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Twitter previews for tweets with false U.S. election results

The platform released tweets declaring a premature election victory.

Twitter is putting a warning sign on tweets declaring a premature victory in the U.S. 2020 presidential election. Now that election day is around the corner, the forum provided more information on how and when its warning stickers will be used.

Twitter Labels Tweets Premature victory

Twitter subsidies for election day

Twitter support sent a series of tweets to remind users of the steps Twitter is taking to protect the U.S. election. The platform adds warning stickers to tweets “that make demands for election results before they are officially called.”

Twitter even included an example of what the label looks like. Under the controversial tweet, the label might say “Official sources may not have invited the contest when this was tweeted” or “Official sources called these elections differently.”

This etiquette doesn’t just show up on presidential election tweets. The platform notes that it prioritizes both the presidential election and all other “highly controversial races” held in the United States.

Keep in mind that Twitter doesn’t mark all users ’tweets that spread false information about the election. Twitter will only mark your tweet if your account meets the following conditions:

  1. Your account has a 2020 candidate badge.

  2. You are an American and have over 100,000 followers. Or you have over 25,000 likes or over 25,000 retweets and quotes.

Twitter also stated that it will only consider election results official if they come from government officials or if they have been confirmed in at least two national news outlets. These outlets include ABC, Associated Press, CBS, CNN, Decision Desk HQ, Fox News, and NBC.

The platform also revealed similar stickers for tweets that contain misleading information, as well as stickers for tweets that incite violence.

Misleading information on Twitter
Image credit: Twitter

Twitter then reassured users that it would help prevent misinformation about the election, and stated:

We are committed to protecting the integrity of the # Election2020 conversation on Twitter, and we will keep you informed of our ongoing efforts to do so.

Twitter already has several measures in place to keep misinformation to a minimum. Not just Twitter prevents retweeting before the election, But it even encourages users to read articles before retweeting them. Twitter has even gone so far distort election data in advance.

Doomsday is coming

As election day comes, you may see some of these stickers affixed to the tweets of candidates and influencers. It is important to take these potentially misleading Tweets with salt.

And instead of relying on Twitter to get U.S. election results, it’s best to get your information from a trusted news source.


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