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Uninstall and remove Google Drive from your computer or Mac

Do you want to remove Google Drive from your computer? You may no longer want to use Google Drive or need to reinstall it to resolve this issue.

Do not worry! We’ll show you how to remove Google Drive from your Windows PC or Mac. If you do not need this kernel option, we will also cover disconnecting and suspending Google Drive.

How to disconnect Google Drive from your computer

Before you can remove Google Drive from your computer, you’ll need to disconnect your system from your account. This is also a useful step if you don’t want to uninstall Google Drive completely yet.

To disconnect Google Drive, you need to click Backup and sync from Google icon. It looks like a cloud with an up arrow.

Windows can be found in the system tray at the bottom right of this screen; you may need to click the arrow to display all the icons. On a Mac, you see the same icon in the menu bar at the top of the screen. When the Google Drive panel opens, press Triple menu button and select settings.

Google Drive backup sync menu

In the Google Drive settings selection, switch to Google Drive tab on the left. Delete Options Sync My Drive to this computer stop all synchronization. You can also check Only sync these folders select and select specific directories to sync.

Google Drive will stop syncing

If you do this, you can return to this settings panel to restart sync or make changes to sync. Anything that isn’t set up to sync stays on your computer and you can use it, but the changes you make aren’t replicated in the cloud. Also, your local folders will not be updated when you make changes elsewhere.

To completely disconnect your Google Drive account from your current computer, go to settings tab.

click on Cancel account Sign out of Google Drive on this machine – just one important one Google Drive settings you should know about.

Google Drive Disconnect

Once you’ve done this, Google Drive won’t do anything until you sign in again. You still have access to the files in your Drive folder, but they don’t sync with the cloud.

How to Remove Google Drive |

Did you decide you don’t want Google Drive or do you need to reinstall the software? To remove Google Drive from your computer, follow these steps:

Note that uninstalling Google Drive will prevent your files from syncing, but it will not delete existing files. If necessary, you can remove or move them after installation, which does not affect copies of the cloud service.

Uninstall Google Drive from Windows 10

To remove Google Drive from Windows, you just need to install it like any other program. Open settings (using Win + me shortcut if you want) and scroll Applications> Applications and Features.

Use the search box or scroll down to find Backup and sync from Google, which is the new name for the Google Drive app.

click on Uninstall and go through the steps to remove it from your computer. Once this is done, you will need to reinstall the application to resume syncing files to this computer. Your Google Drive folder stays in place, but has been deleted from your account.

Windows Uninstall Google Drive

Uninstall Google Drive from MacOS

Removing Google Drive from your Mac is just like uninstall all other MacOS applications

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. Open the Finder and go to applications folder. If you don’t see it in the left sidebar, it’s available as well Go menu or shortcut Shift + Cmd + A.

Indoors applications, Search Backup and sync from Google and drag it to the Dock Trash. This will remove the application from your system.

Move the app to the Trash

How to pause Google Drive

If you just want to prevent Google Drive from syncing for a moment, you don’t need to unplug or remove it. Both Windows and Mac apps let you pause Google Drive when needed.

Click the Backup and Sync icon again as described above. Three-Piste menu Click in the upper right corner of this panel Break option. This will prevent Google Drive from sending and downloading until you repeat the steps and click Continue. When you resume, it syncs any changes made during the pause.

Google Drive Pause Sync

You can also prevent Google Drive from syncing by selecting Stop backup and sync from this menu. This will close the software, so it will not sync until you restart it.

Google Drive management

Now you know how to remove Google Drive from your computer and disconnect it. Usually you should uninstall the app just for troubleshooting or if you are sure you don’t want to use it anymore. Removing is enough to make changes to local files without changing the contents of the drive.

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