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What is the AOL mail login display name?

Lost your America Online (AOL) email login or display name? If you don’t remember your AOL Mail login or screen name, it’s easy to recover them – unless you received an account deactivation notification.

But let’s start with some definitions first.

What does an AOL mail login or display name look like?

The AOL Mail login, username, and display name are basically the same thing.

For example, mine AOL Mail email address Is:

[email protected]

My screen name or AOL username, is the full text just before “”. For example, my screen name looks like this:


In the past, AOL users could add up to seven additional usernames to their accounts. But AOL removed this feature on November 30, 2017. Now you can only have one username.

Now that you have an idea of ​​what your username, email, username, and display name look like, we’ll move on to looking for yours.

1. Recover your login / display name from AOL

Official AOL recovery steps for your AOL Mail login or display name are useless if you have not linked a phone number or alternate email address to your AOL Mail account. If you have never used your phone number or alternate email with AOL Mail, skip this step.

However, if you have registered a phone number or email, it is easy to recover your login.

Step One: Go to the login page

AOL Home screen to log in to your AOL email account

Go to first and left-click Login / Join in the upper right corner of the screen.

Step Two: Go to the AOL Recovery page

aol login window forgot username

Second, left-click on a text link Forgot your username? located under the blue Next button. The link will take you to the AOL email recovery page.

Step three: Enter your phone number or email address

aol email account recovery page

On this screen, enter your phone number in the marked text field e-mail or phonenumber and click Continue.

Care about Yes, send me the code to receive an eight-digit verification code. Wait five minutes for the number to reach your mobile phone or alternate email address. (Landline phones are not supported.)

Step four: Enter your return code

aol phone confirmation page

Enter your eight-character verification code in the text box provided Enter an 8-character code and left-click check.

You should now be able to access your AOL email account.

This method only works if you have provided your AOL mobile phone number or alternate email. Unfortunately, many who want to restore their account do not have a feature set.

2. Ask who you sent the emails from

If you sent an e-mail from AOL Mail that you know in real life, that person will have a record of your e-mail address and thus your login name and screen name. An excellent example of an email provider that keeps track of their customers is Gmail.

You can identify your Gmail email address by the name after the @ sign. For example:

[email protected]gmail

You can ask everyone for your AOL email addresses that you email. But I recommend asking someone with a Gmail account.

3. Find the login / screen on another site

facebook email

If you’ve never emailed anyone, you’ll need to find another way to reset your login / display name.

Fortunately, most websites, from retail to social media, keep your email address on file. If you can think of websites where you sign up for your AOL email account, this is one place to check.

For example, logging in to Facebook makes it easy to recover your email address. If you do the following:

  • go to Settings and privacy > settings
  • Right Contact you should see your email address.

If you see @ at the end of the email address, it means you have found your account!

Now (if you’ve found your AOL display name), you can sign in to your account with a password. But it’s likely that if you’ve lost your screen name, you’ve also lost your AOL password.

Resetting your AOL password

AOL Mail makes it easy to reset your password if you know your login / screen name.

To reset your AOL Mail password, follow these steps:

  • Go to AOL Mail
  • Left click Login / Join
  • Enter your AOL Mail address Username, email or mobile phone and left-click Next in a blue rectangle
  • Left click Did you forget your password?
  • Left-click on one of the emails or phone numbers
    • If you have not specified a recovery email or phone number, click I need more optionslocated below.

The last chance is that AOL could also have deleted your account.

Delete an AOL email account

discussion with AOL Customer Support

I asked the AOL Mail team for clarification on their account deletion policy. The screen above highlights their response.

Unfortunately, your account has benefited if it has been deactivated for an unsustainable period At least 12 months. AOL also does not allow users to create a new account with the same email address for security purposes. So if you have verified your identity on another website with your AOL Mail account, you will need to contact that site to verify ownership.

AOL deleted my email address

deactivated due to inactivity aol login

After resetting your login and password, you may find that AOL has deactivated your account. In other words, they removed it.

If so, you would receive the following error message:

“Uh-oh … This account has been deactivated due to inactivity?”

As noted above, AOL’s official policy is to delete accounts that have not been signed in within 12 months by destroying all of your stored emails. In this case, nothing can be done.

In other words: your account cannot be restored.

While this may sound unreasonable, there is a good reason for it: traitors and identity thieves can try to steal old email accounts

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to compromise your websites that you have linked to your AOL Mail account. By permanently deleting old emails, AOL fixes a dangerous security hole. However, the cost is your email account and all of its content.

What is the AOL mail login display name?

We recommend that you try the following to get your AOL Mail name (which is the same thing as your AOL email address and login):

  1. First, use the official AOL Mail account recovery option.
  2. If that doesn’t work, try asking your friend in your email if he or she knows your account name.
  3. Finally, try to find your AOL email address on the website where you last registered that account.

But beware: If you have not signed up for AOL Mail for at least 12 months, your account has been deleted. To find out about AOL’s official account deactivation policy, contact them on Twitter or Facebook.

And for more tips on using AOL Mail how to allow email listing

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so they are not sent to your spam box.

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