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Tumblr removes all hostile reblogs

Tumblr removes all rebounds that promote hate speech. There is a particular focus on hate speech by white arrogant people. In addition, the Social Media Forum is committed to continuing to remove new update logos that are found to be in violation of Community rules.

Tumblr was late blowing anger

In August 2018, Tumblr updated the community guidelines

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. This meant fighting hostility, violent threats and unanimously accepted sexual content. Tumblr was behind the curve for this, and Reddit looked especially in this regard.

However, because of Tumblor’s approach, a lot of hostile content seems to have fallen through the cracks. Basically, even though the original blogs posting hate speech were removed, reblogs with the same content have remained on the site. So far.

Tumblr deletes millions of hostile re-blogs

The message Tumblor staff blog, Tumblr explains how it continues to fight hate speech. It has identified nearly 1,000 blogs that have previously been suspended for hate speech violations and sought to remove them from new blogs.

Tumblr has already removed 4.47 million re-logos and is committed to continuing it if necessary. While there is a possibility that these re-logars offered the opposite of hate speech, Tumblr has decided it is best to just remove it all.

While it seems a perfectly sensible task to remove rebukes that promote hate speech, Tumblri is forced to make accusations that restrict freedom of speech. In fact, Tumblr has issued a statement on the matter in an attempt to get the enemies forward by saying:

“We are and will always remain unfaithful to free speech. Tumblr is a place where you can be yourself and express your opinion. Hate speech does not support it.

When hate speech is not used, it ultimately muffles voices that add kindness and value to our society. It’s not the kind of Tumblr that any of us want. “

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. Just make sure you don’t create a Tumblr account to spread hate speech, as you probably won’t get out of it now.

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