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Uber eats, it is easier to send food to friends

Uber Eats make it easier to send food to friends. So now there’s no excuse not to order cupcakes for your mom Mother’s Day

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. And this is a topical feature given that many of us are still locked up and unable to share a meal with the people we love.

How to Share a Uber Eats Tracking Link |

While you’ve previously been able to send food to your friends with Uber Eats, the company’s latest feature is designed to make it even easier. And it is thanks to COVID-19 that the existing social distance rules have brought about change.

In the past, when you ordered food for your friends with Uber Eats, you, as the sender, had to keep track of the order. Which meant keeping the recipient up to date on delivery status so they knew when to wait for it to arrive.

Uber Eats now gives you a chance share delivery status with others using a simple tracking link. This tracking link uses Uber Eats ’real-time tracking system to keep the person receiving food up to date. So they know exactly when to expect it.

When you place an order with someone else, an in-app pop-up will ask if you want to share the delivery with a friend. You then select the person from your contacts, choose how to share them (via text message, email, or messaging app), and then share the link.

Giving Uber eats the edge over the competition

This is a small new feature, but makes the idea of ​​sending food to friends more appealing. Because once you place your order and submit the link, you can relax and enjoy your day regardless of whether the order has been delivered and when.

With Food delivery services

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growing all the time, this gives Uber Eats an advantage over the competition. Especially if you are a generous soul who wants to order food for lovers. Or vice versa, like getting your friends to order food for you.

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