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Use the “Copy” trick when sharing Google Drive documents

It’s easy to copy any document from your Google Drive account. But what if you want your partners to automatically make a copy of a Google document when they receive a share link?

Try these tips that take advantage of a shared URL with little customization.

The usefulness of this neat Google Drive hack isn’t quite clear from the title, but try it once. You’ll see immediate benefits when you collaborate with others on Google Drive.

This method is convenient when you want to keep the original document and give others room to edit copies of the document in their own Drive folder.

It saves them a trip File> Copy command and share a copy of the Google Docs as usual. This is how it works.

Automatically share a copy of a Google document

A typical case is a Google document that each respondent must complete separately. Partners can write the information in their own copy of the document without damaging the original.

You don’t have to ask them to make a copy. Just follow these steps and a copy will be made for them automatically.

This hacking works on Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides.

  1. Open the Google Drive document to share.
  2. Click on the blue Ice button in the upper right corner of the document.Google Drive share button
  3. year Share with people and groups In the dialog box, click anywhere Get the link box as indicated by the prompt.Settings for the Google Drive Sharing dialog
  4. Click to grab the document link Copy the link. You can send this link to anyone via email or any other medium and view, comment or edit the document. To set access, select viewer, commenteror supplier by clicking the small down arrow to the right.Copy the Google Docs link
  5. Copy and paste the shared link into the email. Now delete all the link after the forward line and add “copy”. Please edit this small section only from the entire link section. If you make other edits, it will appear as an error page for your recipient.Copied the Google Drive URL to the email

    The new link now looks like this:
  6. Send an email and your work is done. When the recipient clicks on the link, they take them to the Google Drive screen, which prompts them to make a copy of the document.Make a copy of Google Docs

When they click Make a copy, a local copy of the document will be stored in their Google Drive. In addition, a copy will be received without comments from the original. To submit a comment file, read the following tip below.

Other Google URL tricks you can use to share your Google Document

There are a few more variations you can force into shared links depending on what you want your partner to do with it. Let’s look at these four URL checks.

1. Share a copy of Google Docs that contains comments

Example Google Dive Sharing URL

Sometimes you want your comment to be copied so that members of your group can use it to work with their version. You can do this in two ways:

  • Replace /edit with /copy?copyComments=true in the URL of the file.
  • Replace /edit with includeResolvedCommentsOnCopy=false avoid copying resolved comments.

2. Share a copy of Google Docs as a preview

Example Google Dive Sharing URL

The preview mode is different from the View option because it displays the document as a neat interface without menu bars and buttons. For example, you can share a spreadsheet or slide show with anyone outside your partner.

Use Preview mode to replace /edit In the URL of the Google Drive file /preview.

Note that the Preview link clears the menus. So recipients can not use File> Copy option to add a copy to your Google Drive.

To bypass this restriction, recipients can go to the browser’s address bar and replace it /preview with /edit once again making a copy in their own position.

3. Share your Google Docs as a template

Example Google Dive Sharing URL

You can share a Google Document as a template. The recipient receives a smooth copy of the document minus the Google Drive menus. They can also make a copy of the document in their position by clicking on the blue Use Templatiae button.

Replace /edit with /template/preview

This method combines the “Make a Copy” option in the Preview option.

4. Share your copy of Google Docs as a direct download link

Example Google Dive Sharing URL

The direct download link works as they say. All you have to do is click on the link and your file will be downloaded to your desktop.

Replace /edit with /export?format=FORMAT

Add a file format (such as PDF or CSV) that the document should save, and the download link is complete. The PDF or CSV option is ideal because it is a universal format and the recipient does not need a Google Account to open and view the file.

The receiver also receives a print file that they can send immediately to the printer. This works with Google Docs and Google Sheets, but not with Google Slides.

Keep an eye on Google Drive sharing settings

Google Drive is built around collaboration. But it’s always a good idea keep track of who you share your files with. Losing a track is easy when you work on a large team.

The examples above show that customizing shared URLs and accessing files is easy if your sharing permissions aren’t set for security. Spend time Manage your shared files in Google Drive

10 tips for managing shared files in Google Drive
Move Google Drive out of the file storage system by offering many tips and tricks for real-time collaboration. Here are ten tips for managing your files in Google Drive.
Read more

and you don’t have to worry about the files falling into the wrong hands.

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