begin Advanced link and select Run as an administrator best results.

Internet Explorer performance troubleshooting

When the troubleshooting is complete, it shows the actions taken. Hopefully these will solve the Internet Explorer problem.

Shifting hardware acceleration can also help with these things. This option uses your computer’s video card (instead of the CPU) to handle extensive graphics tasks, such as video streaming. In most cases, it’s better to keep it turned on, but you can try changing it to see if it matters.

You can change this by clicking gear icon in the upper-right corner of Internet Explorer (representing Tools menu) followed by Internet Options. choose Advanced tab at the top, then select the box Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering. click on okay, you must restart your computer for the change to take effect.

Internet Explorer Use software rendering

Additional performance troubleshooting

Browser add-ons can often interfere with performance. Click to gear icon and select Manage plug-ins to check the ones you have enabled and try to turn off all the accessories you need. As another troubleshooting guide, you can run Internet Explorer without add-ons and see if this improves anything.

First, close all Internet Explorer windows. Then press Win + R type to open the Run dialog box iexplore.exe -extoff, and hit Come in. See if IE works better without using plug-ins.

Internet Explorer No additions

If all else fails, try a full reset of Internet Explorer. This will restore everything back to its default state so you can start from a clean strip. Before you continue, we recommend that you save from Internet Explorer what you want to keep, such as bookmark backup

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To reset IE, go to Tools> Internet Options> Advanced and click Reset button at the bottom. You will see a warning telling you what this process is doing. It resets all settings, but does not delete personal content such as your homepage, history, and saved form information.

Check Delete personal settings box if you also want to delete this content.

After you click Reset, you will need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

6. Internet Explorer display problems

If a website doesn’t look as expected, such as blank, with images that don’t show text, broken or mixed text, or misplaced menus, there may be compatibility issues between IE and the website.

This can often be due to Compatibility View, a feature designed to help display websites built on older versions of IE. Click to check Compatibility view settings from Tools menu. The current website is displayed Add this website box; click on Add to display it using the Compatibility view.

If the site looks incorrect and is in the Compatibility View list, click it and select delete. You will never need to use Compatibility View unless the website is built specifically for IE 8 or older, which is rare today.

IE compatibility view

The tracking protection feature in Internet Explorer, which reduces the tracking of websites for privacy reasons, can also interfere with content. To disable tracking security, select Manage plug-ins from Tools menu. Care about Tracking security in the left sidebar, right-click each item in the list and select disable.

IE Tracking Protection

You can also try clearing your browser’s cache, as mentioned in section 4 above. Head Tools> Internet Options> General and click Remove below Browsing History.

Display problems can also be caused by hardware acceleration, as mentioned above. Try changing this setting if you haven’t already.

7. Videos do not play in Internet Explorer

If you can’t get the video to play in IE, try another browser. Most videos today use HTML5, which works in all modern browsers. When a particular video isn’t playing, it probably relies on a feature that IE is missing.

If you really need to look at it in IE, check the add-ons to check for inconsistencies, as described above.

8. I can’t see pictures in Internet Explorer

You can try all of the solutions to this problem mentioned earlier, such as Compatibility View, disabling Tracking Security, and clearing temporary Internet files. In fact, there is a setting that blocks all images in Internet Explorer. This is a simple fix if you have had to deal with this problem.

Browse Tools> Internet Options> Advanced. Scroll down to multimedia title and make sure Show pictures has been chosen.

IE View Images

If this is selected, you may want to reset Internet Explorer security settings. Click while Internet Options is in place safety tab and several “zones” appear at the top (most sites belong to Internet zone). Just click Reset all zones to the default level and restart the computer to restore everything to normal.

If all this fails, restore IE to its default settings as explained above.

IE is old, so the questions are not surprising

Now you know how to react when Internet Explorer is not working properly. I hope you never have to use it so you don’t run into many problems. Since the browser is not far from modern, these problems can certainly occur. We encourage you to use another browser whenever possible.

If you’ve been stuck in IE for a while, check For more information, see the Internet Explorer FAQ

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