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Reddit is a huge website with thousands of posts and comments in numerous sub-areas. As such, if you want to find a post that covers a specific topic, it’s a good idea to learn about the different ways you use Reddit’s search engine.

So in this article, we’ll explore how to search Reddit, including some unofficial ways to get better results.

How to search Reddit for subsections, users, and posts

If you want to search the entire Reddit – whether you’re looking for a subway or a message – you can use the search bar. If the term “subreddit” just flew over your head, be sure to read our guide what Reddit is and how it works

What is Reddit and how does it work?
What is Reddit and how does it work? How do you get started using Reddit as a beginner? We walk you through it.
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before you read any more.

The search bar is in different places depending on the Reddit template you are using. If you are using an old Reddit template, the search bar is in the upper right corner.

Reddit template search bar

If you are using the new Reddit model, it is at the top center.

Search bar for the new Reddit template

Type what you want to see here and search with Enter. When you use the search bar, Reddit collects sub-searches, users, and messages that contain your Search. For example, if you search for “cats,” you’ll find the underscore / r / cats and all Reddit posts with “cats” in the header.

If you only want to search for subparts, you can visit here alaluokkasivu. This is used to track subcategories, but also comes with a search box designed exclusively to find new communities.

How to search for Reddit using transformers and operators

You can also use the following transformers, as mentioned in Reddit’s advanced search:

  • title:[text] only searches for messages.
  • author:[username] only retrieves messages with the given username.
  • selftext:[text] only searches for messages that you have made yourself.
  • subreddit:[name] only searches for messages sent to a specific subcategory community.
  • url:[text] only searches for the URL of messages other than those you send.
  • site:[text] only searches for non-self-posting domain names.
  • NSFW: Yes or NSFW: no filters the results based on whether or not they were marked as NSFW.
  • yourself: yes or self: no filter the results based on whether they were the messages themselves.

You can also refine your search with Boolean operators.

  • AND means you want both parties to be true.
  • OR means that only one side has to be true.
  • You can use parentheses () group the modifiers together in case the search query is a complex mix of ANDs and ORs.
  • You can override / exclude certain editors by preceding them (Minus sign).

How to search in the sublist

If you want to search the sublist, you can use the subcategories search modifier mentioned above. However, there is an easier way to save a little time.

For example, suppose you browse a subcategory and do not find what you want to find. Instead of browsing until you find it, you can only search the subdirectory where you are. Enter the information you are looking for in the search box.

If you are using the old Reddit application, click the checkbox below the search box titled “limit my search [subreddit name]”. When you press Enter, only the results of that sublist will be displayed.

Finding Alidredit from an old Reddit model

However, if you are using the new Reddit template, you will not see a check box. Instead, search for the term as if you were looking for an entire website. Then click on the link on the results page that says “show results [subreddit name]”. It then filters the search to show only the content of your current sub-application.

Looking for an underproduct for the new Reddit model

How to search for Reddit comments

You’ve probably noticed that the search engine can’t look at Reddit’s comments; At least it can’t be at the time of writing. However, there is still a way to search Reddit’s comments; we just need to move out of Reddit and use third party tools instead.

One of the best tools is Pushshift Reddit Search. This website allows you to search for Reddit comments, but as you can see when you visit the website, it is nothing more. If you’re frustrated with Reddit’s search engine, try this instead.

Push Search website

To search for comments, make sure you’re in the “Search” category on the first line of options. On the second line, delete “Messages” and select “Comments”. In the third row, select the date range you want to search. In the search criteria you are looking for field, enter what you are looking for.

If you want to search for a specific subsystem, enter it in the “Subballs” field. The Domains field looks for posts that link to a specific website, but you don’t have to fill this in if you’re looking for comments.

When you click “Search,” Pushshift scrolls through Reddit and drags all the comments that match your query.

Search result from PushSearch

How to find deleted Reddit comments

Sometimes you’re looking for a comment thread for a discussion. You will find a comment that says “[Deleted]”, Followed by a chain of responses that will be discussed in more detail. The beginning of the conversation will be lost forever – or so you may think.

Removed comment from Reddit and replies

There is a handy website called removed which saves as many comments from Reddit as possible. As such, if a comment is deleted, Removeddit will “remember” it and show you what it said. In addition, it even notifies you if the user has deleted their own comment by marking it in blue or the moderator has removed it by marking it in red.

To use Removeddit, go to the Reddit comment section you want to review. Then edit the URL so that the Reddit portion of the domain becomes “removedit.” There is no need to delete and rewrite the name. Just add “move” after “again” in “Reddit”.

Recovering deleted comments with Removeddit

When you press Enter, you load the deleted edit page for that comment thread. Removeddit searches its database and displays any comments it has in the file for that thread. If Removeddit managed to archive the comment before deleting it, you can find it here in its former glory. Otherwise, if it was removed before Removeddit saw it, the website will display an error message instead.

Updating the Reddit experience

As you can see, there are different ways to search Reddit. So whether you’re looking for a new community to join or you’re trying to find one of the fun memes you compassed weeks ago, you should be good. Especially if you use a third-party options mentioned above.

Now that you know how to search like a pro, you may want to consider upgrading to Reddit Premium. But before you do, find out what Reddit Premium is and how it works

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