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Try these five unique productivity methods to get bored

Looking hard to be productive? Try these different motivational methods and productivity techniques to strengthen your ability to get things done and get out of boredom.

When the routine changes, it’s hard to stay as productive as you were before. You have to adapt to what life and work throw at you. From classic productivity methods to a psychological course that teaches happiness, these sites, apps, and e-books promise to restart your results.

1. a new day (Web): Imagine a time in a 10-hour day

The newDay productivity app redefines a 24-hour day to 10 hours in 100 minutes

A NewDay designer thinks about time completely when you know it. Instead of planning a 24-hour day, you now have 15 “hours,” or 10 waking segments and five sleeping segments. It’s a bit out there, but maybe thinking about time differently might trigger productivity.

This is how it works. Instead of a 60-minute hour, your 10 waking-up segment is 100 minutes each. Your five sleep cycles are 88 minutes, which is close to the average 90-minute sleep cycle. It’s a total of 440 minutes, and it meets the recommended seven hours of sleep to achieve a healthy schedule.

Set a goal for each waking segment and follow it. The app tries to ignite a new focus on what you’re doing by forcing you to drain traditional time-based productivity methods. It’s best to make this your New Tab page if you use it to keep each new day on the “hour”.

Of course, you don’t throw away the traditional clock because that’s how the rest of the world works. So when you wake up, set the time for the first segment, and newDay will adjust it for all ten segments accordingly.

2. Medium method (Web): Productivity without removing the pen and paper

The Medium method finds a balance between the use of paper and digital applications to achieve productivity

Most productivity methods require you to deploy new applications and gadgets. It’s about pen and paper draining and digitizing. The Medium method is a proponent of healthy balance. The idea is to use pen and paper while adding the benefits of technology.

It’s ironic that the method rose to fame on one’s blog best to-do list apps

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, Todoist. Assistant Chad Hall writes how he uses two notebooks, post-it notes, and digital applications for to-do lists, notes, and calendars.

You should read the entire post to understand the complexities and mindsets behind the method, but the basic knowledge is to use laptops and post-it notes to write everything.

In the night view, you download these to the apps. In particular, Hall states that she uses a daily sticky note to always remind her of that day’s priorities.

The Medium method is an ideal productivity technology for those who use desktops but do not yet have an application system. You don’t have to go completely digital and paperless. There’s something to be said when writing assignments on paper and overcoming them or taking quick notes without worrying about formatting.

3. Work the system (E-book): What is your biological goal?

Sam Carpenter’s productivity book Work The System is a free download in all formats and an audiobook

Sam Carpenter’s productivity book Work The System is a must read for team leaders, managers and business owners. The principle of the book is to understand and optimize both personal and professional systems.

The book will teach you how to identify linear systems and maximize them starting with yourself.

Carpenter’s book, for example, got a lot of titles using the “biological prime time” method. In it, he talks about how the energy levels of each individual disappear and flow on different days. This is one of the personal linear systems.

When you understand your “biological main time” and work with it in mind, you are more productive. In fact, based on this system, we have a free spreadsheet at Find the most profitable hours

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Work The System is available as a free e-book on the official website. The link on the homepage is currently broken. But we found an older link where you can sign up for the newsletter and get the e-book for free.

You can download it in Epub, Mobi and PDF formats. If you share Work The System on social media, you can also download a free audiobook.

Charge: Work the system (Free)

Several studies show a clear correlation that the happiest people are more productive. But because there is surrounding gloom and destruction in the news on a daily basis, it’s hard to maintain a happy atmosphere. Yale University offers a free online course designed to change the way of thinking, called The Science of Welling.

Laurie Santos, a professor of psychology, teaches different aspects of happiness in a four-week course. Each week requires about two hours of coursework as you learn about misconceptions about happiness and how our minds trick us with expectations and biases. Finally, you will learn about what really makes you happy and how to implement happiness strategies in your daily life.

The course work is light and easily suitable for busy schedules. In addition to the weekly video, Santos offers recommended reading, but none of them are necessary to move on to next week’s lesson. It’s more about embracing and editing what you’ve learned from video and putting it into practice. You can start the course whenever you want, and take it at your own pace.

Practice Timline methods in Dreamline Calculator and Fear Setup as online applications

Motivational speaker Tim Ferris often talks about two game-changing productivity techniques: Setting fear and Dream Line-calculator.

In her book The 4-Hour Work Week, she talks about how both exercises increase motivation by giving you a plan for the worst situation and dream situations. Both exercises are now available as interactive web applications.

In setting your fear, the model takes you through six steps to face your fear.

You can define, prevent, correct, evaluate the benefits of success and the costs of inaction, and finally summarize the whole process. It actually takes about half an hour to actually consider and answer each question, but you better answer it.

The Dreamline calculator is a six to 12 month map to achieve your desired lifestyle.

The model asks questions you probably haven’t thought of when you dreamed big. This forces you to evaluate and re-evaluate the practicality and what sacrifices you have to make. But once you’ve set a plan, you’ll feel more motivated and productive because you know the exact benefits and losses if you don’t take action.

Productivity of teleworkers

Many people find it difficult to stay productive when they are not in the office. Telework has its own motivational challenges, which can be met with the above-mentioned methods. But only if these don’t work for you, try these tips for success in telecommuting

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